Chapter 52

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Me, Jend, Holy Beast-sama, and the Knights.
After the brushing of Holy Beast-sama and Jend finished, Holy Beast-sama spoke to me.

(That reminds me, today is the day the Knights are having mock battles, Dirk said not to be late.)

“Eh, I want to see! I want to see a cool Dirk!”


Jend pulled on my hand. He seemed ready to go.

(Fumu, let’s hurry up then.)

Holy Beast-sama who turned into a Beastman form put Jend and I on his shoulders. I can’t help but have a bad feeling.



I screamed from fear. Jend seemed to have fun. Even though he’s usually afraid, he seems to be fine with things that make you normally scream.
We are currently dropping from a third floor. The training grounds of the Knights is on the first floor, so Holy Beast-sama must have jumped down, thinking of it as a shortcut.

I was dead tired when we arrived at the training grounds, but-

(Oh, it’s Dirk.)

I instantly revived with such words of Holy Beast-sama.

“Kyaaaa! Dirk, you are wonderful~!!”

Holy Beast-sama was amazed at the speed of my change. Jend was a bit surprised.
And Dirk flung away his opponent. No wasteful movements, wonderful.

“Oy~ how about joining us once in a while? Jouchan.”

An unexpected invitation from Rudolf-san who discovered us.

“Eh, seriously?”

The Knights got noisy. Rosalia is super motivated. An actual battle with the Knights, huh… nono, I cannot leave Jend alone with adults he doesn’t recognize. Eh? Holy Beast-sama will look after him, so it’s fine? I want to cry in various meanings for the considerate heart of Holy Beast-sama.
Jend… you are telling me to go with those gestures? I see.

That being the case… Rosarin has decided to jump in.

As expected, wearing a dress to a battle would be… not possible, so I followed the Knights’ example and changed my clothes!

“Ah, Rudolf-san, I have a question. Can I use magic?”

“Yeah, we need battle experience against opponents who mainly use magic. Don’t overdo it though?”

“Roger! I will bully them to an extent they won’t die from!”

The surroundings Knights became frightened… who was it, the one who said that the Witch Queen is super scary?

The first match was against the son of Marquis Roswayde.

“Let’s have a good match.”

“I won’t hold back.”

“Just what I wanted.”

Facing each other, we exposed our weapons as is the correct conduct of Knights. My weapons are dual swords that emphasize quickness, while the weapon of the son of Marquis Roswayde is a long sword.

“Well then, begin!”

Rosalia is already in control of the body. Simultaneously with the signal, I accelerated the body with magic. Rosalia instantly closed up the distance and nailed the son of Marquis Roswayde with the hilts of the dual swords.


The son of Marquis Roswayde fell to the ground while holding his stomach. And stopped moving.

“Oh my?”

“W, winner, Miss Rosarin.”

I won. Ah, sorry. It hurts, right? I will use healing magic on you.

“You would normally use magic, right!”

Eh? You are angry about that??

“I used it.”


“I used Acceleration.”

“…… Is that so?”

Somehow, he hung his head down. I won’t lose next time! He said, but I think it would be alright if there was no next time.
This person is quite strong among the Knights Order, so I had Rosalia use surprise attack tactics.

“Ohhh, as expected of Jouchan! That fellow is quite skilled, but I didn’t think you wouldn’t even need to use magic!”

Rudolf-san hit my shoulder without holding back. Hey, that hurts!

“I used magic though.”

“Ha? But, you did not chant anything?”

“”There’s really no need to use chanting” is what Sage-sama taught me. No vanguard, no chanting are the basics, you know?”

There certainly is the way of doing things from a distance, but a short distance like now would be a suicidal act. Not using chants in the midst of battle is one of the few things Sage-sama consented to teach me.

“Wow~ Jouchan has become a disciple of the old man Sage? As expected of you.”

He seemed to be understanding of something. As expected of the useless member of society that is Sage-sama. Let’s bring him sweets on the way home.



The second battle was against the Commander-san of the Beastmen unit. He’s a lion Beastman called Leonid-san. Doesn’t it seem that only strong people challenge me?
Eh? Only the strong remain because I jumped in halfway? … I can consent that.

This time, a strategy was decided beforehand too. Now then, will it go well or bad…

“Well then, begin!!”

I put the technique I prepared beforehand in action. I serviced Dir, Jend, and others with soundproofing barrier before exercising the effect.


The effect was superb! He in extreme suffering!
Regarding what I did, I took advantage of the good point of the Beastmen ears. Good ears = ears are sensitive. Then, were I make a very unpleasant and loud voice… it turns out like that.

Leonid-san was suffering so much he couldn’t continue fighting anymore. By the way, the unpleasant noise was the noise of scratching a window. I practiced this method with wind magic. There are others varieties too, but Dirk said that this one was the most unpleasant.
This stupid idea was so like me, even Sage was amazed of this harassment magic…


I thrust sword at the neck of Leonid-san who couldn’t find anymore.
Huh, the referee… the referee is squatting with teary eyes too. Sorry.
They revived when I dispelled the magic. Rosalia won, but she failed to obtain her desired result, so she complained. Sorry.

“Winner, Miss Rosarin.”





“That magic is forbidden, alright?”

Sure enough, Rudolf-san forbid me from using the unpleasant noise magic. I got scolded by Rosalia too anyway, so I am truly sorry for that.


“However, what a strange magic that was.”

“It’s my original, you know?”

“… I understand very well just how out of the norm you are, Jouchan.”



Because I jumped in halfway, it’s apparently semifinals next. My opponent, Curtis Blanc! I have no complaints about my opponent! I will show you my anti-super intuition countermeasures! I was suddenly motivated… rather, I was brimming over with motivation!!

“Well then… begin!”

“I concede.”

“… Wha?”

“… Curtis Blanc… you are… withdrawing?”

The referee confirmed just in case.

“I have a really bad feeling! I withdraw!”

“Stop bullshiting, Curtis! What should I do with this motivation of mine now!?”

“I am scared! Far from motivation, I felt that you are about to kill me! I find my body precious!! Please let me concede!!”

In the end, the person himself had no will to fight, so I accepted it. You better watch out later, Curtis! I will definitely experiment on you!


Now then, my opponent in the finals was Dirk.

“Should I concede too…”

“Do not talk for a while.”

“… I, I will do my best.”

“All right.”

The referee was trembling… looking closely, isn’t that Curtis? I will hit you.

“… Begin!”

Sparks scattered. Dirk is also the type who overwhelms opponents with his speed. However, as Dirk’s physique improved, his speed and weight were very compatible. His current weapon is a spear. To be honest, there are no openings in his stance.

That being the case, it’s my turn. I would usually contest in physics and strengthen my body with magic, but today is different. By the way, my current record is 50 losses 48 wins, and 2 draws. I have more losses than wins. Dirk is very strong.
However, I have been always observing Dirk. I am familiar with his habits.


The moment I stepped on Dirk’s right foot and broke his center of gravity, I activated a pitfall magic. The moment I destroyed his balance, there’s no way Rosalia would miss the opening.


Blocking the spear, she slipped into the opponent’s bosom, and held her blade against his throat.

“Winner, Rosarin!”



“… Haah, I lost.”

Dirk’s ears and tail were crushed flat. We were walking towards the audience seats to collect Jend, but I had to comfort Dirk as he was feeling down.

“It can’t be helped, it was 2 vs 1 after all.”


When I patted the disheartened Dirk, his mood must have recovered as his tail coiled around my leg.

“What a splendid fight. Please come and join us if you have time the next time.”

Leonid-san appeared behind me before I noticed and rustled my hair. I didn’t feel his presence! And he put a little bit too much strength into it…!

“I am sorry, I did not think it would be so effective…”

“Loss is a loss. I won’t lose the next time.”

Ohh, what a manly man.

“Yes, I also won’t lose.”

“… By the way, why don’t you left the flirting for when you are alone?”


“Wha? Eh… eeeerrrrrmmm… I am really sorryyy, Rosarin.”

Dirk kneeled down once he noticed his tail. It’s fine! It was only calf this time, so you are safe!

“Well, it’s the usual. I can actually experience being loved.”

“Kuhaha. Good for you, Dirk. To have an understanding wife.”

“Ugh~ yes. Though she’s still only my fiancée.”

I believe that a crying Dirk is an angel.

“Ah, ah~”

Jend came along with Holy Beast-sama. Jend, your eyes are sparkling though? What happened?

“Oneechan, so cool… is what he said.”

Thank you for the interpretation, Kou.

“Leonid-san… does strong equal cool to Beastmen?”

“N? Well, strong equals to charming. Both males and females tend to prefer the strong. Especially wolf Beastmen which this child is, right? Hasn’t he recognized you as his Boss from those battles?”

“Oof… please say that’s not it, Jend…”

“U~ ah.”

“It seems to be the case.”

“… Seriously!? No, which is it! I will receive largely different mental damage depending on whether he considers me his superior or a boss, you know!?”

“Huh? Rosarin, what’s with that kid? Have you finally grew tired of mofumofuing Dirk?”

Curtis and other Knights came one after another. We were surrounded in a blink of an eye.

“Ah… aaaaaaah!”

Because we got surrounded by the Knights, Jend got frightened and shouted in panic. The Knights were also startled.

“E, everything’s fine! Oneechan is strong after all! No need to be scared!”

Desperately trying to persuade him in vain, Jend was so scared he peed himself on top of Holy Beast-sama.





“I am truly sorry.”

I apologized using the method handed down by ancient Japanese… I was doing Dogeza. To pee on Holy Beast-sama’s marvelous fur… Holy Beast-sama was already washed by t he Knights and I recovered its fluffiness by drying it out. No, there still is the purification, but I am emotionally delicate right now.
By the way, the sweaty Dirk took Jend for a bath. Jend seems to be fine with Beastmen, so I left him to Dirk.

(… There’s no helping it. My consideration also was insufficient. He was oppressed by people before. He must felt fear.)

“… Yes.”

(Don’t mind it. I am not angry)
“Thank you very much.”


I really love the gentle Holy Beast-sama. He nonchalantly lets me mofu him when I like. He has been dere though recently, so I cannot ask him in public. It might be that he has just surrendered to it, but I am happy.
When proficiently enjoying mofumofu, Jend came running in.

“Ah~! Ah! Ah!”

(I am not angry. Men shouldn’t cry.)

Jend was probably apologizing in tears. Holy Beast-sama gently licked his tears.

“Ah, ah.”

Jend nodded and stopped crying.

(Umu. Good boy.)

Holy Beast-sama rubbed against Jend. So envious… no, I shall read the mood here.

“Miss Rosarin.”

Leonid-san approached me with a delicate expression.

“That child… Jend was his name, I heard. He seems to have gone through quite a lot.”

“… Yes.”

“What do you plan on doing with him?”

“He’s currently being taken care of by our House. He should have a mother, so it depends on her attitude, but we will protect him if she does not want anything to do with him. I have promised him after all.”

“Fumu. Miss Rosarin, you are fascinating.”

“… I am sorry?”

“That compassion and strength of yours is very nice. Truly to the liking of Beastmen.”


“I also wouldn’t be able to leave you alone was I a few years younger…”

Isn’t Leonid-san letting out some strange pheromones? Dirk! Help! He doesn’t seem to mean ill, so it’s hard for me to jab him! Nooo, stop lifting my chin!

“… What are you doing?”

Ah, Dirk! You saved me… I was blatantly feeling relieved. However, I stiffened seeing Dirk. Scary! Dirk’s face transcended frightening!!

“If you want to know, then I was making a pass.”

Bloodthirst! The bloodthirst is painful! Cannot be helped! Here, I can only sacrifice myself and do a suicide attack!


Shaking off Leonid-san, I embraced Dirk. I rubbed and rubbed against Dirk’s body.

“… Whose am I?”

“… Mine.”

“Correct. That being the case, please stop unnecessarily touching me. I will socially obliterate you as a lolicon.”


“Meaning: One with love for small children. Rumors of you being a pervert who gets sexually excited by children will spread around. Rumors will immediately spread that you have preferences like that among the women, and you will be looked with absolute zero cold eyes all around the castle.”

“… I, I am sorry!”

Leonid-san bowed his head. Dirk also seemed to withdraw a little. I would like to excuse myself from further trouble.

“No, you are getting along as ever. How did the last night go?”

“Eh, ah…”

Curtis dropped a bomb within the delicate mood that just started improving. Dirk’s face changed colors.

“N~ I enjoyed it.”

“… I will ask just to make sure, but in what meaning?”

From Dirk’s reaction, Surely not in that meaning, right? Curtis asked.

“… I cannot say that in a place like this.”

I blushed with a hand over my mouth. Curtis and the on of Marquis Roswayde who appeared from behind Curtis approached Dirk before I noticed.

“”What did you do.””

“Rosarin! Don’t purposely exaggerate the misunderstanding!”

Didn’t I say it cannot be said in a place like this?

“Misunderstanding? Even though you were so… passionate? Have you forgotten all about it?”

I am talking about the kiss. Dirk stiffened and stopped moving. Well, the person himself have vague memories of that incident, so I shall be his lifeboat.

“Dirk’s memories are fuzzy because of the alcohol, so I think he wouldn’t understand even if you reminded him.”

“… Were you all right?”

The son of Marquis Roswayde seemed to be genuinely worried, so I gave him an obscure answer.

“… Nothing painful was done to me.”

“… I generally understand.”

As expected of super intuition. Curtis precisely read the nuance and conveyed them to the son of Marquis Roswayde.

“… Dirk, I’d like to have a talk later.”

Yep, a lecture. Cannot be helped. Let’s follow-up.

“Umm, there were parts that were caused out of my carelessness and I have made sure to tease him for revenge in the morning too, so please don’t scold him, okay?”

“… That depends on what he did.”

“He dozed off in the middle.”

“… Really?”


Curtis burst into laughter. The son of Marquis Roswayde seemed exhausted. And then, he snapped.

“So misleading!”

“I’m sorry, I joked a little too much.”

“No, Ojousan, are you really not falsifying your age? You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

Rudolf-san said in exhaustion.

“Ahaha, the Beneficiary in me is an adult, so I am mentally older.”


The dead tired Dirk leaned on me. Sorry, I played around too much.

“Anyhow, my body and soul is Dirk’s, so it would be in your best interest to not needlessly meddle with our relationship.”

A bad smile floated on my face when I grinned.

“I don’t want to socially erase you after all.”

“How unfortunate. You don’t often find a good woman like you. I can only get rejected.”

Leonid-san left with a wry smile. Dirk tightly hugged me.

“Leonid-san is cool, isn’t he?”

“Eh? Haah, he is.”

“… He’s manly, isn’t he?”


“Rosarin, is that… your preference?”

“No. My preferences are black, silky hair, slender with well-defined muscles, cute, easy to tease, and cool. Animal ears and a tail is a must, and being able to Beastify is a big plus.”

“… So you are saying-”

“My type is you, Dirk.”


“So, what boob size do you prefer, Dirk?”

“Why do you always end up asking that!”

Dirk’s jealousy was delightful and left me embarrassed. I won’t tell him obediently though.

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