Chapter 53

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Mofumofu, lunch, and Dirk…
Hello, everyone. I, Rosarin, is currently in the paradise.

At the moment, we are eating a bento at a place slightly further away from the Knights’ practice grounds. There also was a hamburger for Jend.

Jend ate while swaying his tail in a daze, Holy Beast-sama was eating while relaxing, and while Dirk ate fast, his fluttering tail told me that he was in a good mood.
Is it good? I don’t have to even ask that as his tail tells the obvious story! He seems to like it.

“Jend, do you like the meal your Oneechan made?”

“Ai! Ah, ah, ah~!”

“It’s very delicious, Oneechan is amazing… is what he says.”

Kou who was dozing off next to me interpreted for me. When I patted his back, he let out a comfortable ‘kyuu’. How about the chin? There, there.

“Ukyuu, that tickles. Oneechan.”

Our children’s cuteness is stable.

While grinning about Kou’s cuteness, Jend who finished eating climbed on top of my lap. Then, all of sudden, he became smaller and turned into a puppy. He turns into a puppy when he wants to sleep.


Crap. What the hell is this cute thing? I want to shout while hugging and rubbing against this cuteness. No, I can’t. That would wake him up. Sleep is important. Jend would be really pitiful if he got another panic attack right after finally calming down… endure, Rosarin! Be cool! Be cool!! I am a child who can do things when I put my mind into something! Endure, endure!


The puppy wants me to rub against it. Those round and cute eyes of his are telling me to pat him. I have no doubts. I mean, he’s wagging his tail while showing his belly. He wants to get patted, right? It’s fine to touch him, right? He’s surely tempting me, right!

When I patted his belly, he closed his eyes in happiness. He fell into a sound sleep under my belly patting. Wau… his fur is still dried out, but puppies are so cute… this is a bliss…


Why does Dirk look like he wants to cry? I feel like this pattern happened before as well.
Beastifying, my honey placed his head on my knees and pouted.

“… Pat me as well?”


Don’t tilt your head to the side, you Rogue!! I won’t be able to endure!! I will die from palpitation! No, I will live!!

I silently lowered Dirk’s head from my knees. Dirk showed a face of receiving a great shock.
I placed Jend on Holy Beast-sama’s belly with meticulous attention. I leave the rest to you. Holy Beast-sama nodded in surrender.

I dragged Dirk who collapsed from shock into a thicket on the opposite side and cast soundproof-camouflage barrier.


Dirk rebooted, but he was already too late!

“Dirk, Dirk, Dirk~!! Ngee, why are you so adorabzz! Lovely, cute! I love you!!”

“Wha, hey!? Wait!?”

Cute, cute, cute! My husband is the best!! Hugging him and pushing him down, I rubbed against his cheek and poured kisses upon him.

“Wh, what!? What is it!? Nn! Wai, that’s…!”

Dirk was confused. It cannot be helped. Dirk was too cute and something inside me snapped. I mean, I have been enduring the rubs since a while ago! In truth, I wanted to flirt earlier!

“A, any more than this, you can’t!”

I was forcibly peeled off. Dirk was teary-eyed, panting, with disordered clothes…

“… You are so sexy, Dirk.”

“Thanks to you! Rather, what’s with you all of sudden? Even though normally, you would immediately pat me… do you prefer Jend?”

“Loving you to my heart’s content would be impossible with Jend in my lap. Is my passionate love for you not enough?”

Dirk released his Beastification and spoke bashfully.

“… Not enough, give me more please. Make me feel relieved.”

I used my tongue when Dirk kissed me……

“Unn!? Puha! Rosarin!? T, that just now…”

“N~ I tried to mimic what you have done previously, but… I wasn’t able to do it well. Dirk, more…”

Coiling my hands around his neck, I demanded a kiss.

“P, previously, you mean…”

“The drunk Dirk was really skilled at kissing, you know? Do you perhaps have someone-”

“I, I don’t! Rosarin is the first person I have ever kissed!! Ah! Previously, you talked about being intense and skilled…”


“I was talking about the kiss.”

“Aaaaah, geeeez! … You better prepare, alright? I will make you regret pushing me.”

Dirk showed a ferocious expression he hasn’t shown ever before. Chills ran up my spine reflexively.


My stupid voice was sucked out by Dirk.




No, yep. I shouldn’t tease a carnivore so much. That was amazing. I grew weak in my knees. He was much more skilled and passionate than when drunk… way too passionate…
Black Panthers are dangerously beautiful creatures. They are carnivores with no natural enemies, so they look simple-minded.
Dirk wasn’t only cute, but also a sexy creature.




“Thank you for waiting, Holy Beast-sama.”

“A, au…”

(… What happened?)

Holy Beast-sama asked as he looked at the completely exhausted me and glossy Dirk. Uugh, I still can’t stand…

“Speaking frankly, I teased too much and got retaliated against with love.”

(… Keep at it with moderation.)

Holy Beast-sama looked at me tiredly. Seeking healing, I demanded mofu from Holy Beast-sama. Hau, mofumofu…

“Rosarin? What about me?”

(… Don’t get jealous even of me. Thou will get disliked if thou has no composure.)

“… Somehow, Rosarin is usually the composed one, making me feel like I am being played with…”

Dirk said in dejection. Ugh… d, did I tease him too much?

(… Rosarin.)


(Beastmen are jealous, but is that all right?)

“Yes. Also, Dirk. In fact, I am not always composed.”


“I, I occasionally hide my embarrassment too! I get happy from seeing you jealous, umm… the many things I do to you are to hide my own embarrassment! T, that’s why, it’s not like I am that composed or anything…”

I was so embarrassed saying that my voice became lower as I spoke.

“… Ah~ I feel that I can somehow understand now.”

“Understand what?”

“Wanting to treasure, be affectionate to and tease your loved one. Wanting to bully your other half.”

Saying so, he gently caressed my cheek. Just that made me tremble.


“Cute… Rosarin, you are so cute.”

“A, awawawawawa.”

Dirk with his charming eyes was releasing pheromones that Leonid-san couldn’t even compare to. Not good. I’m seriously losing strength! T, the barrier at least!!

(… Moderately, all right?)

Holy Beast-sama who could read the mood took Jend away.
Nono, please save me!!

I, whose wish wasn’t heard by Holy Beast-sama turned back to Dirk and then I got teased thoroughly… I, I’m not happy or anything… being cared for is a delightful thing, but my body wasn’t ready for that, so I thought that I really prefer being in the lead.

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