Chapter 7

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When I finally sat Klaus down, who seemed to have calmed down, he gave me a dumbfounded look.
I tilted my head back at the suddenness of his gaze.

“What. Did you want to yell and shout more?”

“That’s not it, stupid. Why did you speak of it with such a calm face? They have ruined your life, ya know?”

“That’s certainly true, but…”

When I recall that place, my body naturally trembles and it sure does make me feel unwell.
However, when I consider that I continued working there just because I am stubborn in weird places, it makes me realize just how foolish I truly am, and besides——

“Don’t you think that it’s not too late to start my life over again?”

Even though I wasted about eight years of time, it’s okay as long as I can find happiness from now on.
I’m not sure if it’s because I cried yesterday, but I feel strangely refreshed, and it’s a waste of time to keep worrying about the past.
Then Klaus gave me a wry smile with an unimpressed face.

“You haven’t changed at all. You should learn to hold a grudge.”

“I’m still bitter about the time you took my candy, you know?”

“When did this happen? Quickly forget about the grudges from ten years ago.”

He seemed surprised that I was still holding a grudge from that time, and looked at me with his eyes wide open.
And then Klaus turned his attention to a nearby building, as if he had noticed something.
I was curious, and when I looked out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that something transparent was staring at me fixedly.

Isn’t that… invisibility magic?
If my memory serves me right, invisibility is delicate magic that would vaguely reveal the shape of the person using it to people with a higher amount of magical power.
However, since that person is hiding their face with clothes, they must be actively seeking some kind of information——

At the same time I’ve been thinking about this, Klaus stood up in front of me with a sword in his hands, so I also readied myself up to cast magic if anything went wrong.
But the transparent someone who didn’t seem to be afraid of us slowly approached from the shadows and released the magic, and a slender woman dressed as a court magician appeared.

“How amazing, you were able to see me.”

“You are… was Elina your name?”

The woman named Elina nodded to my words.
Klaus seemed confused but lowered his weapon to my response.

“What, is she your acquaintance?”

“Yeah, she’s my former colleague. However, she wasn’t pushing her work onto me unlike others, so don’t bare your fangs too much, okay?”

When I calmed down Klaus who unsheathed his sword once again when he heard she was my colleague, Elina laughed strangely.
Well, the truth is that this woman has been pushing me around like any other former colleague of mine. But if I tell him that, they are definitely going to kill each other. I would like to avoid that.


Even so, I don’t know her much because we haven’t talked on many occasions, but I find this woman creepy because I can’t tell what she is thinking.
I felt the chills from the unknowable creepiness running up my back, but I asked what I had to ask.

“And so, why did you come here? I was already dismissed and all my money has been confiscated too.”

“The wardstone won’t accept anyone’s magical power except yours. The country is currently in a mad search for you.”


Why is this happening? I’ve never heard of such a thing happening to a wardstone before.

But if this is the truth, will I have to go back to that country and take care of the wardstone?
Elina smiled at me as my anxiety rose.

“That being the case, why don’t you go back with me? The commoners are being attacked by monsters. It’s basically your fault that the wardstone is broken, so won’t you take responsibility for it?”

“Ahh? Isn’t that because you guys pushed your work onto her? Lower down your head to the ground and beg.”

“Commoners really are noisy. That’s why you got dismissed.”

I somehow managed to calm down Klaus who grasped his sword with veins popping up on his forehead, and looked at Elina, who had a goofy smile on her face.

“I’m sorry to the commoners, but I’m definitely not going back. Just as Klaus said, you brought it upon yourselves and I don’t want to work there anymore.”

“Hah? You commoners seriously are… no, enough. The commoners have been in danger for about a week now. I will definitely tell you how many have died because of you the next time I come.”

“Don’t come here ever again.”

Snorting, Elina turned her back on us and left. Klaus watched her leave with sharp eyes looking as if he was about to cut her up.
If I’m going to be honest, I really want to protect the commoners and the unrelated people. I want to protect them, but when I think about going to that place again, my body refuses to do so.
…… Apparently, that place is more traumatic to me than I thought it would be.

Then a large hand roughly ruffled my hair, and I looked up to see Klaus, who looked very calm.

“Never mind the words of that bitch. If anyone tries to bring you back, I’ll cut them all to pieces.”

“… Thanks.”

Apparently, my childhood friend has become much manlier.

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