Chapter 29

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Second-hand Shop Mr. Bear
The only store in the village is a little second-hand store selling daily necessities, agriculture supplies, carpenter tools
Dirkhert who is exploring the village arrived at this only store.
The goods this second-hand shop deals with are all something Dirkhert hasn’t seen before. I was sure he would pick up everything with his hands in excitement……. is what both Meluerina and Volsung thought, but.

“…… Dirk-sama, there are many tools you have not seen before, are you not going to take a look?”
“Fueeen, no way~! I want to go out already~!”

As soon as Dirkhert entered the store, he clung to Volsung and started crying.
The root of the problem who watches Dirkhert while “Gahahaha!” laughing is this shop’s shopkeeper.
With body height extending two meters, thick muscular body, and with an appropriate long beard covering half of his face.
The moment Dirkhert saw this man, Dirkhert got overwhelmed with fear and started crying.
But, it may be children’s typical reaction to that man. He just watches Dirkhert cry and laughs without minding.
Unable to just watch, Meluerina walks over to the shopkeeper, pats his shoulder and says to Dirkhert.

“Dirk-sama, please look carefully. This man is a bear. He’s Dirk-sama’s favorite bear, you see?”

Simultaneously with those words, she attached a headband with bear ears on the man’s head.
Seeing that, Volsung’s expression became stiff.
That’s too surreal. Won’t this make him even more frightened?
Although Volsung’s eyes were complaining, Meluerina was serious. Deady serious.
Dirkhert raises his head from Volsung’s shoulder and looks at the top of the shopkeeper’s head.
When he did so, there was the same uncle laughing “Gahaha!” with bear ears on his head.


Volsung was prepared to receive even stronger cries coming out from Dirkhert, but Dirkhert’s tears suddenly stopped falling.
No way, are you okay with this surreal bear-eared uncle? Volsung’s sight alternatives between Dirkhert and the uncle……

“…… Bear ears how nice, Dirk wants them too.”

Wrong. It wasn’t the shopkeeper.
Rather, the shopkeeper’s existence didn’t even come to the consideration. Even though he was so frightened and crying until just a while ago, it has all been taken away by the bear ears. Even the shopkeeper’s existence in Dirkhert’s eyes disappeared.

“I will make it later for you. Apart from that, are you sure you don’t want to look around the store?”

Hearing that, Dirkhert finally notices that he hasn’t taken a look at anything in the store yet.
He descends from Volsung’s arms and looks around the store with sparkling eyes.

Incidentally, Dirkhert and the other village children begun calling the shopkeer “Bear ears Ojisan” and they stopped being afraid of him.

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