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Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Idle talk – The People in the Dark, and a Collection of Brief Stories (2)
Empire’s Point of View

This is the Empire… the official name is the Granzur Empire. In the center of the Imperial Capital, in other words, the center of the Imperial Castle, was a conference room next to the audience room. There, the Emperor and the imperial officials, dressed in gorgeous costumes, were discussing the future of the Empire. Since the agenda for the meeting was secret, the audience hall was not used.

“The remnants of the Sylurians will be soon done for. It won’t take long for the rest of them to quit resisting as well.”

The Prime Minister reported on the domestic situation in the country. The Republic of Syluria was a small country to the east of the Empire and was now part of the Empire due to the imperial invasion, but even after becoming imperial territory, there have been many rebellions and other uprisings, which have become a factor in the Empire’s inability to move to the next part of their plan. This was also the case in many other imperial territories, and resistance activities were taking place in many of the countries that had been expanded by the invasion. However, under the leadership of a man who joined the 1st Knights Order, the resistance was suppressed by force and resistance activities were weakening. However, since the Empire was located in the center of the continent and had expanded its territory by invading many countries, it had many enemies.

“If we destroy the abominable Arland, the rest of the world will not be as careless to move.”

One of the ministers voiced out. The greed on his face was obvious.

Arland is a country with many mines. The humans there coexist with many other races and has developed through their power and the power of the royal family, and although it is a small country, it has been able to stop the invasion of the Empire for more than 500 years. However, the Kerp Multispecies Federation, which stood between the Empire and Arland, was defeated by the Empire and fell. At that time, the upper echelons of the Federation sent many of the races to seek asylum in Arland, and handed over the grain-producing areas near the border with Arland to them, so that the Empire had nothing to gain as far as it was concerned. All they gained was a deserted territory with few people, and they could not even replenish their war expenditures. The Empire’s army at that time also tried to acquire the these grain-producing areas, but the strength of Arland’s army was so godlike that they were beaten back.

But as times moved on, and the Empire’s army grew in numbers. And the disaffected elements in the Empire will soon be wiped out. The minister who spoke out earlier had a territory facing Arland’s territory, and if he could invade, his territory would expand.


And that was not all. Arland itself exported arms and armor to many countries, indirectly supporting the anti-imperialist banner.

In fact, if Arland were to attack the Empire under the anti-imperialist banner, other countries would respond and attack the Empire as well. Arland was a country with that much strength and influence.
It isn’t a country that could be ignored. Moreover, all the inhabitants of the country hate the Empire. There has always been a threat to the Empire coming from Arland.

“Unification of the continent by the Empire. That is the dream of my ancestors. This was the dream of the Gran Kingdom, the predecessor of the Empire. In the past, the Gran Kingdom possessed magical battleships and came close to unifying the continent, but they were unable to do so, and now many countries have been established on its former land. But the Champion of the continent is and always will be the Empire.”

The people around nodded at the Emperor’s words. They were happy to line their own pockets. And the Emperor understood this. Obey and you will get the profits. Thus, the greedy nobles obeyed. Few among them had any sense of ethics or justice. They were invaders, after all. Moreover, Arland was a multiethnic country. In the Empire, where the Church’s teachings ran deep, Beastmen were slaves, free to be vio*ated or killed.

“As soon as the disaffected elements in the Empire are eliminated, we shall invade Arland with our entire army!! All of you, start preparing yourselves for the assault on Arland by the combined forces of the Empire and the Imperial State Army, a total of 3 million men!!”

Will it be destruction or ruin that begins? The Empire was ready to move. One cog in the wheel never meshes with the other. It will create a cacophony on this continent.

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