Chapter 58

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Cat’s Tail
Dirkhert’s eyes are sparkling and shining, like never seen before.


He looks right, a cat. He looks left, a cat. He looks at the Oneesan at the counter, cat ears.

“Melu, this is the home of cats!? There are lots of kitties!”

Even if he stays still, a cat would come and rub against his legs. In such an environment, there’s no way the cat lover Dirkhert wouldn’t be excited.

“This is Cat’s Tail, an Inn oriented towards adventurers.”
“This is an Inn!? Dirk wants to stay here! This is good!”

He vigorously clings on Meluerina and insists. Because Meluerina originally wanted to stay at this Inn, she immediately replies “Alright”.
But, there’s one thing that she’s concerned about. Because this Inn is oriented towards beginner adventurers, the facilities of this Inn are not that good. Naturally, there are no luxuries such as a bath.
The problem is whether the bath lover Dirkhert would be able to stay at the Inn without his beloved bath.

“Dirk-sama, this Inn doesn’t have a bath. Is that alright with you?”

Telling him that there is no bath in advance, they can stay if he’s alright with it and search for another Inn if it’s no good. Thinking that, Meluerina asks Dirkhert right away.
Thereupon, Dirkhert’s vigor dispersed at once. As if frozen in ice, he stops moving.

“Eh…… no bath……?”

His hands start trembling, gigigi…… Hearing the news about no bath, he sluggishly looks up with a shocked expression, his movements making noises. Truly an amusing sight.

“If you want to take a bath, we can search for other Inn other than this one.”
“But, Dirk likes this place where there are lots of kitties?”
“Then, can you give up on the bath?”
“…… No.”

He wants to stay at this Inn where there are many cats. But, for that, he would have to give up a bath. In this situation where he has to give up on one, which will Dirkhert choose? Sometimes he has to experience things that don’t go as he wants. That’s what Meluerina thought, but……
While Meluerina was waiting for an answer, Volsung said something unnecessary.

“Shall we buy a basin?”

All he has to do is use basin just like in the Hulc village. At that suggestion, Dirkhert’s eyes started sparkling, and Meluerina let out a sigh.

“Brother-in-law-sama…… You are spoiling Dirk-sama way too much.”
“You think so? It would be better to be selfish this much. Rather, he’s way too docile like this.”

As the person who will become Maou in the future, there’s nothing strange to be brought up more selfish. With such thoughts, Volsung couldn’t help but think that Dirkhert is way too docile.

“You see, Dirk likes basin baths too~! It’s fun!”

Dirkhert with a cat under his arm pyokotanpyokotan bouncing up and down looks very happy.

“Fuaaaaa, lots of kitties, I can have a bath and many kitties, lots of kitties!”

He’s so excited it’s not possible to understand what he’s saying anymore. Anyhow, his happiness is properly transmitted.

“Dirk-sama, you are in too high spirits, please calm down.”

It’s useless, she can’t calm him down at all.
Meluerina lifted Dirkhert who is rolling on the ground with cats and moves to the reception.

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