Chapter 21

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I Got a Guard
I apparently have more value than I thought.
The kidnapping was also caused because of that.
The duke’s daughter, a contractor of High-grade spirits, cultivator of rare medicinal plants, and manufacturer of effective medicine.
Yep, I’m late at saying this, but I do have amazing value, don’t I?
That being the case, it was decided that the country will dispatch a personal guard for me.
Dondon, pafupafu, wa~♪

It’s SP, SP!
I’m like a big shot!
It appears that the country has recognized me as a very important person.
I’m apparently being treated like royalty, ha. Ha. Ha~
I really am a big shot!
Wow~ it’s only natural to have a guard.
I thought they were late to consider my value to the society, but they thought that I wouldn’t like it so they have been putting it off.
However, it appears that they have come to the conclusion that they can’t be putting it off because of this time’s case anymore.
So, I heard that the knight who will be dispatched to me is the most prominent among the knights, but――

“It has been decided that I will be serving you as a guard starting today, I’m called Kyle Spinel. Please call me Kyle.”

I have seen this person before…… in my dreams……
It’s that.

Isn’t he a capture targetーーー!!!

There shouldn’t be such setting~!!
Kyle should have been the second prince’s guard.
Why is he here!?
Even though I did my best not to approach the capture targets if possibleeeee!!

Kyle Spinel, twenty years old.
A slender, tall young man with red hair and black eyes.
Because he’s a capture target, he naturally is handsome.
He’s the second son of Count Spinel, and even though he’s young, he’s an excellent knight who has been assigned to the Royal Guards.
His personality is serious and diligent.
You won’t shake him off if he decided on something, the type who believes those who he trusts till the end.
Well, you can say that he’s a man with intense thoughts.

Speaking of Kyle’s route I saw in my dreams――
Kyle has been coming in and out of the school as the guard of the second prince.
At first, he has been wary of Marietta as a person who has been loitering around the prince.
In fact, it was the second prince who has been approaching Marietta though.
One day, Kyle saw Marietta feeling down and fell in love.
From here on out, Kyle has been assertively calling out to Marietta who was feeling down in order to comfort her.
Marietta was also captivated by Kyle who has been gently cheering her up.
And then, finding out that Marietta who didn’t say the reason for feeling down was being harassed, he got angry.
In order to eliminate the cause of Marietta’s sorrow, he condemned the criminal by gathering the evidence of harassment.
Well, the target of his condemning was Victoria.
At that time, Marietta’s harassment escalated and it developed in a cliche pushed off the staircase development.
Because of that, Victoria was arrested for murder instigation by Kyle.

That would be about it if I explained roughly.

I think that the evidence Kyle has gathered has been false charges on Victoria from young misses who shunned Marietta for being close to the second prince.
I mean, Victoria was the second prince’s candidate fiancee, so it wouldn’t be strange for her to get jealous of women who approached the second prince, right?
If she liked him, she would be able to get quickly engaged to him using the power of her house.

Ah~…… to think that the person who might arrest me would be my guard……
Life is unpredictable.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Spinel-sama, won’t you sit on the chair?”
“No, I will stay here.”

On a certain day while I was reading in my room.
Kyle was standing at attention near the door.
Moreover, he was staring at me all the time.
I could feel his relentless gaze. To be frank, his existence is on my mind so I can’t concentrate on reading.
Would he relax a bit if he sat on the chair? I asked him while thinking such, but I was refused.


◇ ◇ ◇


“How about a cup of tea?”
“No, I’m on duty.”

On a certain day again, while I was having a cup of tea in the salon.
Kyle is a son from a Count’s house.
Even if he’s my servant, I felt awkward enjoying the tea all by myself, so I tried to invite him.
…… While I was enjoying tea and sweets, he was staring at me.
I could taste neither tea nor sweets.


◇ ◇ ◇


What’s his deal!
I seriously hate it!
I can’t stand it anymore!

A few days after getting a guard, I was reaching the limits of my patience.

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