Chapter 6

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Ordering of Cookware
Head of the Becker Company, Dennis Becker is sitting in front of me.

The company has offices throughout the Morgenrot Kingdom, even running a shipping industry for better circulation of money.
He’s around 40 years old, his dark brown hair swept back, and a kindhearted smile is floating on his face. But, a cunning light of merchant dwells in his eyes.

“Okusama, as always, thank you very much for the patronage of your company. I have heard that you want to order a custom-made article today, but what would that be?”

“Yes, I want to make an oven.”

“An oven, is it?”

Becker who most likely thought I wanted to order some ornaments stares wide-eyed is a surprise.

“Take a look at this please.”

When I hand Becker a sketch of the oven, his attention immediately shifts towards the sketch.

“This is… naturally, we can make this immediately, but if you can explain more in detail I think we would be make something even more superior.”

Becker timidly asks about the details.

Yeah, in other words, saying “Certainly” to hysteric woman is prohibited.
I’m really sorry.
But, this person treated Amalie well so let’s not start ranting about it.

“Yes, as drawn on the sketch, I want a rod that could be slid horizontally across the oven.”

“I see… you put the dough on the tray below, then bake it in the inner part of the oven and repeat…”

Becker mutters to himself while looking at the sketch.

“Okusama, I would like you to see the complete blueprint after it’s finished, would that be all right? That way, we can make the necessary adjustments if there are any.”

Yep, we don’t want it to be a complete failure after it’s made.

“I understand, I will leave it to you. I have a few more things I would like you to make.”

This time, I present him a sketch of cookware.
First one is a measuring spoon.

“Hou, it measures flavorings, you say…”

Yes! Measuring the ingredients for Mille crepe was extremely troublesome.
We added little by little and stopped only after it started shining.
If we had something to measure the used amount first, we could just add the fixed amount the next time.

“Yes, next is, this, this and this please.”

A whisk, bowl, molds for baked sweets and cakes, I present him various sketches of utensils.


Becker leaks a bewildered sigh.


“With this measuring utensil, we won’t have to measure by eye to create perfect dishes. This is also a necessary tool for creating sweets.”

“I see, this is… Okusama! This is wonderful! With these items, the history of cooking will be rewritten! If we spread basic recipes of each dish, the chefs, no, this measurement tool will be necessary for every household. This will sell! This will definitely sell!!”

Becker raises his voice with sparkling eyes.

No, I didn’t want to sell this, though?
Although there won’t be a problem if I can make Wirbel some delicious sweets, but… Well, if it helps every household with cooking, that’s also good.

“Okusama, how should we pay you when an article sells?.”

For some reason, although I just wanted to make some cookware, it ended up with my remuneration agreement.

“Let’s see, I don’t need any payment, so would it be possible to sell to commoners at around the manufacturing price?”

“I see, small profits and quick returns, is it? It will be faster to spread at low costs all over the Morgenrot, no, it will spread throughout all countries around the world. As expected of Okusama!”

Could you stop looking at people with those cunning merchant eyes?

Becker had a seemingly friendly smile, but it completely changed into a darkish crooked businessman smile.
His mind is full of profit.

“Because something similar will be inevitably made in no time, wouldn’t it be better to attach a carved Becker seal or something?”

“I see! That way, the value as a brand will be born… Okusama!”

Becker opens his eyes wide.

After that, I got embarrassed by Becker who kept on praising me earnestly.
For now, I have requested him to complete the cookware and the oven as fast as possible.
When he was leaving, he asked me about the payment again, so I refused, but he wouldn’t have it so I had to nod in the end.

Haa, he finally left…
He always looked so calm and composed, like a head of a large store, but his character has completely crumbled apart.

“Berta, I am returning to the kitchen. The Mille crepe should have cooled down, so I would like to for everyone to sample before taking it to Wirbel.”

I look at Berta who waited in the rear.

Huh? Where did Berta go?

“Okusama, here you are.”

Warp? Was that a warp?
Berta instantly moved to the open door and waited for me before I noticed.

“Y, yes.”

It looks like delicious things have the power over space and time

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