Chapter 14

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Cooperation Union Registration 2
“So, what happened?”

When we arrive in a separate room, the Cooperation Union’s receptionist Clara-san and I sit on a sofa, and the Cooperation Union’s chief asks us the reason for the uproar.
Clara-san who finally stopped crying says in a small voice.

“… The reception is so crowded it’s hard, I have talked to you about it before, right?”

“Yes, I know about that matter, and I understand it’s hard, but there’s no reason to cry, right? It’s your job, after all.”

Cooperation Union’s chief looks at Clara-san in shock.

“But, it’s seriously hard!! Right?!”

Clara-san looks at me for some reason.

No, we have just met for the first time today?
I would be troubled even if I was a regular customer.

“No… uh, yes, I think so.”

As an unrelated person, Clara-san’s pressure was too unreasonable.
Looks like I can only agree.

“Even if you tell me so, the reception counters are full, increasing it, even more, is impossible. This royal capital is abundant in supplies, and even the roads are maintained. It’s a good place for adventurers. The number of people will only increase from now on.”

Clara-san hangs her head at the Cooperation Union’s chief’s words.

A gloomy mood floats around.
Uh, so suffocating.

“That, may I say something?”


“Why is the form filling done at the reception counter?”

I ask what I was curious about in order to change the mood.

“Ha? Where else should it be done if not at reception counter?”

The Cooperation Union’s chief looks at me in puzzlement.

“Won’t the time needed to spend at reception desk shorten if the blank forms could be filled elsewhere?”

“Fumu, well you are correct, but there are a lot of first-timers, and the number of people who can’t read and write is quite a lot, so it’s receptionist’s job to do it for them. The filling and request registration, the questions, and consultations in the Cooperation Union are all done by receptionists.”

I see, the job of a receptionist in the Cooperation Union seems to be considerable tough.
No wonder Clara-san snapped.

“How about you create a post for information clerk? You could request that person to answer simple questions, explain the form filling process, and even write on someone’s behalf, won’t that decrease the burden on receptionists?”

Next would be the use of numbered tickets, so the reception wouldn’t get so crowded, allowing the receptionist to take a breather?

“I see… information clerk…”

“Ah, also, I think it would be best to a day-off every six days.”

After all, regular holidays are necessary!

“Is that alright?!”

Clara-san who was attentively listening to my proposal, reacted with all her heart while hearing “day-off”.

She shakes with my shoulders.
Clara-san, you are too strong! It hurts!
Besides, it’s not my place to decide your day-offs?

“Fumu, it may be worth thinking about it.”

The Cooperation Union chief nods with great interest.

It doesn’t feel bad, right?
Like this, the burden on the receptionist Oneesans could be reduced a little.

Alright! That being that, can I return to register now?
I want to go back for teatime with Wirbel, I don’t have time to take it so slowly.

“By the way, I think this is my first time seeing you?”

“Ah, I just came to register.”

Clara-san finally remembers my initial request.

“Ha? You are not Clara’s acquaintance!? What were you thinking involving someone you met for the first time!”

“I mean, everyone just comes to complain, only this person spoke gently to me!”

Clara-san retorts to the Cooperation Union’s chief who was scolding her.

No, Clara-san, I only said “must be hard”, right?
How much has your heart weakened?
Please be careful, so you don’t get deceived by some strange man, okay? Seriously!

“Umm, I would like to register, could I go now?”

“Yes, sorry. We have taken your time so do the registration here. Is your business only the registration?”

“No, I have heard that you offer a short course for magic, but is that true?”

I’m glad! If I can finish the registration here, it probably won’t take that much time.
If I get too late, Berta will probably get worried.

“Fumu, to what degree can you use magic?”

“No, I can not use it. It is totally my first time.”

“First time? Do you have magical power? If you don’t have magical power you can’t use magic, you know?”

The Cooperation Union’s chief asked a fundamental question.

Leave that to me! I have enough for spontaneous discharge! Leave it to me!

“It is all right. I have never used it consciously, but the furniture in my house starts flying when I get angry.”

“Ha?” “Eh?”

When I explain that I have magical power, the Cooperation Union chief stiffens with his mouth open wide, and Clara-san stares at me with her eyes open.

Huh? Did I say something strange?
Amalie had no knowledge about magic, so I don’t understand the two’s reactions.

“Umm… I did not learn about magic at this age because of some circumstances, but… I knew it would be dangerous if left like that so…”

“That’s not it! No, that’s entirely different from the problem!”

The revived Cooperation Union chief shouts at my explanation.

“Controlling the flow of magical power within your body consciously is the principle of magic. Releasing magical power outside your body unconsciously should not be normally possible. Such amount of magical power is abnormal!”

A, abnormal, is it… that’s plainly depressing, isn’t it?
It reached to the extent Amalie was afraid of her own power.
She noticed that everyone was looking at her weirdly since her childhood.

“Ah, sorry, the way I said it was wrong…”

The Cooperation Union’s chief apologizes because I looked gloomy.

“But, it’s the truth that the amount of magical power you possess is abnormal. Not only on the outside, but to keep such magical power within your body… Magical power usually doesn’t show its power unless it manifests into a shape of magic.”

“That’s right! Just like the leader of magicians in the castle is the founding hero of our nation!”

Clara-san says something exaggerated.
As expected, I’m no hero.

“Well, even if I have such magical power, I can not do anything with it…”

“So you have come to learn here, huh. I don’t know what circumstances you have and what you heard, but there are a lot of self-taught magic users who come from rural areas. Although there is no one who has never used magic even though he possesses magical power.”

Eh? But, the book said you shouldn’t use magic without learning it first, right? Is that okay?!

“Can I use it even without learning?!”

“Well, not too well, but there are no schools in the rural areas, after all.”

I see, so there’s no problem if I start practicing?

“You are no good.”

The Cooperation Union chief reads my thoughts and stops me.

“With so much magical power, it may go out of control if used recklessly. If you take the short course here, I will teach you to some extent. I would be troubled if I left it to you, after all.”

Left it to me… I hear this often for some reason.
Well, if the Cooperation Union’s chief could teach me himself, I would be grateful.

“I will be causing you trouble, but please treat me well.”

Well then, various things happened so let’s return home.

I finish the registration and a short course and leave the room.
I registered myself as Ena.
Rabbit ears, mask and familiar. The conspicuous me was able to register successfully.

When I leave the door, I can feel the eyes of others on me, obviously because of the uproar I have created.
I hear various whispers like “Rabbit mask, and magic beast” and “The one who made Clara cry”.

I really do stand out, huh…
The rabbit ears were absolutely necessary.
Berta came stealthily late at night with disguise goods, and you know what? There was a mask with rabbit ears, you know!? Moreover, the ears work!? Amazing! It’s decided! I remember our conversation for some reason.
How foolish… late at night is a time of fools.

But, this suspiciousness is perfect not to get entangled in trouble, right?
N? Everyone who I look at gets startled and jerks their body in a panic?
When I look properly, I see Dieter glaring at everyone with cold eyes.
Scary! Dieter-kun, coldness is coming out of you!

Haa, I’m somewhat super tired.
Let’s return home quickly to get some healing (Wirbel).

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