Chapter 94

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The Demons awakened.
I was exhausted because of the muscleheaded corps. The school had holidays, so while I was reading in the greenhouse, the Machonests were basking in the sun.

“… Photosynthesis? The weather is nice, after all.”

While reading without any worries, Elder brother who seemed to be gardening came.

“Rosarin, these cacti monsters have obviously grown up, no?”

“… They evolved recently.”

“… Report.”





After explaining to Elder brother for a while, he was greatly perplexed.

“It might be because of my Revelation and fertilizer too…”

The fertilizer was apparently Elder brother’s special mix.

“… You gave it to them?”

“They have pleaded with me when I was using it on other magic plants, so…”

It appears that Elder brother had split the fertilizer with them because he’s kindhearted. If I stimulated their growth more abnormally than Magchelia, would they evolve even further?
At this time, the Demon within me awakened.

“Niisama, do you still have that fertilizer?”

“What are you planning?”

“I would like to evolve them, or so I thought… I feel that a Golden Cactus would be cuter than a Machonest.”

“… Well, yeah.”

Machonests aren’t cute, but they rather give off a feeling of oppression, so I would like to revert them if possible. Their next evolution is a golden-colored cacti of the Running Cacti size, so wouldn’t that be better?
Elder brother went to fetch the fertilizer. He sprinkled it around the Machonests’ feet. I confirmed the intention of the cacti.

“Would you like my magical power?”

The four cacti raised their hands. It seems they want it.

“Thank you for always helping me.”

“I will give you too. Thank you for helping Rosarin.”

Receiving my and Elder brother’s magical power, the cacti lighted up… eh? Light?





The cacti shined divinely. That rainbow-colored glow was, no doubt…



SSS rank, super-ultra rare monster!
Legendia, the King Cactus!!




In the game, catching sight of one was considered lucky as the monster gave more experience than Mer King when defeated. It’s just that defeating it was difficult as it generally escaped at the second turn. It’s a monster that can be defeated only with a fluke of a critical hit. Rin has also encountered it once, but sure enough, it escaped.

“A, awawawawa… Sui! Sui-sama~!!”

“Is something the matter? Rosarin…”

Seeing the shining Legendia Sui froze in place.

“… Are you stupid? Have you not repented their evolution just the other day!? Moreover, the hell is this!? How did they skip several evolution stages!?”

Elder brother timidly raised his hand to Sui.

“It’s probably because I also gave them my magical power, it might be also because of my Revelation and fertilizer…”

“… Fertilizer? What’s this… it holds incredible magical power… is it a nutrient? What’s up with this?”

“I used the fertilizer the Magic Institution uses to grow special magic plants and mixed it with the fertilizer I created for growing magic plants.”

“… Don’t mix it!! In other words, this is the result of Rosarin’s all-attribute magical power + Green Thumb magical power + abnormal fertilizer, huh!”

In other words, cheat + cheat = formula for a terrible cheat.

“Ca, Cactiu-san, can’t you take on an inconspicuous form?”

“We can.”

“”It spoke!?””

“It’s the highest-ranked monster, so of course it can talk.”

Elder brother and I were startled, Sui was calm. No, I have no knowledge of this.

Legendia instantly turned into Running Cacti.
According to their words, their special ability is mimicry, which allows them to change shape freely to an extent. Is this why Legendia are super-ultra rare monsters? They are usually camouflaged, huh.


A pretty, rainbow-colored gem in the shape of a Running Cactus was handed to me. They gave one to Elder brother as well.

“All of the cacti are your friends. Everyone will be of help to you.”

“I am happy for you~ That is the Heart of Cactus, and it’s an extremely rare item. Not only these Legendia, but all of the cactus monsters will obey you. You can also summon them. Congrats~”


Elder brother and I were lost for words. There, Elder brother’s spirit, Fir, softly appeared. She was a pretty girl in the form of an elementary school student.
She must have been helping Elder brother. The farmwork style is wasted on her.

“Ru, I still have something to…………… why are Legendia in a place like this!? Moreover, the thing in your hand, isn’t that Heart of Cactus!? Just what had happened while I was pruning!?”

Spirit of Greenery apparently can tell even through the mimicry. In the stead of us siblings who did not want to explain, Sui (wicked tongue) spoke up.

“… It’s the result of Rosarin’s abnormal all-attribute magical power and Ru’s Revelation, magical power, and fertilizer.”

“………… Why did you do something like that!?”

“… It was my inner demons.”

I said while handing my head down. Right, I lost to my inner demons.

“But, I mean! I thought Golden Cacti would be cuter than Machonests, so I casually thought of evolving them further!”

“”In the first place, you just don’t casually evolve!!””

I got interjected by the two Spirits of Greenery. A sound argument.

“You two, please don’t scold Rosarin and Ru.”

“It was our wish.”

“We love the kindhearted two.”

“It’s painful when you scold the two because of us.”

The Legendia stuck up for us one after another. What kindhearted cacti they are! Sui and Fir sighed.
“”Make sure to not casually evolve anything the next time!””


Elder brother and I promptly replied. Who could have predicted that something like this would happen because of my casual thoughts of evolution?
As expected, there won’t be the next time! I spend the entire day learning how to not do more than necessary.

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