Chapter 1

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Tehe(*´∀`)♪ I Was Picked Up By a Wolf

I Got Picked Up


I slowly open my eyes.








This is…


Where is this?


The visible range is tree, tree, tree,
Is this a forest, I wonder~

Though I want to move my body and try to get up,
I can’t move…
Rather, I’m not able to move…
It appears that I’m currently wrapped in a cloth or something.


Anything except my hands can move!!


Someone save me please~!!
Even though I wanted to shout such.





A baby!?


I have become a baby!?

Ba…… baby…… baby……



While frozen in shock for a while, I could hear rustling sounds from somewhere.


Something is coming!!


Will I be eaten?


The main volume has not started yet, though?


I wouldn’t like to die in the preface of the prologue…… haha.


Footsteps approach.

A white mofumofu peeks out.



Mofumofu sun, sun sniffs me.

I stretch my hand and try to touch it.

I mean, it’s mofumofu, you know!!

I have to touch it!!

Thereupon, mofumofu steps back and stares at me.



The mofumofu object was a white wolf.


The wolf approaches again and licks my face.


Ueeh, the drool……


And then, it picked me up by the cloth I was wrapped in and took me somewhere.
I wonder where it’s taking me?






After a short while of being held in wolf’s mouth, I heard a human voice.


There are people here! That’s a relief!


“Rashiel~! What have you brought?”


It appears to be a woman. Who is Rashiel? This Wolf-san?

The wolf comes up to the woman and lowers me down.

“What, isn’t this a baby? Have you picked it up?”


“How unusual, to think you would have an interest in humans, that is surprising. What do you plan to do with this baby?”


Eh!? Who was that? I heard an incredible cool voice, though!


“If possible, here……”


Huh? Even though the conversation hasn’t ended yet……


I got sleepy while thinking such.


Though I resisted, I lost to the desire to sleep.


Good night. Supi~ (_ _).。o○

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