Chapter 4

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I Was Summoned
Currently, I’m having an audience in front of the king.

It has been agreed that those who contract a spirit have to report to the country.
That’s why my father submitted documents about me contracting a spirit.
Then, King who examined the documents wanted to meet with me.
In fact, a contract with a spirit is in most cases done after growing up to an extent, so there are apparently not many people like me who contracted a spirit while a little child.
Therefore, he had an interest in the three-year-old me who successfully formed a contract.
Father explained to me with a sour expression.
Because it was the King’s summons, I couldn’t do anything about it and went to the Royal Castle with Father.
An audience with King and… Queen?
The three princes are gathered too~
Also, there are minister-like people, magician-like people, several important-looking people, and guards. (Is the Knight Commander among them?)
There’s quite the line-up.
That’s too extravagant for a three-year-old child.

“You must be Miss Victoria. Victor~ Aren’t you happy she doesn’t resemble you?”
“Ria is my angel after all. It’s only natural for her to be adorable, Ernthos.”

Oh…… Father displayed his over-fondness.
Moreover, what an incredible way to talk to King.
If I’m not mistaken, Father and King should be childhood friends, but does he always have such an attitude towards him?
Father, putting private times aside, is such attitude alright in public?

“It’s an honow to meetch you. I’m Victol Emewald’s youngest child, I’m called Victolia.”

Un, my articulation is regrettable as expected.
Can’t be helped since I’m a child?

“……… What a proper daughter.”
“Yeah. She’s my prided daughter.”

Father, leave the doting aside for a little!

“Now then, Miss Victoria. I’ve heard from Victor that you have contracted a spirit, but if possible, would you let us meet it?”

Ah, King normally ignored Father’s overly fond remark.
Moreover, it somehow feels like he’s used to it.
Is this perhaps Father’s usual behavior?
Not being like that only in front of me, but being like that in front of others too is somewhat embarrassing……

“Alwight. ――Hugh.”

Hugh――The green spirit Hughley immediately responds to my call and appears in front of me.

(What is it, Ria?)
“King wanted to meetch Hugh.”
(Hmm. Is that the King?)

Hughley dubiously looks at King.
Then, he sat on my shoulder in silence.
Hughley, he’s somewhat different than usual.
He seemed to be a bit displeased?

“You really made a contract. What do you think, Miss Victoria? Won’t you become Crown Prince’s――Cyrus’ fiancee?”

Wooow, he started speaking of engagement right away.
Is he perhaps trying to make me commit to the engagement because I’m small?
When I glanced at Father, I saw him giving me a proper nod.
This is the sign to do as I please.

“I’m twuly sowwy. I will dekline.”

I swiftly decline.
Ah, not only King, all people in the audience are surprised.

“It’s something I, who is his parent is saying, but his appearances are excellent.”

King appeals on Crown Prince’s behalf.
No thanks.
I shake my head in disapproval.

“I see, is it because your ages are too far? If that’s the case, I wouldn’t mind the second or third prince.”
“No, I will dekline.”

It appears he thought I would be happy to have a prince as a fiancee.
After seeing my disastrous future in my dreams, I don’t ever want to become the wife of a prince.
Why do I have social status with such heavy responsibility!
I don’t want anything to do with Queen and Princess’ education!
It will definitely be strict!
Marry into social status and money?
I have sufficient status and money as of now.
I’m a Duke’s daughter after all.

“Otou~shama said I don’t have to mawwy~”
“Victor! What have you told her? Your daughter will marry late!”
“I don’t mind.”
“Lia will mawwy Otou~shama!”

Let’s act adorable here.


Father tightly embraced me.
Father, you are way too easy.

(My, oh my~?)

While reaffirming Father’s sweetness, a blonde beauty suddenly appeared in front of me.

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