Chapter 59

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Cat Person
Dirkhert’s gaze can’t separate from the Cat Tail’s receptionist Oneesan’s cat ears.

“U, umm…… Boy, do you need anything?”
“You see, are the ears on Oneesan’s head real?”

Dirkhert who haven’t seen a demi-human before is interested in the ears that are twitching on her head.

“N? Have you possibly not seen a beastman before?”
“Yeah, it’s my first time~”

The appearances of Dirkhert who is laying his hands on the high counter, trying his best to peek at her ears is truly charming.

“I see~ It’s your first time~”

Saying that, Oneesan comes from behind the counter right in front of Dirkhert.

“Not only ears, you also have a tail……!”
“I’m a beast closely related to humans, so I only have ears and tail, but beastmen more related to beasts have even animal hands and legs, they are more like a beast. They are like bipedaling animals.”

Dirkhert eyes sparkle while listening to the receptionist Oneesan’s explanation.

“Fuaaaaniiceee~! Dirk also wants to become a beastman!”
“Eh, eeh~……”

Because beastmen are hated for being half, she who has never been told by anyone that they wanted to become beastman doesn’t know how to reply to Dirkhert.
It may be simply that he’s jealous that she’s closer to the animal he likes, but she’s troubled how to respond because of his earnest, sparkling eyes.
But, because Dirkhert didn’t especially anticipate her reply,


“Umm, you see, can I touch your ears and tail?”

He asks somewhat timidly.
She is working, but~ there’s no one when he looked around.
Well, that’s so. The sun is still high. There’s no way that the main customers, the adventurers would be here at such time. Rather, if there was someone without finishing a daily work, he would be regarded as a lazy person.
If there are no people, there is no hurry to work.
She sits down on a chair of a nearby table and beckons Dirkhert to come.
Dirkhert acknowledging tetete he trots over to her. When he comes over, she holds him up and sits him on her lap facing her.

“Which reminds me, we have not introduced ourselves yet~ Oneesan is called Aron, you see.”
“Dirk is called Dirk, you know?”
“I see, it’s Dirk-kun~ Does Dirk-kun like cats?”
“Yea, I love them~!”

While gazing at the little hands stretched over her head, she occasionally tsuntsun moves her tails, causing Dirkhert’s interest to switch from her ears to her tail.

“Fukafukamofumofu, so warm~”

While touching her tail, one cat wedged itself between Aron and Dirkhert.

“Wwow, Kitty wants to play too?”

The cats at this Inn are accustomed to humans and easily approach them. Dirkhert lifts the cat up and tightly hugs it.

“Dirk is extremely happy right meow~”

Aron warmly watches over Dirkhert. To that little child who has not shown a smile even once, she felt something strange.

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