Chapter 97

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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From Negotiations to… Brocon VS Siscon
There was a strange tension at the audience hall in the castle. Our members were me, Dirk, parents, Elder brother, Arc, and the three former assassins.
The place was already cleaned out of people, His Majesty and both princes were before us. There were… three guards at most. Also, Holy Beast-sama was laying down on the floor.

“Now then, I have unusually received a request for an audience from Miss Rosarin, but…”

His Majesty began talking. Obstructing me, Father spoke up.

“Umu. These three are Wolfanea’s spies and assassins from the Assassin’s Guild. I want you to spare their lives.”

The place sunk in silence.




You are way too blunt!




“You stupid master! Each and every time, you… try following up after you as I do! There’s an order to things, you are too direct, and so on and so on! Anyhow, you don’t have to be this clear and concise!!”

Arc said mostly what I wanted to say, so I have nothing to add.
The malicious prince was startled, but he spoke up while chuckling to himself.

“No need to appeal with Father. What is it that you wish from us? Rosarin.”

“… I would like you to make Curtis your Royal Guard, and Adeil and Hugh Aldin-sama’s.”

“Sure, I don’t mind.”

Prince Aldin replied super fast.

“Eeeeeh… even without hearing out the reason?”

“They are Knights you recognize, no?”

“Their ability is unmistaken, I give my seal of approval. Adeil is bright, Hugh excels at socializing and information gathering. Conversely, Curtis specialized in battle and is a possessor of Super Intuition.”

“Wouldn’t it be better the other way then?”

“No. I believe this matching will be the best to support both of you princes.”

“Got it. I will be in your care, Adeil, Hugh.”

“U, umm… Your Highness, wouldn’t it be better to consider something like this more carefully?”

“N~? Rosarin is wise. Besides, we are friends, so she wouldn’t attach non-trustworthy people to me. Can this be the reason?”

“… It’s my defeat.”

“Eh? What is?”

His Highness is pure. His surprise was too clear.

“This certainly does sound better for us.”

“Best regards.”

Prince Aldin shook hands with the wryly smiling twins.

“Yeah, best regards!”

Prince Aldin seemed to like the two and will most definitely make them his Royal Guards.

“Aldin, leave the rest to me. Negotiations are my specialization. You have it hard with such un-cute little sister, Ru.”

I certainly don’t seem cute when compared to Prince Aldin. It’s not like I feel bad or anything…

“My little sister is the world’s cutest!!”


Elder brother? What’s the matter, Elder brother?

“Indeed, Rosarin is adorable!”

“Umu, my daughter is otherworldly… no, she’s miraculously cute!”

“I can’t permit your previous remark.”

What do I do? Elder brother, Dirk, and my parents are extremely angry! No, I am not cute, okay! Don’t worry about that! Let’s speak about Curtis’ circumstances!!

“No, our Aldin is way cuter! When Aldin gets delicious sweets, he leaves half for me, you know!”

“That is certainly cute of him.”

I nodded in agreement.

“Elder brother!?”

Prince Aldin got teary-eyed. His face is red from embarrassment. Cute.

“Ku… Rosarin makes my favorite food, tells me to work hard with a smile and then she looks at me with he ‘praise me, praise me and pat me’ look! Moreover, she thoroughly understands my snacks preferences, and the first time she made them for me, she anxiously inquired about my impressions!”

I got exposed! That’s super embarrassing!!

“Niisama, stop it!”

“Kuh, you are quite good! However, you are still no match for our Aldin! Aldin, you see, he can’t sleep without his favorite bear!”

“Elder brother!? That was supposed to be a secret, okay!?”

That is definitely cute. Bear, huh… is it a big stuffed toy?”

“Moreover, when he can’t sleep because of bad dreams, he comes to ask me if we could sleep together!”

“That’s cute.”


That’s ordinarily cute. Yep. The malicious prince really likes his lil bro, doesn’t he?

“Our Rosarin too! When she has bad dreams, she sneakily slips into my bed and then silently leaves in the morning! Moreover, in the morning, she acts as if nothing happened!”

“”That’s cute.””

“It’s ooout! Niisama! Stop exposing me!”

Moreover, both princes were in splendid sync! Dirk and my parents were in anguish for some reason, His Majesty was perplexed, Holy Beast-sama, Arc, and the three former assassins were laughing out loud!

“I still have more! The other day, Aldin told me that he wants to become an elegant gentleman as myself! When I told him to not push himself too hard, he got teary-eyed and looked absurdly cute!”


“That is certainly cute but don’t bully him!”

“He was very delighted after I followed up!”

“Elder brother!! Please stop already!?”

Prince Aldin was about to cry. No, what is this shame play. The lil bro and lil sis will definitely get injured in this battle of elder brothers, though.

“Then, how about this! Rosarin has desperately embroidered a handkerchief for my birthday present, she stained about fifty of them with her blood! Even though her hands were tattered, she kept going for my sake!”

“How do you know that!?”

“Ah~ sorry… I wanted to tell him how hard you have worked…”


Doesn’t this expose my crappy embroidery skills! I did my best, worked hards, and endured… and finally managed to complete one on the 51st try, you know!

“Kuh, in that case…”

“”Stop it already, please!!””

“Elder brother, you are horrible.”

Prince Aldin was seriously crying.

“If you say any more than this, then even if you are Niisama… I won’t come to hate you, but I won’t talk to you for a while!”

“M, my bad, Aldin!”

The malicious prince frantically comforted Prince Aldin.

“Sorry, Rosarin.”

“… I hope that you are not always talking about something like this with Prince Alphage, are you?”

“… It’s mostly like this.”

“Heeeey!? Just what are you talking about! No wonder Prince Alphage knows so much about me! You are prohibited from boasting about your little sister!”

“… Rosarin.”

Elder brother was unusually despondent. Ugh… I, I won’t get tricked!

“D, do it only occasionally, please.”

“Yeah. You are so cute, Rosarin.”

My head was patted by Elder brother whose mood turned for better. I, I am still angry, okay! I won’t be deceived by the patting… I won’t be… deceived!

“A, auu… a, anyhow! Please take in Curtis, Prince Alphage!”

“What should I do, I wonder?”

“Prince Aldin, I will give you snacks tomorrow at school, so please assist me.”

“… I want pudding. Elder brother’s portion too.”

“Can’t be helped. You have a deal.”

“Elder brother, if you take in Curtis, I will forgive you for earlier. If not, I won’t talk to you for a week.”

“… Can’t be helped.”

“Eh, is that fine with you?”

“I won’t be able to endure a week without talking to Aldin.”

“Eh, my position at the Royal Guards will be exchanged for a pudding?”

“What an unfair exchange.”


Certainly, this is way too questionable. Can’t be helped.

“Prince Alphage, I will add my improved recipe for the communication magic tool.”

“… I will take it, but you sure?”

“Pretty much, I am aware that I am asking the unreasonable.”

A malicious smile appeared on Prince Alphage’s face.

“I already received the best thing, but I will take this too.”

“I’m sorry?”

I didn’t recall giving him anything good, so I tilted my head to the side.

“A trust from yours truly. You won’t abandon us in time of need. The fact that you treat us as precious friends is the best thing in this exchange.”

“… I won’t deny that.”

“They will be under our protection. That is fine with you, right Father?”


The blue earrings shook. The exchange was finally done.

“Which reminds me, what about the pursuers from the Assassin’s Guild?”

Prince Alphage asked.

“Ah~ they probably won’t come. I can crush them myself if they come. The other side won’t move pointlessly. Should I crush them beforehand just in case?”

“No, we are good for now. If they come for Adeil and Hugh, I will leave the matter to you as well.”

“Roger tha~t.”

These two are a good duo. Now then, the main event ended without a problem. Now, the post-process.

“Dirk, Curtis, Adeil, Hugh, it’s time to work. We are going to conquer the remaining documents today!”




Dirk, Curtis, and the twins replied. There’s still a lot of paperwork to do, but the first stage of the search for a traitor in the Knights Order has been completed.

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