Chapter 78

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Memory and breasts.
In the end, Dirk stayed over. Curtis, Geraldin-san, and the members of the Free Wind are also staying over. Geraldin-san is apparently sleeping with Jend and Lumia-san like the character 川  today. How nice a family is.

I have escaped the reality, but there’s a nervous Dirk in my room. There are two pillows on my bed. You end up sleeping together each time anyway, so isn’t it fine? This is the result of Martha said.

Is this really fine, Ducal household? I can’t help but question it. I like sleeping together with Dirk, so I had no reason to refuse.
I spoke to the restless Dirk who couldn’t calm down.

“Dirk, let’s go to bed.”

“Ah, yes…”

Dirk was bashful like a maiden for some reason. We naturally faced each other and I used his arm as a pillow. He presents his arm even without me saying anything, did he get used to it?

“… Rosarin.”


“Umm, on the day I got drunk, did I really not do anything besides kissing?”


“Why are you silent with a whole-faced smile!?”

I felt Dirk’s tension rising, so I erected a well-familiar soundproofing barrier.

“Ah~ you licked and touched me too.”

“… Where?”

I averted my gaze. What do I do? I don’t want to say it.

“… It’s hard to say, so would you like me to perform it for you or do you want to see my memories instead?”

“By the way, by performing it for me, you mean?”

“I will touch you wherever you touched me.”

“I, I will go with the memories!”

Sensing that he was in danger, Dirk decided on the memories. Well, I was just joking with the performance anyway. I am not as skilled as Dirk is after all.
I showed my personal experiences to Dirk with darkness magic. The magic came to an end, but Dirk slouched with a bright red face and stiffened.

“… Excuse me for a bit!”

Dirk left the room. It can’t be helped since he’s a man, I think?




I waited for a short while. Dirk returned. I erected the soundproofing barrier which I dispelled again.


Dirk seized my shoulders and looked me straight in the eyes. With a pale face and teary eyes. What happened?


“… I recalled everything.”

“… Aren’t you glad?”

“I am not! I am the worst! I forcibly did something you disliked…!”

“No? I was at wits’ end, but there’s no way I disliked it. The other party was you, you know?”

Dirk stiffened for a moment, but he spoke to me with a red face.

“B, but, you said things like no, stop it, and wait…”

“I was just saying thatmon. I would use force if I really disliked it. You saw the memories, no? That… it felt good. Do you really not have any experience in that area…”

“I don’t! You should have resisted!”

“Your technique was at a level I couldn’t comprehend. I planned to use detoxification magic against the alcohol when necessary, but to think your actions wouldn’t even let me use magic was unexpected. Your sex appeal that time couldn’t be considered normal.”

“A, auu… I will take responsibility, okay!”

“Of course. You made my body unable to marry anyone else, so please accept me.”

“Yes. I love you. My cute wife.”

I was kissed on the forehead. I circled my hands around his neck and demanded more kisses.

“I would like to spoil you after a long time, Dirk. Turn into your beast form please.”


A black panther appeared in front of me. No matter what appearances, he’s my beloved Dirk.

“Dirk, Dirk.”

I thoroughly mofumofued my beloved Dirk. He has a winter coat now, so his mofumofu levels increased. Moreover, buoyant fur is a plus. An unparalleled mofu sensation. I will make you purr with my golden finger after a long while!

“Myaaa… funyaan.”

Oof… it’s a coexistence of cute and sexy. I made a new discovery. Dirk has completely given up before my technique. I spoiled him like a kitten and the color of entrancement in his eyes was at maximum.

“Fumya… Rosarin, moree…”

Thank you very much for the sexy voice that nearly made me pregnant. Thank you for the treat.

“Dirk, so cute…”

We are not doing anything indecent, but Dirk’s sexy voice makes me feel weird. He likes it more under his chin, doesn’t he? I hear his throat rumbling.
Fuha, it tickles when he rubs against my chest.


While licking my face, a hand arrived at my chest.

“… That reminds me, I heard that the breasts will get bigger if massaged.”


“Won’t you do it for me?”

Dirk immediately turned back with my statement. And swiftly jumped away from me.

“I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!”

“As I thought, touching a flat chest is not amusing at all, huh.”

“That’s not it, but that’s not good!”

“I don’t have anyone else to ask though. Rabisha-chan seems like she would overdo it, I can’t ask Martha, other men are out of question.”

“Y, you could say that, but seriously, why are you fussing over it that much!?”

“Because Rin was flat-chested. I yearn for it. If there’s a possibility, I would like them big!”

I brushed against my currently flat chest and sighed.

“Why do you want me to do that?”

“Because you will be the one to see the end result. It’s the group work of a married couple! Also, teasing the panicking you is too fun!”

“The second half is the real reason, isn’t it!? I have never heard of married couples doing such group work!”

However, in the end, Dirk lost to my enthusiasm and massaged me, but he got a nosebleed halfway, so we stopped. I thought Dirk said that he is interested in my flat chest too just to be considerate, but I realized he was actually saying the truth.

“Did you have fun?”

“Stop it! Don’t make me remember! I am so excited now that my nosebleed will get even worse!”

I thought that he would be pitiful if his nosebleed got worse, so after stopping it with healing magic and calming him down by cooling, we went to sleep.

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