Chapter 3

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One week has passed.
During that time, I was able to somehow understand this world.

This a dungeon called “Labyrinth of Everlasting Darkness”.
Though I can’t understand it clearly because I haven’t arrived at the entrance yet, it seems that immortal monsters like me and gloomy monsters like skeletons gather in this place filled with darkness willingly.
I have encountered several monsters such as “Departed Soul” (Ghost), “Scavenger” (Dust Worm) and “Lower Devil” (Lesser Evil).
Anyway, I’d rather meet something like “Night Demon” (Succubus). A nature of sorrowful man. It seems that man is a stupid creature even if dead.
However, if I’m about to face such a monster, I would turn around and run away, I don’t want to meet a strong one.
It’s because these guys are capable of using a cheat like magic, so please forgive me for running away.
Also in that one week, the most important thing on my list was securing warmth. This obviously didn’t go well.
I mean, not talking about the sun, there is no fire either. The monsters are fundamentally afraid of fire, there is no way for me to get warm.
By the way, food is unnecessary. It’s natural since I’m dead.
It is possible that I’m unconsciously feeding on the dungeon’s miasma or something.
Ah, I forgot something important.
It’s better to say that I didn’t forget, but rather that I didn’t realize.


Name――What is my name?


This famous king of inventors, Edison, was so absorbed in thinking, that he completely forgot about all other things.
According to a legend, when he was in Government office to process formalities, he was asked about his name by the staff, he was thinking about something else, and replied with “I don’t know”.
Ah well, let’s put such things aside. I wonder what my name is?
To notice only after a week has passed. Even though there is no person to self-introduce to, I am such a fool.
However, I can’t remember at all. Even the initials don’t come out.
I burst out laughing. No, this is no laughing matter.
To forget my own name, isn’t this a symptom of a younger-onset Alzheimer’s? Not knowing one’s name feels really bad.
However, this sense of nothing in me goes beyond nothingness…

I was troubled approximately for two hours, I decided to put this matter on hold for now.
It’s not like I will be worried about introductions anytime soon.

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