Chapter 82

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School and skipping grades.
Rosarin, seven years old. I will be going to school starting today. Today is the school entrance ceremony. I eventually decided to enroll in the Royal Magic School for commoners. The decider was the grade skipping system. Charging ahead of others, this school has decided to experimentally introduce a grade skipping system.
The reason being that it’s common for the children of merchants to know arithmetics. With the reasoning that learning something you already know is pointless, the nobles that are being tutored fundamental knowledge at home are also being invited by the school in hopes of receiving donations. The school is managed by the country so they are not distressed for funds, but they are not able to use the latest equipment without donations.

Today, I am being sent off in a carriage. This is where I split from Elder brother… huh? Elder brother is smiling at me. Huh? Elder brother, what about your Silverstar Magic Academy uniform? The coat too, is obviously civilian…

“I got tired of keeping the foolish nobles company, and why I wouldn’t make use of the grade skipping system since I have the opportunity? I changed schools.”


“We will be going to the same school. Aren’t you happy? Rosarin.”

“Ah, yes… Niisama, you are cruel! If you want me to obligate by the Report – Communicate – Consult, abide by it yourself too!”

Elder brother cackled pleasantly.

“Isn’t it fine for me to surprise you occasionally too? It was you who told me to choose a different place if I dislike it, Rosarin.”

“We, well, I did say that.”

I certainly did say that to Elder brother when he seemed somewhat irritated. Elder brother said that he was angry because the class’ noble clown was traducing Gator. I said it because I thought it would be easier for him to quit.
However, I never thought he would match my enrollment and change schools. Elder brother was smiling in a good mood.

“Rosarin, congratulations on your enrollment.”

My Prince, Dirk, dressed in a ceremonial uniform with a bouquet in his hands waited before the school gate to congratulate me.

“Dirk! Thank you very much. Haaah, you look super dreamy in the ceremonial uniform! Let me hug you after please!”

“Eh, ah… after it is.”

My fiancé is an angel today as well. Elder brother’s judging gaze was piercing, but let’s not mind it!

Parting with Elder brother, I had an uncomfortable feeling once I entered the assembly hall. Why are there knights guarding the place? Moreover, so many of them. I had endless bad feelings.

I, who was the top student among the new students was selected as a representative to give greetings. When I ascended to the stage, I confirmed that both of the princes were present. While complaining about them having special seats just because they are princes, I safely finished my greetings.
After the greetings, we were divided into classes, but just as I thought, I was in the same class as Aldin-sama.

“Best regards, Rosarin.”

“Yes. Please take care of me.”

I returned Aldin-sama’s greetings. The surroundings were watching Aldin-sama from a distance.

“I am happy to be in the same class as you, Oneechan.”

“I look forward to learning with you, Rosarin-sama.”

Pochi, who had a petite build but was actually of the same age and Rabisha-chan were in the same class as me.
Nex and Mary have not studied at all before, so they have enrolled together with me. It seems that they were placed in a different class, though.

Huh? Is that retreating figure perhaps…

“Miss Milfilia?”

When I called out to her, she immediately shouted back. She’s adorable today as well.

“I, I have not enrolled in this school just because I heard you were going here, alright! I had an interest in skipping grades! Don’t misunderstand!”

“Yes. I am glad to be in the same class. Please, take care of me.”

“… Hey. Wasn’t your attitude too different when talking to me?”

Aldin-sama interjected with scornful eyes.

“I want to get along with Miss Milfilia, so it can’t be helped.”

“Hmm~ you already seem to be getting along well, though.”


“That’s not true at all! I, I am not at friendly terms with Miss Rosarin… a, at all! I really ha…”

Eh!? I am still being hated!? Miss Milfilia noticed my eyes that were getting teary.

“te, hate… I don’t, but anyhow! We are not getting along!”

Miss Milfilia said no more and gracefully took a seat. I also took a seat without minding. I might be annoying, she might get angry at me, but I will show her that we can get along.

“… They are so close.”

“Oneechan did say that Milfilia-chan is a tsundere.”

“Your relationship is quite good, isn’t it?”

I pretended not to hear the voices of Aldin-sama and others.

Today’s classes ended with a simple meeting.

“Grade skipping candidates, please come to the staff room.”

A timid-looking woman who was in charge of our class said such, so I moved to the staff room.

I was then moved from the staff room to a small classroom where I was explaining about the grade skipping. After that, I received a test, and then I was summoned to the staff room on the next day.

“That… Miss Rosarin.”

If I am not mistaken, this person was the headmaster… right? I had a conversation with this uncle while having such thoughts.


“It’s difficult to say, but you have completely surpassed the teaching standards of our school.”


“All of your tests were scored perfectly. Additionally, you have used formulas of solving arithmetics that were unknown to us, even the mathematics teacher said that they want to be taught by you. Our school has not made preparations for skipping grades all the way to the junior high just yet. This is why I have a proposal for you. How about making use of either the Magic Institute, Knights Order, or Merchant Division temporary employment systems that are unique to our school this year? Our school doesn’t want to let go of such an excellent student like yourself.”

“I understand. I would like to utilize the temporary employment system.”

The temporary employment system is a unique system of this commoner-oriented school. The promising students will be temporarily employed to gain experience at their workplace. Normally, students of the upper grade of elementary school can be employed only with special authorization. Being temporarily employed is regarded as equivalent to attendance and you are also exempt from taking tests. By the way, Dirk is a graduate here, and used this system to enroll in the Knights Order at the age of ten.

“Which one would you like to utilize?”

“Knights Order.”

I made a speedy decision. I have to find the traitors among the Knights Order anyway.

“Knight… is it?”

The headmaster was dumbfounded. I decided to supplement the information. Normally, I would be choosing the Magic Institute after all.

“I have experience participating with the Knights Order as an adventurer, and my rank is S pretty much too. I think I will be of help and I talked with Father about female knights before, so I am sure all necessities, facilities, and equipment will be taken care of, so please let me participate in the Knights Order by all means.”

I have raised my rank to S before enrolling to the school by doing subjugations, obstructing spies, and by defeating monsters. The headmaster scanned the documents and affixed his seal.

“By the way, your Elder brother also won’t be studying here. He will be a temporary employee of the Magic Potion Department at the Magic Institute. Both of you will be surely attending the junior high the next year.”

“Is that so?”

There is no need for me to attend the classes, but Grandpa Sage did not teach me the basics of Magic-ology properly, and since fundamentals are important, I decided to attend. Besides that, I will be a temporary employee of the Knights Order. I was safely accepted and the documents arrived on the next day.

When I spoke about it after returning home, Elder brother spoke to me with disbelief.

“You really like Dirk, don’t you?”

“I love him, but that wasn’t the only deciding factor!”

Just what does Elder brother think of me… I didn’t want to hear it, so I did not confirm with him.
By the way, I kept it a secret from Dirk, so I am thinking of surprising him.

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