Chapter 46.2

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“Now, now, please don’t say that. I’m just interested in what you are making.”

She approached me while rubbing her hands as if I were some small animal.

“Let’s get rid of the dangerous things, okay?”

As I thought!! Let’s never let her enter inside. I am ready to fight thoroughly until the end, even if I have to be tortured by tickling.
I entered the treasury, ignoring Alicia’s fuss. Today, I will redesign the minigun and fix the golems’ movement.
Although I have been shooting the minigun all day, I have also experienced marching, so I will use that movement data to further adjust the formula so that they can move more normally. I had just started reading grimoires around that time, so the movement of the golems wouldn’t be optimal, even if I memorized them.


Humming a tune, I rewrote the blueprints and selected materials. After completing the first stage, I tampered with magic, used it on a golem, move the golem around, and repeated the adjustments. It was very calming.
After doing that for a while, I heard a metallic sound.

“So noisy.”

“You didn’t respond even after I called you so many times!! Please come out already. It’s time to eat.”

Apparently, she was making the noise by attacking the gate so that I would notice her. It was already dark when I looked at the window outside. The room was lit and bright like a typical room in my previous life, and it was always illuminated inside the treasury, so I had lost track of time.

“I will make something up next time, so please don’t attack the gate again.”

“Please let me in instead.”

I got ready and left the treasury, passing by the persistent Alicia. In our family, we eat together as a family whenever possible. I wondered if I would be alone with my Mother today. I went to the dining room (the regular one) to see if it was just my Mother and me, but my Father and Big brother were there as well. But their eyes were dead. Outside the room, the Prime Minister was waiting with a pile of papers and soldiers in tow, so I guessed they would return to work as soon as the meal was over.

“I can’t anymore… I’m going to abdicate and leave the rest to you, Gil…”

“Hahaha, Father, do you intend to escape by yourself? I won’t let you go. I still have a lot of paperwork to do. I’m going to finish them quickly and play with Alice…”

Father seemed to be thinking of forcing Big brother to do a lot of work that comes along with the throne, but Big brother doesn’t like mountains of paperwork either. But think about it. You know, eventually, you are going to have to deal with that, Big brother? I enjoyed my meal with Mother while trying my best not to look at the eyes of the two people who were asking for my help.
After the meal, the two were taken away without a break. I heard two cries for help, but I am not ready for paperwork yet. I am about 10 more years early.

“Father… he must have been accumulating paperwork again…”

There surely is an impossible amount of documents that Father must have accumulated in the absence of the Prime Minister. I pity the Big brother who got caught in the middle of all this, but three days later, he pushed all the documents to our Father and escaped.


“Alice, let’s go to the lake!! It’s not safe to stay here!!”

When I was having a tea break with Alicia, my Big brother showed up without fixing his disordered clothes. A maid passing by hid her face with her hands, but she was looking right through the gap.

“The one not safe is you, Big brother. Look behind you.”

I pointed behind Big brother and saw our Father standing there, who had also not mended his disheveled clothes. I’m guessing that the brave soldier clinging to his waist was trying to get him back to the office. However, he got dragged along to this room because he didn’t have enough horsepower.

“…… Father, I’m on summer vacation. I would appreciate it if you would not interrupt my rest time with my little sister!!”

“I don’t approve of this!! Why should I be the only one who has to do the work!! Make me a tool that will finish the work in my place, Alicetia!!”

I am not a certain raccoon-shaped robot, so I don’t have such a useful tool. So I silently shook my head.
Then the Prime Minister appeared with a very nice smile. With countless knights behind him.

“I have been looking for you, Your Majesty. I can’t let you slip out without permission. There is still work to be done, you know? We still have more work to do for His Highness as well, so let’s get back to work. Oh, Princess, this is just right. Shall we study the paperwork now? There is a desk prepared for you, so you can study hard for the future.”

“Formula decompression, Short-range Teleportation.”

I escaped by teleporting to my room with Alicia by sacrificing my Father and Big brother. The tea break was being held in a place that was visible from my room, so when I looked out the window, I saw that the two of them had been captured by many Knights and taken somewhere while screaming.

“I saw that the Prime Minister had very dark circles under his eyes.”

“I really didn’t want to get involved any further…”

Alicia and I shook our heads.

“Princess!! Come, let get to work!!”


It seems that the Prime Minister had targeted me as well. He suddenly barged into my room. On this day, I kept running away together with Alicia via the Short-range Teleportation until the Prime Minister gave up.
By the way, I heard that Father and Big brother fled to the town while the Prime Minister was chasing after us.

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