Chapter 93

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A Knights Order without Dober-san.
Dober-san resigned from the Knights Order.

It started from there. With the cogwheel missing, everything was out of order————

Hello. It’s Rosarin. Let me say this first, please.


“How did it become like this!?”


That was the plan. To show everyone the future in a dream. What would the poorly written documents cause if Dober-san wasn’t here? Wouldn’t they understand if they experience it? It would be probably going well if I had not enlisted the help of Rosalia’s Revelation, the Future Clairvoyance to simulate the events.
The simulation was hastily made, so making use of it after the fall of the Knights Order would be out of the question.
Currently, the members of the general affairs were in a shared dream, however…

“Ahhh, I was abandoned by my wife and my daughter strayed from the right path!”

The muscleheaded corps were neglecting their families too and were getting misfortunate on their own. It wasn’t only the collapse of the Knights Order, but a collapse of the families as well!! Ahh, they even have debts… don’t be too hasty! Don’t suicide!!

“Rosarin! Quickly stop them!”

“Yeah! Let’s do the finishing touches first, though!”

Dober-san flew to the sky according to my will (Great Buddha style)

[Everyone’s misfortune is precisely because you did not do the paperwork properly and were not returning home in time. This is what the future holds for you. Please write your documents properly from now on, and don’t forget to hand them in.]


“… At least tell me that you will use me, if you plan on doing so.”

“You would refuse if I told you.”

“… I would.”

Oh my? An earthquake… is approaching!?


The muscleheaded corps destroyed the door and marched inside, crowding around Dober-san.
I was about to brandish my weapons, but Dirk stopped me.

“They are without bloodthirst and I don’t feel any hostility. Let’s observe.”

Immediately after I nodded, an incident occurred.





The muscleheaded corps prostrated simultaneously. They form has been beautiful enough to make me think they practiced it.

“I am sorry!”

“Please don’t quit!”

“We were at fault!”

“I don’t want to get abandoned by my wife…”

The dream was more effective than I expected. Dober-san seemed frightened at first when he got surrounded, but he immediately spoke with his usual tone.

“Umm, I won’t quit. I love the Knights Order, after all. Everything will be fine as long as you fill your documents properly from now on.”

“Ohh, I see!”

“Everyone, let’s toss Dober into the air!”

“Eh, wait!?”

The muscleheaded corps heave-ho’ed Dober-san. It was quite a stiff spectacle, but we can’t work without Dober-san!


The muscleheaded corps were unexpectedly fast, and I couldn’t bring myself to get swallowed up together with Dober-san, so I couldn’t capture him.
In the end, the person in question returned by himself.

“… That was terrible. I am scared of heights, so it was rough…”

His tail extended along his legs. It appears that he really was frightened. The same thing was done to me in the Elven Village and it really was scary.

Since then, the writing of the Knights Order’s documents was being taught to people, and the paperwork improved. Proper office jobs were created and we also got a few more helpers.
I digress, but because of that dream, the family relationships of the Knights have improved as well. I am glad to hear that, I am.

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