Idle Talk 1

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Future life of the Bow Princess
It has been a year since I’ve left home and became an adventurer.
It’s was the time for me to accept the guild’s promotion examination and face the labyrinth.
There, I lost two of my childhood friends who left with me.
I barely survived, thanks to the undead that somehow saved me.
I ran to the inn in the town, where I locked up myself and cried for three days and three nights without sleep and food.
When I returned, I finally noticed that I’m alone.
I cried, cried and cried.
I wept myself to sleep.
I dreamt while sleeping.
About the two that died, and about that undead.
I dreamt about the undead that let me escape while he stalled the monsters that attacked me before.

“I…… I won’t run! I will fight and avenge my friends!!”
“Don’t say such stupid things! How are you going to fight without a weapon!?”
“Let me go! I’m!!”
“Are you going to recklessly throw away your life and go to the place your friends are!? Don’t waste your life in front of the dead!!”

I, who insisted on fighting was scolded by that undead, and then.
I was told to live.

“Live! Live on behalf of your friends! Live on the behalf of the dead me! Live on the behalf of all humans who died so far! People should live to their utmost limit until they can’t carry on!!”

People should live to their utmost limit until they can’t carry on.
Somehow I took those words to my heart and escaped from the labyrinth just as he told me to.
I escaped, cried and slept.
When I woke up, I mourned for my two friends.
There are no corpses. Most likely, they were already eaten by the labyrinth’s monsters to the bones.
While thinking such, I became worried about that undead.
Was he also eaten by that monsters after all……?
It will be difficult to check『Labyrinth of Everlasting Darkness』by myself.
I can’t ask other adventurers for help.
I have to become stronger by myself.
I spent all my time training.
If it were not for those two sacrificing themselves for my sake, I may not have escaped.

After several months, I’m as strong as three people, maybe even stronger.
I took the same promotion exam and headed to the『Labyrinth of Everlasting Darkness』.
…… That undead wasn’t here.
However, the monster who ate my two friends also wasn’t there.

I decided to look for him.
He might not be here anymore.
But, he may be elsewhere.
I decided to search until I can discover what happened to him.

“People should live to their utmost limit until they can’t carry on.”

People should try to live to their best ability to keep on living until they grow old

The profound words of that undead were already deeply engraved in my heart.

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