Chapter 22

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Right now, the face of the King in front of me is ghastly pale.

“Ria? What happened?”

Father has spoken to me, but I ignored him.
I don’t even feel like talking with Father at the moment.

“…… Miss Ria, just what happened?”

Right, right, the place I am currently in is the castle’s…… King’s office.
Currently, there is me, King, Father, Hughley and Father’s assistant Aster in the room.
King’s guard who’s the commander of the Knights and King’s butler are also here.
Also, elder brothers Fred and Bard, and my guard Kyle Spinel.
Ten people in total.

What happened you ask?
I’m ultra displeased.
That’s because――


◇ ◇ ◇


“Ria, are you ready?”

Today, I’m wearing a simpler one-piece dress than usual, and I’m going with the second son Fred and third son Bard on a trip to the town!
It’s a long time promise and I was really looking forward to it!
That’s because Ojousama’s shopping starts at visiting stores and goes up to buying houses.
Even my clothes are custom made.
Young ladies can’t go outside freely.
That’s why I was really looking forward to this day!

“That’s right, Ria. What are you going to do about this?”

What Elder brother Fred was talking about is Kyle.
To be frank, I forgot about him.
Kyle who’s wearing the uniform of the Imperial Knights will stand out while walking around the town, won’t he?


“Spinel-sama, your Knights uniform will be standing out too much, could you please change into something more casual?”

When I asked him if he could change into normal clothes because he would be standing out too much like that――

“I’m a Knight who’s serving you as a guard.”

He told me that.
He didn’t show any kind of adaptability.
“Please” doesn’t work on this fellow after all~
He was pretty much dispatched by the country, so it’s equal to me not having any authority over him……

“………… In that case, please wear the general Knight uniform at least. You will stand out too much in the Imperial Knights uniform.”

Because the general knights are patrolling around the town, he wouldn’t stand as much as if he was to wear the Imperial Knights uniform, right?
The uniforms of the Knights and the Imperial Knights are the same, but their colors are different.
Black and white.
White is the Imperial Knights.
You could understand at a single glance.
If you must be a Knight that is serving as a guard, at least wear the black uniform!
That should be fine, right!

“I don’t feel the necessity to change into general Knights uniform.”

I got rejected.

“………… Spinel-sama will take care of the house then!”
“There would be no meaning of being your guard.”
“In that case, please keep your distance like our guards today.”
“My mission is to guard Miss Victoria by your side.”

This fellow is seriously inflexible!!!
This fellow, I don’t care anymore!!

“You don’t have to follow me! Niisama, let’s go!!”

Saying such, I left with my elder brothers in order to leave him behind, but Kyle Spinel stuck close to me as if it was only natural.
I can’t get rid of him no matter where I go……
Moreover, he glared at everyone who passed by me and even coerced the shop assistants serving the customers……
He truly does unnecessary things only.
Because of that, my emotions finally exploded, Hughley has snapped on the occasion too and we have stormed to the King’s office.

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