Chapter 24

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I’m a Woman Who Knows the Difference
“Okusama, please use this if you’d like. This is a famous powder. It’s a hard to obtain precious item, so I have brought it for Okusama! It may not be necessary for Okusama who originally has a clear skin, but how about it?”


Powder, in other words, it’s something like a foundation.
In this world, it’s said that white skin conceals various defects, and this powder is used to make the skin even whiter.
Flower seeds are the main ingredient of this powder, Amalie has used it too.

But still, this is…

“It is different from the others, right?”

“Yes! This powder is something the commonly used products can’t even compare. Because it makes skin even whiter and it’s fit to be used on it, it can mask even the slightest worries of women! It’s product from the East, but it will inevitably become popular in this Morgenrot Kingdom! I’m considering presenting this to the Royal family.”

When Becker emphasizes so, the surrounding maids look at the powder with great interest and leak sighs of envy.
One must cross the sea to travel to the Eastern countries, so imported goods are very expensive. Because it’s only obtainable by the wealthy nobles, those girls can probably only yearn for it and feel envious.

“… Becker, I am grateful, but I will not receive this. You have told me it is popular in the Eastern countries, but the people of the Morgenrot Kingdom are famous for having whiter skin than any other countries. It may not be necessary. Rather, the Royal family may take it as you are disrespecting them by denying their white skin.”

The expression of Becker who was explaining the product with confidence suddenly stiffened.

“I see, it’s exactly as Okusama says. I of all people almost made a tremendous mistake. Okusama, your is saying that this powder is not to be recommended?”

I thought I might have offended him by denying his valuable commodity, but it seems that Becker has noticed the meaning of my words.

“Yes, that is correct.”

Looking at the powder, I noticed at first glance.
This is harmful.
It’s not to the level it would be dangerous for the skin at first, but if used for a long time, the skin would get damaged which could cause health problems.
I noticed by the poisonous, dull-looking light from my skill.

Becker is not aware of my skill, but he always brings new products to me.
That’s probably because there is a track record of things that Amalie liked being sold well.
However, this time the opposite result has been given.
I have to be thankful that Becker brought this to me first.
If it had been presented to the Royal family, something terrible would happen.

“Is this powder commonly used in Eastern countries?”

“I have heard it like that.”

I see, then they were not trying to harm people, but the harmful ingredient was blended in without knowing.
I have heard that there is a history of lead and mercury used in cosmetics.
The adverse effects of lead and mercury on the human body wasn’t known.
Even if a small amount of safe, using it for prolonged leads to terrible consequences.
If it’s obviously not considered as a poison in the first place, the probability of being harmful to the human body wasn’t considered.

Now then, how to deal with this?

“Is this powder coming in from other places than Becker Company?”

“That’s… yes, it shouldn’t be in great numbers, but there are definitely other merchants who brought it in.”

Becker responds after pondering a bit.

This is troubling… I could prevent it from being brought to the Royal family, but it will slowly spread around the country if left as it is.
If a mother uses harmful cosmetics, it will surely hurt the children next to her. In fact, the unborn fetus would be affected even more.
That’s something that absolutely mustn’t happen.

“Is it possible not to spread this product?”

“Fumu… then, may I borrow Okusama’s name?”

“My name?”

What does he mean? What value is there to my name?
A person of Flaksburb House meaning? Or is it my standing of being related to the Royal family?
I don’t think something like that could stop the distribution, though…

“Yes, to those who do business, Okusama’s name is equally valued as God’s.”

Ha? I don’t understand?

“‘If you want to know the value of things, learn from Amalie Ena von Flaksburb’ is common practice between merchants. Every merchant understands that if he deals with something Okusama is displeased with, his life will shorten.”

Becker says with confidence.

… What do they “understand”?
Why is such ridiculously strange proverb spreading around?!
The only one Amalie did transactions with is this veery Becker.
Which means? There’s only one answer.

“Becker, did you spread some unnecessary rumors around?”

“No, there is no such thing!”

On the contrary to his words of denial, Becker’s eyes shook a little with guilt.


I stare at Becker’s eyes waiting for an answer.

“N, no… I may have spoken to a fool who didn’t appreciate Okusama’s understanding of money… however! I couldn’t allow a fellow like that to look down on Okusama!”

When Becker says so, Berta and the nearby maids nod in consent for some reason.

… It’s really curious, but it seems like Amalie wasn’t hated by the people around her, don’t you think?
Well, it’s not like she was treacherous, as a matter of fact, was she actually lovable?? It’s one of seven wonders of the Morgenrot Kingdom, isn’t it?

“Haa, oh well. Then, please make it that this powder does not spread anymore, all right?”

“Yes, I understand. I will commit wholeheartedly to satisfy Okusama’s will!”

Why is it? I feel anxious after listening to Becker’s powerful words of promise for some reason.

… This person, he will definitely spread some ridiculous anecdote again, right?
I mean, there’s no way a silly proverb like that would emerge just from one conversation!
I won’t be surprised if he does “missionary activities” during his travels, you know?
But, I won’t be able to solve the urgent problem without making some sacrifice… well, it’s too late now anyway.

“Ah, Okusama, I have forgotten a very important thing.”

“What is it?”

“Yes, your long-awaited oven has been completed! I hope it fulfills Okusama’s wishes, but… when should we transport it over here?”

Oo!! It’s completed!?
I will be able to finally make Baumkuchen!
It feels so long ago I made potato starch with Baumkuchen in mind.
It’s now playing an essential part in the Head chef’s dishes.
But! I can finally use it for its original purpose! Too long! Wirbel, it will be soon done!

“As soon as possible please.”

“Certainly. Then, shall we bring it in tomorrow?”

“Yes, I look forward to it.”

The maids let out small cheers not being able to hide their expectations.
Berta is… “Fufufufufufu” leaking out creepy laughs from her mouth as usual. I told you it’s scary!

Ah, I forgot for a moment because of the Baumkuchen, but the matter with the powder has not been settled yet.
It is necessary to be extremely careful just in case!
In order to do that, I will have to go talking.
Becker will approach the merchants while I…

Will go to the Royal Palace.

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