Chapter 195.1

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Speaking of Summer…
It’s Rosarin! I’m at the beach now! Blue skies, white sandy beach, endless sea, and a swarm of monsters instead of a beach house.



What the hell!!



When I think of summer, I think of the sea! and so I decided to bring Dirk, Milfi, Elder brother, Cidar-kun and his little siblings to the beach. As an added bonus, I had two princes and tons of guards accompany us. I couldn’t say no because I owed them a favor… well, they had business to take care of, so they were not here just to play.

And I had no idea. The seas of this world were dangerous zones! People can’t swim in the seas full of sea serpents and sirens like this! I mean, isn’t there an unusual number of Sirens here?

We were now on the southern coast of Christia. This is where Martha is from, or so I was told. Martha grew up in the fishing village here until she was five years old, and when Ark was born, she was invited to the Duke’s mansion. Martha and Ark’s mother was originally a maid at the Duke’s mansion and she was actually Grandmother’s personal maid, apparently. They were good friends and exchanged letters frequently, and since it was close to the time of the birth, she was called in by the wet nurse to see if they could help. I mean, I just found out that my father and Ark were not childhood friends, but milk brothers.
We will talk more about that in the future as there’s something else that’s on my mind right now.



“… Isn’t there an unusual amount of Sirens here?”

“… I was here only until I was five, but it wasn’t like this before. Usually, there was only one of them here, if even that.”

As far as I could see, there were ten of them in sight. There were clearly too many.

“Rosarin, what are you going to do? Rather, what did you come here for in the first place?”

“… I wanted to swim in the sea.”

“Swim in the sea?”

There was no concept of swimming in this world in the first place. The seas are considered dangerous zones, after all. No one was stupid enough to swim in them. But hey, when you think of summer, you think of the sea! You would want to go swimming, right!

“Fu… fufufu…”


“Who cares about the number of monsters! I will hunt them down for lunch and dinner!”

“Oneechan, you are going to eat the Sirens, too?”


The tension that has sky-rocketed was destroyed instantly by the cute little light blue goldfish.


The Siren who was singing froze, as if she could hear our conversation. By the way, the Sirens here have the lower body of a fish, not a bird. They are the mermaid type Siren. They seem to attract humans with their songs, sink ships, and eat them.
I would like to avoid splatter, as well as getting eaten or eating them. I won’t eat them!

By the way, a fisherman from around here also suffered damage and had his boat sunk, so he also wants to do something about it. I was lamenting that the store where seafood dishes were sold was not able to serve seafood. One can’t fish by sitting inside, after all.

“No, I won’t. That would be impossible even for me. Let’s resolve this peacefully! Valkyrie!! Anti-Siren mode!!”


“I told you to stop doing that!”

Valkyrie this time, had sea specifications. A motorboat with face, microphone, and speakers.

“Now, Valkyrie! I’m going to show off my singing voice to the fullest, which I was going to save as a banquet trick!”


Double the power with speakers! Shut up! I mean, that’s why you don’t call people names!
Valkyrie went near the Sirens and sang a certain Vocaloid song. The Sirens will have to compete. Apparently, the Sirens have a rule that if they lose a sing off, they have to leave the area where they lost (Kuurin’s information).
Fuhahaha, bow down to the song of the digital angel that descended on Christia!

“Now then, we will go hunting while Valkyrie keeps the Sirens company. Let’s compete.”

“Good! Should we team up!”

“That’s reasonable since it’s dangerous here. Rosarin and Dirk have to be on different teams, though.”

Adeil-san decided calmly.


“I don’t feel like we could win if you guys teamed up.”

“……… Tch.”

It was a very convincing reason. So we divided the teams.

Dirk, the two princes and their guards, my brother, Gator, and Jash team.
Me, Milfi, Cidar-kun, and his family, and Rabisha-chan team. I was allowed to use the magic beasts and spirits since we had fewer people.

The three former assassins, Martha and Zilva were to guard us in case of danger as well as act as referees.

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