Chapter 79

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Morning turmoil.
In the morning, when I woke up, Dirk was still sleeping. When I was feeling happiness while staring at his defenseless face, Dirk seemed to be waking up. I quickly pretended to be asleep.

“… Rosarin?”

He spoke up in a sweet and soft voice and scooped my hair in his hands. His patting hand was so gentle, I opened my eyes and greeted him with a smiling face.


“Good morning.”

I, who forgot about time swiftly dressed myself. Martha came as usual to greet me. She then looked at the bed and froze in place.

“done have finally did it, Dirk-sama! It appears that we are celebrating today, Ojousama!”


Taking a look at the sheets, I immediately realized Martha’s misunderstanding.

“You are wrong! That’s just from a nosebleed!”

The origin of the trace of blood on the sheets was difficult to explain to Martha who seemed to have misunderstood.
Dirk was explaining with teary eyes.




After that chaos, I continued the talk with the Free Wind members and Geraldin-san after having breakfast together. Father was participating too. The budget is too large, so they will get rewarded by the country. We will need to make a proper designated request for them at the Adventurer’s Guild, and I will have them accept it.

“The base of the operation will be at our house. I want you to contact me periodically, but in case we have no mission for you, I don’t mind if you accept other requests.”

“Where will the information come from?”

“Mainly from mine and Geraldin-san’s Revelations. I am also thinking of cooperating with the Knights Order’s secret intelligence unit.”


I left the details to Father and it has been decided that the Free Wind and Geraldin-san will stay at our home for the time being.



When I was on my way to my room after seeing Dirk and Curtis off at the entrance, Jend called out to me.


“Ah, Jend. Good morning.”

Jend seemed to have pulled himself together as he smiled at me.

“I won’t give up, okay? I will get strong and make you my bride. I will do my best so that you recognize me as a man.”

“… Eh?”

Jend planted a kiss on my cheek and ran away.


Father who had apparently seen that clapped on my shoulder and spoke to me.

“When the Rosenbergs find a person they believe to be the best suited as their life-long partner, they won’t give up that easily. If you find yourself too troubled, don’t hesitate to talk to me.”


Seeing Father off to his work, the chaotic shout of mine echoed around the residence.

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