Chapter 20

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2 intimate people.
You will understand if you let me speak!!

No arguments!! Zashu!! ← cutting sound.

Or not, thank god.

Lilia stood there petrified.


If it’s like that, I’d rather be cut.

Blushed Lilia facing downwards is also cute.

If I wasn’t the cause, she may have escaped a long ago.

How regrettable.

You were supposed to run away!!

“So you think of me like that…”

Bad!! I think I’m being disliked!!

“I’m sorry Lilia!! It just…”

No, it wasn’t just!! I did it myself!!

“No!! Me too, that, erm…”

Bashfull Lilia is cute.

Remorse? What’s that? Does it taste good?

Badbadbadbadbad!! I will become bad myself at this rate!!

I am becoming so bad, my parents will be discouraged!! “Mentally”

“You know. When I was trying to dry the clothes a while ago… I can’t tell them apart anymore…”

I make up an excuse first.

Would this convince Lilia, I wonder?

If not, it will be bad.

“I couldn’t distinguish it anymore… And then, that, you see♪”

“I see…”

Dangerous, am I getting disliked? I don’t want that!!

“Please, Lilia!! Don’t dislike me…”

The thought of becoming disliked by a destined lifetime companion, I hate that!!

“………, you.”


Lilia looks at me with a deep red face.

“I love you, Haruna-san!!”


When I came to, I already was clinging to Lilia.

And thus, we became happily intimate in just one day.

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