Chapter 81

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Cheating and shopping date.
The day after the Country Foundation Festival, Dirk had a day off so we decided to go on a date.

Dirk in civilian clothes is so cool! I was frolicking. It was all normal up to here, but…



“I smell another man on you.”

“… Excuse me?”

Struck with an idea, I recalled Jess after a short time.

“… I, I only mofued him.”

“… Who?”

“A Beastman child named Jess whom I played with after getting lost at the festival.”

“… Child? From the smell, he was probably of age…”

“He looked about thirteen… I think.”

Dirk smiled. His eyes weren’t smiling at all, though. He lifted me up and we returned back to my room. He casually opened the door with a key!

He pushed me down on the bed and I recalled the mofumofu incident with Mole-san. I wonder why I can’t learn!

“Rosarin, look here.”


“I know that you love patting Beastmen. But, what if I did the same thing?”

“The same… thing.”

I imagined Dirk patting and mofuing Rabisha-chan.

“… That’s cheating, isn’t it? And I have also cheated this time, didn’t I? I am sorry.”

“I can tell that you only patted him this time. But I dislike even that. I will Beastify whenever you want, so please mofu only me. This might be partially impossible, but… to say the truth, I don’t want you touching Sacred Beast-sama either.”

Dirk grieved without showing anger. I did something really terrible, I reflected from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t reflect much after his licking assault the last time, but I should not be making Dirk this sad.

“… No matter how much I want to pat and mofu, I will do it only to you from now on. I will endure. Please take care of me if I get mofumofu addiction.”

“… Really?”

Dirk opened his eyes wide in shock.

“If it makes you this sad, then I will endure. I wasn’t thinking before.”


Dirk hugged me tightly in delight. When I patted his tail that coiled around my legs, Dirk stiffened.


“I don’t deny that I was at fault this time, but you will let me mofu you enough to pay for other people’s share, right?”

“Y, yeah…”

The bashful Dirk looked like a maiden.

“Your tail in its entirety too, right?”

“Yea… eh!? T, the tail is…”

“No good?”

“I… I will preserve. So don’t touch other people.”

As I received his commitment, I somewhat felt like a bad guy.
I am at fault this time, right? To still let me take advantage of the situation, I really believe that I found a virtuous lover.

“Dirk, where’s my punishment?”


“Those at fault ought to get punished.”

“… Eh? I mean, you are reflecting and also promised me not to do it again.”

His way of thinking is obviously sound. A great difference from me who got mad at him the last time.

“Is there nothing you want to do to me, or have me do? If it’s now, I will do anything you want?”

It seems that Dirk has guessed my intentions. He turned red and got flustered. I wonder what is he imagining?



“Let me lay on your lap.”

“Yes. Bare legs? Or as I am with the skirt?”

“As you are!”

I sat on the bed and beckoned Dirk.


Dirk placed his head on my lap, but he must have been uncomfortable as he was fidgeting. His ears and tail stood erect with nervousness. When I gently patted his head, he snuggled his tail up to me. When I patted his tail, it escaped then drew closer again.



“What kind of reward is this? So cute… I am in a bliss…”

Dirk smiled wryly at the entranced me. Dirk rose up and kissed me.

“Since we are having a date after a long time, shall we go?”

He tidied up my hair and took me out of the bed.


“We will still make it in time if we hurry up, huh.”

After confirming the time on the clock, Dirk lifted me up in his arms and jumped out of the window.

I, who was carried in Dirk’s arms, arrived at the high-class clothing store for nobles.

“Hello, I made a reservation here.”

“We were awaiting your arrival, Barton-sama. Ojousama, please come this way.”

“Eh? Eh?”

At the signal of the shopkeeper-like person, elegant women surrounded me and brought me further inside.

There were two cute one-piece dresses in the room. One dress was white with white laces and a dainty spiderwort undertone… the Riccar flowers embroidered on its cuffs gave off a lovely, neat and tidy impression.
The other one was an adult-ish simple dress in a wine-red color. It was embroidered with lilies of the valley and gave off an elegant impression.

“Both of them suit you well…”

The employed older sisters leaked out sighs. After trying out both of the dresses, the shopkeeper finally calmed down after letting out a thunderous cry and questioned me.

“Which one is to your liking, Ojousama?”

“… I like the one he would prefer more, I think.”

I got bashful all on my own, but the older sisters rushed out to bring Dirk after letting out excited shrieks.

“What’s the matter? Are they not to your liking?”

“I like them, but I thought I would prefer wearing clothes you like…”

Dirk broke a wall. He kept hitting the wall until it broke. You shouldn’t be breaking walls.

“Let’s go with the white one. Use the accessories and shoes I chose. If the downpayment is not enough, don’t pay heed to it and use as much money as required.”

“Eh, wha…”

“… It’s your punishment, so you will let me do as I please, right?”

To think he would exercise his right of punishment here!? Dirk left the room again and I was brought to him after having my hair done.

“How is it?”

After looking into the mirror, I thought I was quite something? My hair was braided with white laces that matched the clothes. My shoes were white too, but they had Riccar flowers attached to them, almost like they were custom-made… were they perhaps custom-made!? I feel that these items aren’t ready-made goods!

“Looks very nice. She will go out like this, so wrap the clothes she had on before. Wrap the other dress too.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Now, shall we go?”

He nonchalantly started escorting me.

“Eh, the money…”

“You said that you want to be spoiled and I know that you are not good with this. I can do as I like with you today, right? Therefore, you will let me without opposing, yes? You will go on a date with me in the cute clothes I chose for you, won’t you?”

Dirk splendidly talked me down. It appears that he improved his game of handling me.

“Umm… thank you. D, does it look good on me?”

“Yeah. You look cuter than I could imagine. You are usually so cute, but when I consider that you are wearing the clothes I chose… I feel somewhat satisfied, I think?”

“Do you like this kind of stuff?”

If I had to say, the other one was my kind of design. The one I am wearing is cute as well, but I don’t think I would choose this one myself.

“I noticed in the store and thought it would suit you. Speaking of preferences, I think it is? The clothes you wear usually suit you too.”

“… Will you come with me to choose clothes the next time?”


“As thanks, I would like to choose clothes for you as well.”


“Can’t I?”

“You can, but…”

That being the case, we stopped by the Beastmen clothing store to choose clothes for Dirk, but…

“You look wonderful, Dirk!”

I found Wolfanea’s garments, had him wear it, and… it’s wonderful! I know that he has just the right amount of muscles, but the Chinese-like clothes of Wolfanea are like made just for Dirk.

“A memento… I want to take a picture as a memento! Can’t I make this a family heirloom!?”

“… You can’t. Please understand the person in question. I would stand out if I was wearing this. Rosarin, I will wear this for you again the next time, so choose something different pelase.”

Dirk smiled gently while poking my nose. T, too cool!! Who was it, who said that he can’t act cool! Was it Dirk!?

“I will die from moe because you are too cool… I seriously fell for you all over again! Please, marry me!!”

“Ehh? T, thank you?”

Although bewildered by my eccentric behavior, Dirk also smiled happily.

In the end, Dirk settled down for simple clothes. Matching me, he wore a white shirt with blue-gray trousers and a dark blue coat. A small pin was attached on his collar. His foundation was good to begin with, so the simple clothes made him stand out even more.
I will pay for it! I also want to buy a present for Dirk! If not, I am going home! I won’t yield here! I, who persistently claimed so has won.


“Dirk, you look so dreamy…”

I watched Dirk in a trance. I want to stare at him for hours!

“T, thank you.”

“You are too cool, Dirk… even though you are handsome under normal circumstances, the simple clothes make you into even bigger ikemen! Since I was prohibited from taking pictures, I have no choice but to burn this image into my memory!”

“I, ikemen?”

After explaining to Dirk what ikemen means, we thoroughly enjoyed our date. I think I would like to have a date in clothes Dirk chooses again the next time.
I want to look for clothes that suit him again. Today, lots had happened, but it was a day filled with happiness.

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