Chapter 2

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I Obtained a Stepmother. I Obtained a Little Brother. It Appears That Little Brother Is Not Father’s Child, but a Scum King’s Child, However, Don’t Mind It Please ( ´_ゝ`)

Saya opened the door and left the delivery room where the lord’s Will was waiting for a report.

The moment she opened the door, a pitch-black hairball jumped towards Saya’s apron with great vigor.

“Is it born!? (°▽°) Is it born!? Is the baby born!?”

The pitch-black hairball with sparkling eyes of the same color inquiries from Saya.

“The baby has been born. Ellen-sama. It’s a healthy boy.”

Saya responds while separating pitch-black hairball, the eldest daughter of Theodoare house, Ellen who is turning five this year from her apron.

The mother who bore Ellen didn’t recover from after the birth and died immediately after giving birth to Ellen.

Saya raised Ellen in place of her mother.

She intended to raise her strictly as appropriate for a daughter of a count, but Ellen was a little, no she was raised as a considerably strange girl.

Originally, freedom is a tradition in the Theodoare house, so the head of the family, Will is also quite an oddball.

Ellen grew quite freely.

Ellen is more or less eccentric, but she has a good head, she knows the etiquette precisely, and she’s a good child who’s kind to the servants.

“Yay~(°▽°)It’s a boy♪ boy♪ boy♪ boy♪ Saya, Saya, can I see the baby?(°▽°) I want to see the baby(°▽°).”

Saya wryly smiles at Ellen who’s trembling in excitement.

Right now, in this mansion, no in the whole world, there’s probably no one more this purely excited about an imperial child’s birth as Ellen.

“Liana-sama is exhausted. The baby has been just born. You will be able to see it after a bit longer, please endure for now.”

“Ehh~!! No way, no way!! Tousama who caught a cold is a lump of germs so he can’t approach the baby, but Ellen is healthy!! Rather, wasn’t I managing my health for this day?! I also want to thank Liana Kaasama for her hard work!! Just for a bit! 10 seconds, no, just 5 seconds is fine! It’s a younger generation! Saya!”

Wriggling around the floor, treating her father as germs, Saya sighs deeply after the five-year-old child used a younger generation against her.

The average age of Theodoare house’s servants is high with Saya first on the list, so by being accompanied by the old, Ellen sometimes stinks of an old geezer.

“Saya, let Ellen-sama enter.”

Liana’s teary voice could be heard from inside the room.

Liana kept on crying since seeing the baby a while ago.

The room was wrapped in a gloomy mood.

Saya is hesitant whether to let Ellen in such a place, but.

“Ya~y (°▽°) yay, yay (°▽°) Saya, Saya, let me in, let me in (°▽°).”

Saya seeing Ellen being all smiles with joy sighed again and opened the door.

Ellen speedily enters the room and restlessly looks around.

“Liana Kaasama! Good work! Huh? Are you crying? Ah. As expected, delivering a baby must be super painful! I heard from a maid that it hurts more than getting your nose scratched by a cat! Seriously good work ssu Σ(ノд<)." Ellen is a noble’s daughter, but because she was raised in a remote region where there are no other noble sons and daughters, she was raised with commoner children, so her speech is somewhat off. No, it’s considerably weird. But, when distant noble relatives or guests visit, she is speaking with a proper speech, so it seems like the time and place are chosen. Liana who had been crying until now opened her big eyes wide because of Ellen’s lightness and stared at her. "Ah. The baby! Baby, baby! Let me see my little brother, let me see! (°▽°)!" Liana and the maids in the room were startled by her words, but not caring about such thing, Ellen plunged with vigor towards the midwife who was holding the baby wrapped in a white cloth. The midwife who was holding the baby awkwardly looked towards Liana. Liana with tears gathering in her gloomy eyes again, "It’s fine. We can’t conceal it forever, after all." said with her head hanging down, getting compassion from everyone in the room (except Ellen). The midwife awkwardly squatted down so Ellen could see the baby’s face. "Whoaa~! So wrinkled! Wrinkled and bright red! Ah. His hair color is silver! (°▽°)!" Her pure and innocent, zero ill will remark froze the air in the room. Ellen is able to read and write, but she can’t read the mood. "He takes after that damned old geezer, huh~! Well, don’t mind, don’t mind(°▽°)." The atmosphere in the room exceeded the freezing point.

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