Chapter 2

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Where am I? I would normally ask next, who am I? But I won’t say that I’m not in the mood, I know who I am and where I am from.

What I don’t know is, why am I here?

The room was made of wood, it looks like this is a log cabin.

There is a window. Looking out of the window I see a forest. You can’t see a forest from my house.

In other words, I have been kidnapped.

“Fumu, to kidnap a bishoujo like me… Someone has good eyes.”

Now is not the time for such jokes!! I have been kidnapped!? By whom!?

Yesterday on the way back, I did my homework, took a bath, then I entered the bed while cursing the Sun.

By the way, I’m living alone.

“Fumu, after I went to the bed, I was not aware because I was sleeping, who carried me…”

It doesn’t make a sense. I mean, If I woke up wouldn’t that be bad?

“I don’t feel like something was done to me, my clothes… I’m not wearing them.”

I’m not wearing clothes. Meaning, I’m naked. Before sleeping I put on pink pajamas, I also have no underwear.

“Pervert!? Was it a pervert!? Why would you leave after coming this far!? Anyway, this is a crime!”

It’s not like I wanted to be attacked, but what is with this situation!?

When I look around the room, there is a door. I don’t have a choice but to open this door to get out of there.

“It will be there if I open this right…”

When I open the door there will be people, rather if not, that would be even scarier.

This is the only thing I can do now.

“I don’t have the courage…”

I wrap the bed sheets around me and open the door.

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