Chapter 16

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I had a dream.
Because Undead naturally don’t dream, it was a long time since I dreamt.
In the dream, I was laying on the grass and reading a book.
The place…… Probably a park or somewhere similar.
I only remember it vaguely.

I was not alone, there was a girl with me.
Probably the same age, maybe a little younger.
She had black glossy hair that reached up to her waist, she was very beautiful.

I know that girl.
However, why I know this girl that I do not know.
That girl called my name.
…… Ah.
I remember it.

My name is――

When I woke up, the first place I saw was a chandelier that hangs from the ceiling.
Apparently, after I lost consciousness Nee-san carried me to her room.
Feeling a presence nearby, I turn my head and see Vermut Nee-san looking at me unusually nervously.
I sit up while smiling wryly.
Then, I felt something uncomfortable in my body.
My whole body was overflowing with power. I look at my arms. They look a little different.
No, it’s not something like I grew a sixth finger.
The fingers became slightly more slender and on those fingers, about two centimeters long sharp nails were growing.
I want to see myself in a mirror so I request Nee-san to bring one.
I get up from the bed and stand in front of the luxurious mirror Nee-san brought.
When I see my reflection in the mirror, I open my eyes wide.
Firstly, the hair turned white, almost transparent.
My pupils look like those of a snake, the color itself changed to a warm-less light blue.
I open my mouth, all my teeth turned black, and the front teeth became shark-like razor-sharp.
My previously pale skin disappeared and was exchanged with a white as paper skin.
The facial features stayed the same, but they were one step closer to their ‘final form’.

While I was being surprised by the evolution, my sleeve was gently pulled.
When I look back, Nee-san asks me if my body is all right.
Apparently, you shouldn’t be able to faint during the evolution.
It’s probably because of the reconstruction of my lost memories――Memories!
That’s right, memory.
During the Evolution, part of my lost memories returned.
Among the recovered memories was my name.

I inform Nee-san that I remembered my name.
Her eyes sparkled and she drew closer in order to learn my name.
Because she wasn’t able to call me by my name, she was quite irritated.
I nodded as I agree that not knowing one’s name is irritating and told her my name.

Himuro Takahina.

That is my name.
…… I won’t forget it anymore. Absolutely.
And I remembered one more thing.
That little of my memories returned during evolution.
I don’t know the reason why it did, but my reasons to aim for evolution increased.
While getting a living body, I will also get my memory.
Isn’t that simple.
Although after becoming Undead, I really didn’t know what to do.
Now I can move forward again.
The current goal is――

――Evolve and do something about this coldness!
Why is it so damn cold! It’s so cold I could die! Even though I’m already dead!
Why is it so cold, what is the reason!?
What on earth did I evolve into!

“Freezing Undead” Himuro Takahina
74th Day.
Present Magic Power/Magic Power Containment Limit: 363/1621
※The “Evolution” from Rank1 “Undead” to Rank2 “Freezing Undead” has been completed.

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