Chapter 56.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Chaos in Ostland (2)
I took my Colt Python and slipped on the holder that came with it around my waist and inserted it into it. Inside the pochette was a warhead. And this is a magic gun. As long as I have the warhead, I can fire it.

The reason I made a revolver is because it’s easy to maintain… well, it’s more troublesome than a pure single action because this one is both a single and double action, but it’s the extremely reliable revolver nonetheless.

This gun is a special type. “Silent”, “Herculean Strength” and “Marionette” are triggered to automatically perform the necessary actions and get me the strength to withstand the recoil. It has no sound, not even the firing light. This gun does not require skill. The gun assists the bearer with the movements necessary to use it.

I checked the gun and inserted the Dragon wand and the objective rifle into a special place on my back in the form of an “X”. These too will be sent from my back to my hands by unnamed slime-like beings if necessary.

Then, after I was done getting ready, I left the room. Of course, the security mode was still left on the Nightmare mode.

“What are you planning on doing?”

“Running away from home.”

“With that get-up? No matter how I look, you are clearly intending on going there by yourself!”

Father was unusually furious, but it had no impact on my heart. Father, who I naturally thought would be freaked out about this, was also in a foul mood. But I cannot abandon my friends. Further conversation is futile. There will be no punishment if I make it through this one safely. I honestly don’t know what will happen, but all I can do is help my friends. That’s all. So I deployed the magic circle and entered the teleporter.

“Don’t let her leave!!”

But no one could hold me back. The unnamed slime-like creatures around me clung to the joints of the people around me, hardening them and rendering them immobile. Not even my Father could shake off the restraints without preliminary preparations. If the joints are restricted, nothing can be done. I strongly imagined my friends’ faces. The magic circle was scattering magic power as if it was screaming in refusal, since my destination was not a place I was supposed to be able to move to. But I won’t give up. I will definitely be able to jump. I imagined more strongly and poured in an excessive amount of magic power. Just jump.


I saw Alicia at the moment when my vision changed due to the transition. I was a little nervous because she looked as if she was about to cry.



“Why did you follow…”

“I go everywhere you go, Princess.”

In the end, Alicia was able to follow me, getting on board my teleportation. Normally, we would have parted ways at that point, but she charged into the magic circle at a speed that exceeded my ability to react, and we were teleported together. The speed was so fast that even a certain person in a red suit would pale in comparison. She was not restraining me in particular, but standing next to me normally.

“To be honest, I’m not sure that I could stop the current you anyway. I don’t want my forehead penetrated by that thing on your waist.”

Apparently, she recognized that it was a gun.

But there was no heartwarming story to be told. Looking around, the town was in chaos, with houses burning and people escaping in panic. There were flying monsters in the sky. Some of them had landed in the Royal Capital and were killing the citizens.

I unconsciously pulled out the revolver on my waist. There was no hesitation. This is a blight, and I don’t need to show any mercy to eliminate it. I triggered the firing pin and pulled the trigger. With that, the winged tiger was pierced in the forehead and fell to the ground, blood spouting out of its head. It never moved again.


“I will show no mercy to whoever interferes.”

In terms of a shelter, the academy would be a prime location, so I’m going there first. I have to make sure my friends are safe…

“Princess, the academy is that way.”


The teleportation was a bit of a failure. We seemed to have jumped a bit further away from the academy. When I tried to act quickly, Alicia pointed out that the academy was in the opposite direction. I flew with Alicia using Fly magic. I used the revolver and an anti-matter rifle to shoot down as many monsters as possible that I came across along the way.

The academy was in a state of utter devastation. Monsters attack people when they see them. Except for those monsters that are used as familiars, those that have been in contact with people since they were children, and some of the more docile monsters, they attack and eat people. The monsters would never miss the academy where people were concentrated. Monsters that managed to get over the walls and flying monsters were rampaging through the academy. There were countless fallen Knights, soldiers, and citizens on the ground. Even so, the soldiers were fighting the monsters without giving up. And then there was Anon. A child only a little bigger than me was fighting. She said she had never fought monsters before, but with a short sword and a small shield, she was fighting a wolf-like monster alongside the adults.

“Formula release, Multi-Lock. Roaring lightning, strike down, Thunder.”

When I lock onto the monsters within my field of vision, I dropped a bolt of lightning on them. The monsters were burned by the power of the lightning and fell down. The survivors were killed with my revolver. There were so many monsters. I used my gun to clean up the rest to conserve my magic power.

“Alice, I thought you returned home.”

“I ran away from home because I was worried. It’s all right now. I’ll destroy them all.”

“Nyahaha, I would love if you did.”

We hugged each other. I thought I would never see her again.

“Your hair and eye color is different… you had an image change?”

“This is my original appearance… are you not surprised?”

I didn’t make the change when I teleported. It’s correct to say that I forgot about it. I was in quite a hurry.

“I am a little surprised seeing your eyes. I’m going to punish you by making you eat a lot of cake. You’re a Princess, aren’t you?”

“Well, technically, I’m the head of a Viceroy family. You can revere me even more, you know?”

“When we are done here.”

While we were talking to each other, I was hurling my magic at the monsters that came one after the other. With a single lethal blow, the monsters were defeated one after another, and temporarily there were no more monsters to attack the academy. I used Fly and took up a position in the sky.

“Let the thunder rain down, Thunder Rain!”

Lightning rain down on Orthoa even though the weather was clear and accurately shot down flying monsters. Even if they survive, with that much firepower they won’t be able to move for a while, and soldiers on the ground will be able to handle them. I feel sorry for the people, but I can’t save everyone in the Royal Capital. The most important thing for me is my friends. Now I have to make sure they are safe. I only shot down the flying types that got in the way.

“I appreciate your cooperation. Go to the city walls and exterminate the monsters next.”

“I’m just here to check on my friends’ safety. I will not follow orders.”

When I got down on the ground, a Knight approached me and gave me an order. Even though I looked like a child, he wanted to commandeer me as long as I was an asset to the war effort. But there is no reason to obey. My friends are more important to me than this country.


“I am Arland’s royalty. Know your place.”


I don’t have time for this. I need to find out if the rest of my friends are safe. If they are safe, I will move them to a safe place or lend a hand if necessary, so now’s not the time for this. I want to help the people here, but I don’t want to regret if my friends die because of this. If I had to choose between my friends and a stranger, I would choose my friends without hesitation.

I crossed the Knight and ran toward Anon.

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