Chapter 3

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Let’s Review it
Marietta is six years older than me.
My dreams begin with her enrolling into the senior high school when she’s fifteen.
It’s a story of six years later.

At this point, I wondered why Marietta didn’t attend the junior section at twelve years even though she’s a Baron’s daughter.
Why would that be? That’s because she’s Baron’s illegitimate child.
She lived a commoner’s life, unrelated to the noble world, but she contracted a spirit just before senior high school, and Baron who was aware of it took her in as his daughter.
That’s because spirit contractors have a great utility value.
He wasn’t able to ignore that, huh……
He’s the worst man.

And when Marietta enrolls in senior high school, I, Victoria is nine years old.
I’m not old enough to even enter the junior section.
If that’s the case, wouldn’t I be completely irrelevant?
Is what I thought, but……
Just having the status of the Prime Minister’s and Duke’s daughter, I’m a candidate for the fiancee of anyone and everyone.
Furthermore, with my white porcelain skin, silky blond hair, and eyes like emeralds, I’m saying this myself, but I’m staggeringly cute.
In the future, I will definitely become a beauty!
Therefore, just because of my social status, I will be targeted by various troublesome men.
Seriously, stop it!
I don’t desire that.

That’s why I made a decision.
Since I’m a supporting character, I will live my life as a supporting character, so I don’t get involved.

In that case, I have to make sure not to get involved with the capture targets as much as possible.
But, the problem starts here.
There are two capture targets in my family.
The seven years older, eldest son Wilfreed and the six years older, second son Wilfred.
In order to not get involved, I have to make sure not to bring ourselves in the developments I have seen in my dreams.

Our family structure is Father・Elder Brother・Elder Brother・Elder Brother・Me.
I’m the youngest of the four siblings.
In addition to my two capture target elder brothers, there is the five years older, third son Wilbard.
Mother’s condition apparently got bad while giving birth to me and died.
Despite being the cause of Mother’s death, Father and my elder brothers are very affectionate to me.
Enough to say that I’m the apple of everyone’s eyes.
There weren’t many details about Victoria’s character or appearances in the dreams, but because she was spoiled by the father and her elder brothers, I think she might have grown into a selfish child.
And when it gets out of control, they would distance themselves……
If not, the Prime Minister Father and three elder brothers who are currently on the doting level wouldn’t watch Victoria’s fall in silence.

First, and the most important problem is not to become a selfish woman!

Well, that’s unlikely to happen with my memories.
I mean, I’m currently absurdly blessed.
It’s three meals a day and afternoon nap willful life. (That’s normal for a three-year-old though)
I will be given anything I desire. (We are rich)
I don’t have Mother, but I get along well with my Father and elder brothers. (Currently being doted on)


What else could I want?
More than that is not possible, not possible I say!
My nerves are wearing down!
It should be all right to sit on the current situation.

Next, is to make sure not to become anyone’s fiancee!

This, I was also able to avoid thanks to the contract with a spirit.

Those who are of nobility often get engaged while young.
If I don’t get engaged here, that means the high-quality goods will get sold early, so the bigger I get, the less room to choose I will have.
But, that’s fine!
I don’t mind being an old maid!
First of all, I need to survive!

I only pray that my elder brothers won’t fall in love with Marietta.
The fact that there are so many capture targets means that the probability of forming a relationship is just that low.
You only live once.
The reality won’t repeat over and over again as the dreams did.

Six years later is the time of the battle.
I still have time.
First, I will collect information and do what I can.

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