Chapter 10

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Dream and Ending
I was in a dim place. The place looked like a mixture of a TV sandstorm, but I could see a little.
I was standing in what looked like an audience hall. Of course, there was a seat that could be considered a throne, but the face of the person sitting in it was so disoriented by the sandstorm that I couldn’t see them. The chair was a luxurious black color-based chair, but it looked like it had been damaged in some places and the person sitting in it seemed to be exhausted.

“So… it’s a new… demo… then……… save… us… put an end to it.”

The words I heard were fragmented and I couldn’t quite make them out, but the person spoke to me in some kind of pleading tone.


“When you… you will… get to know… the truth.”

I couldn’t hear them well. Moreover, the TV sandstorm in this place was getting heavier and before I realized, I lost my consciousness.




When I woke up again, I was in an unfamiliar place. Uhm, is this inside a tent? I was fighting the Ogre King and… and I feel that I was dreaming about something.

“You are up…”


My father was sitting on a chair next to the bed I was sleeping on.

“Don’t move, your wounds aren’t healed yet. The battle ended about two hours ago, the Magic Division and Sylvia are all safe, though some damage has been done.”

It seems that I fainted.


When I tried to move, all I could do was moan in pain that I felt all over my body. I must have exceeded my limit because I can’t feel my right hand and my left foot at all.
I had the Light and Water spirits that stayed with me use “Healing Light” on me to heal my wounds. Normally, Healing Light is a spirit magic spell that only the Spirits of Light are able to use, but I combined it with the power of the Spirit of Water, so my wounds should heal faster.
The Healing Light is originally a sphere of white light that heals wounds, but this time, it was a pale blue light that enveloped my body… And after about 10 minutes of use, the light disappeared and my wounds were gone.

“You are unusual as always… is this your trump card?”

“Light aside, Spirits of Water also possess the traits that are special to auxiliary magic, so by combining the two at the same time, you can heal most of the common wounds.”

I don’t want to be ever forced to use this again, though…

“… Haah… do you know what I want to say? The result this time was good, but if you made a single mistake, you would definitely be dead and you also broke my orders. I naturally have to punish you, but we will do that after we return to the castle. Take a rest for today.”

Well, I guess I deserve it. I don’t regret my actions, but I intend to receive the punishment. Then, Father let out a sigh and left the tent. I was not finished, but I guess he was too tired to notice.
About ten minutes after he left, I got up from the bed and changed my clothes. Of course, the clothes I wore before were tattered, so I put on my usual clothes… a shirt, skirt, and blue cloak (for royalty only), and left the tent.

“Where are you intending to go?”

“… I was found out.”

To think I would be discovered right from the start… yes, you would normally put a guard there.

“Please return to your tent obediently, Princess.”

When I turned around, Mr. Albert was talking to me with a hand on his forehead. I’m mentioning this a bit late, but Mr. Albert is a man with a title, a Marquis title at that, so he would never do the job of a guard, but…

“I still have work to do. I have to heal the injured.”

“That’s what the healers are for. It’s not something you need to force yourself to do, Princess. Moreover, you were on the boundary of life and death just until now, so please think about yourself first.”


It’s true that the injured should be obedient, but my injuries are already healed, and my magical power has recovered by about 30%, and with the Stampede over, I won’t be entering the battlefield anymore, so I don’t think there would be a problem to use the rest of my magical power to treat others.

“My wounds are healed, and I won’t be participating in the hunt of the remnants, so it would be more efficient if I went to treat the wounded.”

“As expected of you, Princess. You possess a noble heart, but please consider yourself first.”

“As I said, I’m fine. My injuries are healed.”

“However, you are not in a proper condition, right? You can’t deceive my eyes. Besides, aren’t your spirits left with hardly any magical power, Princess?”

Indeed. The spirits of Light and Water have around 30% magical power left and other spirits have run out of their magical power so they are currently lying dormant, and won’t return until their and mine conditions are in quite a good shape. But I might feel tired and dull, but not to a degree that I can’t move.

“To be honest, I am tired… but I will move if I can move. It’s not like I alone can rest and there are not enough healers either, right? The sooner I get to work the sooner we finish.”

“… Haah… understood. Then, I will escort you, Princess. I can’t say it’s absolutely safe here either.”

Saying that, Mr. Albert turned around with his cloak and walked in front of me. He most likely wants to guide me there. That reminds me, I don’t know where the injured are, so I have no reason to refuse, and if monsters attacked, I couldn’t defend myself well because of the fatigue. After walking for a few minutes, we arrived at the place where the injured were gathered… frankly, it wasn’t a scene I wanted to see. I expected it to be a bit more decent like what I remember from my knowledge, but there were people sitting on the ground with cloths wrapped around their injuries, or just groaning on the ground.

“We have to separate those on the verge of death and severely injured from those whose treatment can be postponed and those with minor injuries, and treat them first… use a stretcher to transport the severely injured and don’t handle them recklessly.”

I instructed the nearby soldiers. Well, it’s not uncommon for me to come to see the wounded, so they followed my instructions with a wry smile. I also gave instructions to the healers.

“You guys divide by ability… those who can only treat light wounds should give preferential treatment to those with minor injuries, and others are to treat those with moderate injuries. I will look after the people with serious wounds.”

The healers seemed to be treating everyone at random, and they were all acting disjointed, so I tried to take control over them. I believe this is the right way to handle this situation?

“Also, bring Princess a magical power potion.”

“No need, I had already recovered to about 40%… and this time, I will be only treating people with serious injuries.”

I don’t need to worry about a luxury item like a magical power potion when my own recovery rate of my magical power is this fast. And in order to improve the skills of the healers, I’m going to heal only those whose lives depend on it… I’d heal all of them if I could, but Mr. Albert will probably stop me because of my fatigue and magical power depletion.

Now then, the treatment was a visually depressing sight. To put it in one word, it was grotesque… well, I’m used to seeing injuries on a regular basis, but I’ve never seen anything like this. In fact, I had to take about half a step back.
Healing itself is very easy in this world. Basically, as long as you can use healing magic, you can heal most injuries, so you don’t need to have advanced skills or knowledge like in the world of my past life. However, the effects of healing magic vary greatly depending on the user, for example, some people can only heal minor cuts, while others can apparently even heal missing parts (I don’t know the incantation, so I cannot use it). I can heal most injuries as long as no part of the body is missing, and I was working on a limited-range friendly-identification healing type of spell, so let’s finish this at once.

“Water and Light, heed my will. With my will and thy power, overturn the laws of the world. Flash of Healing.”

The tent where the seriously injured were gathered was enveloped in intense light. My father laughed at it as the healing spell included blinding the eyes of the people around, but it is a highly effective spell. I’m sure this will mostly cure them…… It’s too bright though, so I will improve it when I get home.

“!?… Princess, just what are you—?”

Mr. Albert was saying something, but I decided to ignore him, he will know when it’s over anyway.
When the light subsided, the people who were lying on the floor got up… Some of them were rolling around holding their eyes… Sorry, I forgot to warn you. Your wounds are healed, so please forgive me. Besides, this light itself was healing magic, therefore, it won’t make them go blind, so don’t look at me with that criticizing gaze of yours, Mr. Albert.

“What an unreasonable magic. Wouldn’t it be a perfect spell if it could restore missing parts? Moreover, it seems that those outside who got bathed in the light had their injuries healed as well.”

“It’s convenient but it has flaws, too. The flaw is that it consumes an extreme amount of magical power and uses 10 catalysts. I have no magical power and catalysts left… it’s not as expensive as a life, but dragon materials aren’t exactly cheap.”

Moreover, it’s difficult to improve because of my lack of knowledge… ahh, how I want a specialized grimoire.

“That’s one hell of a luxurious treatment then… However, now that your magical power is exhausted, I will have you rest in your tent. There is no meaning for you to stay here any longer, right?”

Indeed. I’m exhausted.

And that’s how my day ended. I was surprised when the next time I woke up, it was four days later.

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