Chapter 63.1

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Fools (2)
“Hmph, isn’t she just a mere young girl? Well, this should be enough as a souvenir for His Holiness, the Pope.”

This idiot hasn’t noticed. Probably because he managed to snatch Alice away, he’s unaware of the changes in Alice. The Church knights behind him had drawn their swords and were poised for action, but they were hesitating, inching backward.

“Sir Commander!! That person is acting strange. Please step back!”

One of the subordinates behind warned the fool.

“What are you talking about… gaaaaaaaaaah!!”

At that moment, Alice, who was sleeping expressionlessly until now, suddenly opened her mouth, and a destructive light that slaughtered numerous monsters emanated from it. She called it a “Pseudo ‘Alterna’ Dragon Flare” or something, apparently a reproduction of a Dragon’s Breath. She unleashed it at close range on the fool. Normally, he would have been vaporized, but Alice cannot kill people. Unconsciously or unknowingly, the fool, who was blown away, remained alive. His charming appearance, which could deceive countless women, was now scorched, and numerous magic tools he possessed were all shattered. In a sense, his life has come to an end.

Alice, who was caught by the fool when he was blown away, was thrown into the air but landed as if there was a ground in the sky. Clearly, this is beyond Alice’s physical abilities. She could use either “Levitation” or “Flight”, but this behavior is not something she could achieve.

“Enemy reaction detected. The proxy is activated. Attempting to reboot the core personality, Alicetia… Error… Retry… Error… Retry… Error… Searching for the cause… Soul damage confirmed. Currently, the daughter of the creator, Alicetia, has been deemed inoperative, and the proxy shall handle the current situation. Calculating enemy forces… At present, Alicetia’s chances of achieving victory are 30%, and all limiters shall be temporarily released.”

… Who is that? A proxy? The Creator’s daughter? Did our Mother put something in her? No, Mother would never do such a thing. And what is that ominous magic power? Alice’s magic should be colorless. It’s almost as if… she was turning into a Demon King.


“Cut off her limbs. We can do whatever we want as long as we bring her back with us!!”

“Do it, you monsters.”

“”… Understood.””

The Church knights were also perplexed by Alice’s changes and attempted to send the otherworlders against her.

One person tried to teleport behind Alice, but her shortsword was crushed by her bare hands. It seems she has erected a shield on the surface of her hands. However, Alice lacks the skill to catch a sword with her bare hands, and she’s not so reckless. The girl retreated using Teleportation and drew another shortsword.

“Magic Killing, activated.”

The Magic Killer from another world rushed over, slashing at Alice. Alice did not resist and was cut without flinching, yet she didn’t fall.

After being cut, she quickly healed. The barrier was cut, but it seems there were some limitations to the Magic Killer’s technique from another world. For a moment, the Magic Killer inadvertently left an opening in Alice’s proximity. It’s only natural; he clearly cut her, yet there wasn’t a single scratch on Alice. She took advantage of this opening and landed a backfist on the Magic Killer’s face.

“Identifying uncertain factors in the hostile force. Initiating copying of magic and techniques.”

Alice summoned her Gladius and started a fierce duel with the two. She didn’t hold back more than necessary, not like her usual self. The opponents tried to use Teleportation and Magic Killing techniques to counter, but Alice quickly adapted to their movements, dodging their sword strikes even without using magic. Her movements become more efficient. Not only that, she knew her magic would be nullified, yet she used it and attacked despite being able to escape with Teleportation.


“What are you playing at!? Aren’t you both monsters!? Capture her already!!”

The Church knights didn’t seem to be joining the battle. They might be unsavory characters, but they know they can’t defeat Alice. They must rely on the otherworlders. Besides, I won’t intervene. I don’t fully understand the situation, but if Alice is restraining the otherworlders, then I’ll handle these guys first… but before that.

“Get up!!”

“Eek!!… Princess!”

I slapped Alicia, and she got up. I could tell she’s already regained consciousness. She probably intended to take advantage of the opening and kill those fools. She still won’t fight seriously.

“What in the world happened to Her Highness!? Isn’t she like the cutest tiny Demon King in the world!? She’s going to have even more suitors now!”

“You must still be half-asleep. If that happens, I will kill every man in the world.”

And that’s not something to be called cute. Well, I’ll deal with the suitors as usual, but I need to stop Alice quickly.

“Spell analysis successful. Deploying counter-magic, Illusion Seal.”

Just as I was about to challenge the Church knights, the otherworlders were defeated by a single fire spell Alice cast… What just happened!?

“The monsters lost… huh? Impossible!! Don’t just lie there; stop that girl!! No, it seems like we are already at a disadvantage. Let’s retreat!!”

The soldiers of Ostland were rushing over in a hurry. The fact that the King was with them means they have seriously chosen between us and the Church… Now then, are they enemies or allies?

“… I apologize. My abilities have been sealed.”

“… My Teleportation isn’t working.”

… Could it be? Did she seal the abilities of the otherworlders? The third otherworlders remained unconscious and wouldn’t get up.

No, for now, I need to watch the movements of the Church knights and the soldiers of Ostland. If they are enemies, it won’t be too difficult to escape from here. With the otherworlders defeated and unconscious, we might be able to get away.

“Ho, ho, ho. How rude of you to think you could secretly infiltrate our country, only to treat our benefactor like this! Everyone, capture them all!”

(Yes, sir!!)

“Answer. Is the situation over?”

Even though they were elites among the Church knights, they weren’t able to defeat more than twenty times greater Ostland forces. They were surrendering their weapons one after another. The otherworlders were defeated, and their leader was half-dead, while Alice was still standing strong. They must have deemed it impossible to win. While feeling the anticlimactic end, Alice (temporary) suddenly spoke up. There was nothing reflected in her eyes. While Alice does often have an expressionless face, she is just an ordinary girl who cries and laughs. But right now, there was nothing. Her expression was like she was rejecting everything. I have to admit, it was frightening.

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