Chapter 3

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Heinz’s point of view.
The King’s Birthday Festival——It’s one of the largest festivals in the world that celebrates the birthday of the first King on a grand scale.
Of course, it is held for a variety of purposes behind the scenes, such as to keep other countries in check after their relations with the country have deteriorated with the military parade’s demonstration of the country’s military might, and to obtain foreign currency.

The only thing, we, the Royal Magicians have to do for such an important event is to decide the schedule for the military parade.
But, even though it’s only something like deciding on the schedule, it’s not simply divided by divisions, but by squads, so while it would take an experienced person about two days to finish, someone who did not do this before would take at least a week.

In other words, since we pushed everything onto Emiel before, we, with our half-assed experience won’t be able to finish in time no matter how hard we try…
I don’t even know how many times I’ve let out a sigh today alone, and Gert, who was sitting next to me, looked at me like he’d given up.

“Say Heinz, I wonder if we have no choice but to bow our heads to Emiel and beg her to finish these documents? We will get sacked if they find out, seriously.”

“Who the fuck would bow to that darned amateur? Next time you say something so stupid,I will blow out your brains.”

Even though I’m already feeling irritated, why does this fellow have to irritate me even more?
At the same time as an unintentional sigh came out on Gert’s dumb face as he looked away apologetically and began to run his pen over the documents, the door opened vigorously.
As everyone’s eyes gathered at the door, the face of the knight with bloodshot eyes turned red.

“Oy, the monsters began invading because the barrier has weakened! Who’s on the duty today!”

The bossy yelling made everyone shudder and tremble, and when Freig, who was originally supposed to be on duty today, raised his hand in horror, the knight grabbed him by the face and took him away.
Thank goodness today wasn’t my turn. It would be a shame to be taken away in such an unceremonious manner that would leave lasting impressions for generations.
I forced myself to suppress the shivering and began to process the paperwork, and everyone around me resumed their work in silence.

But after a few minutes had passed, the door was opened again with great force and the knight from earlier, still red in face said,

“Oy, that fainthearted bastard wasn’t able to pour his magical power into the wardstone! Who here can use magic properly!?”

“… Is that even possible?”
I subconsciously stood up after hearing such unexpected words and ran to the room where the wardstone was installed with the knight who urged me to hurry up.
The maintenance and management of the barrier is done with a blood-red stone called a wardstone. However, all you have to do is touch the stone and let the magic power flow into it, and it is made so that any person who can use magic can easily perform the task.
And yet, there is absolutely no way that Freig, the top-level magician who is second only to me among the Royal Magicians, couldn’t do it.

I opened the door of the room, guessing the possible reasons, and when I entered, I found Freig crouched on the floor right next to the wardstone.
By the looks of it, either this knight has threatened him considerably or he has lost confidence in himself that he can no longer do such a simple task.

“All right, get on with it. Do it now before people die.”


I put my hand on the wardstone, ignoring blue-veined knight behind me, and poured my magic power into it——


“… Huh?”

Five years ago, I should have been able to fill up the whole tank with this much magical power, but I don’t feel that I can fill it up at all.
Finding it strange, I increased the amount, but it still didn’t seem to be filling up.

“You were so boisterous, what are you guys playing on?”

When I turned around at the sound of the voice, I found the famous Sage, Louis Barkley, stroking his long beard and staring at me with his sharp eyes.
The knight, without seeming to be bothered by the fact that I had gone rigid, began to explain the situation, and when Louis heard the whole story, he nodded his head and said,

“Hmm, let me see.”

He moved right next to me with teleportation magic and started touching the wardstone.
Then Louis let out a dumbfounded sigh and glared at me.

“You guys, have you been letting a single person supplement the magical power? The wardstone had transformed to such an extent that it won’t accept anyone except that person’s magical power.”

“I, is something like that possible?”

“You dimwit! Didn’t I give you the instructions to always manage the wardstone based on the duty without exceptions! … Good grief, quickly call the person who continued supplementing the wardstone over.”

“I, it’s difficult for me to say, but…”

When I looked away, my eyes met with the pale Freig, who crouched on the ground before me, and I couldn’t help but choke on my words.
I’m sure my face must be even paler than his now.
I forced myself to suppress my body’s trembling and bowed my head, ready to have my head cut off.

“That person has been dismissed.”

The next moment, a rampant flash of light and a thunderous roar rushed through the room.

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