Chapter 96

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Team Ducal House’s discussion.
After having been scolded, I finished my duties at the Knights Order and returned home, bringing Dirk, Curtis, Adeil, and Hugh with me.

“I’m home~ Has Otousama returned?”

Rabisha-chan received us.

“Welcome home. Yes, he has already returned.”

“Then, can you bring Tousama, Kaasama, Niisama, Arc, and Martha to a parlor?”


Rabisha-chan did an elegant bow and broke into a run.

“””So fast!?”””


As everyone gathered in the parlor, Father spoke up.

“So, what did you want to talk about?”

I reported the events up until now.

Father was expressionless (probably thinking) Mother was… smiling so I couldn’t read her. Elder brother was… sorry, I am sorry, he’s angry, isn’t he! Indeed he is! Martha and Arc were making meek expressions.

“What do you intend by telling us this, Rosarin? What is it that you wish?”

“Aldin-sama and Alphage-sama aside, we must receive His Majesty’s approval this time. Tousama and Arc are His Majesty’s childhood friends, so I thought of borrowing your wisdom.”

Father hung his head down. His brows wrinkled… Father? What’s the matter? Arc clapped the shoulders of the bewildered me.

“He’s only trying to digest the fact that he’s being relied on by you, Ojousama.”

Eh? Seriously? Even though I was feeling sorry for troubling him. Father who had his head hung down slowly stood up and raised his face.

“… Leave it to me. Be it His Majesty or two, I will force him to yield!”

“Tousamaaa!? Don’t force him! You are supposed to persuade him, okay!? Kaasamaaa! Stop hiiim!!”

“Rosarin, your father is amusing too.”

The twins agreed with Curtis who was having fun.

“With parents like that, the daughter would be like that too, huh.”

“Whoa, so true.”

I can hear you! I will discipline you all later! Having Father and Mother’s help, I somehow managed to calm down.

“Do you have any other way besides forcing him?”

“N~ intimidation?”

“… Arc.”


“Why is the first choice forcing him and the next one intimidation!? We are in a begging place this time!”

“I have many ways to make him sleep…”

“That’s not the problem here!!”

“If it’s for Ojousama’s sake, then this Martha will see that he’s brought down, a King or not.”

“You can’t kill hiiim!! Talk to him!!”

Just as I got teary-eyed, Mother cutely raised her hand.

“Right here~”

“What is it, Kaasama?”

“How about brainwashing?”

“Rejected!! Why Kaasama too!?”

Mother chuckled to herself.

“My, my, I was just joking. Brainwashing is the last resort, after all.”

“Using such methods is not good in the first place!!”

“… Yes.”

The silent Elder brother raised his hand.


“Let’s attack the castle using the Heart of Cactus.”

“… Ah, attacking the castle with the cacti monster troops… wait! The country, the country will collapse! There’s no need to erase a country in order to erase the crimes!! I’ve had enough! Uwaaan! Dirkkk!!”

Since even Elder brother started saying something outrageous, I clung to Dirk. Even though I believed that Elder brother was the only person with common sense in our family!!

“There, there… Duke-sama, please stop glaring at me. Your seat is too close. Also, stop touching my ears so nonchalantly, Rosarin.”

My patting hands didn’t stop, but Dirk was plainly trembling from Father’s freezing beam. Wow… what a nice smell…

“I was just joking. We just need a reasonable bargaining point. A technique of some kind, for example. I’m fine with offering my method for selective breeding of vegetables. It would make me very happy if other fiefs could also prosper because of that.”


Finally… a proper suggestion, at last! In that case, blueprints for my magic tool inventions might be fine too.

“What do I say…”

“Rosarin-chan became like that so quickly…”

The twins muttered in amazement. What do you mean?

“… You guys are currently in a dangerous position. In order to keep your lives, I am willing to kneel on the ground or even to resign if that’s what it takes.”

“”We beg your forgiveness!!””

As expected of twins. They bowed their heads perfectly in sync.

“First of all, may I ask you to arrange an audience with His Majesty and both princes tomorrow?”

“Umu. Leave it to me.”

“Thank you, Tousama. I am relying on you. Everyone too (details aside), thank you.”

Like this, we dissolved, but I pulled an all-nighter in order to gather more information.
What do I say, there was more proof than I expected, and I was also able to confirm significant information about Wolfanea too. However, I fell asleep on Dirk who Beastified before I noticed, and when I became aware, I was lying on my bed. When I woke up, I spoke my complaints to Dirk.

“To lull me to sleep with mofumofu, you are so unfair, Dirk! I slept so well in the sensation of happiness! But, let’s sleep together until I wake up the next time! I was so lonely!”

“Ah~ yeah.”

The former spy Knights were exhausted, while Dirk was bewildered. Not bothering to read the situation, I hugged Dirk.

“Yup. Charging complete. Let’s do our best today!”

Let’s bring the castle down… or not, let’s negotiate!

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