Chapter 17

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Minister’s point of view.
I ordered my subordinates to look into Heinz’s remarks, and after taking a break for an hour or so, I called Louis over.
It’s quite a problem that the Royal Magicians were pushing their work onto others, but it’s a greater shame for the country that someone with as much power as Louis has is playing with the country’s taxpayers’ money.
I hope it was a mistake on the part of the people who worked on the investigation, but I would say the chances of that happening are almost zero.
We might as well get ready to exile them or send them to the mines.
Louis, who came in without knocking, sat in the opposite seat without saying anything and distorted his brow in a grumpy manner.

“What do you want? I’m leaving if it’s something boring.”

I pulled out a few papers, feeling impressed how he can behave without any dismay like that.

“Answer me without saying nonsense. First of all, I asked the Royal Magicians of the first term why they did not teach their juniors about the wardstone. They replied, ‘I’ve never heard it could mutate.’ Why is that?”

“They must have thought of it as inconsequential and forgot. It happens all the time.”

“You think all twenty of them would forget? Some of them had absolute memory, though?”

Louis fell silent and stared at me as if he had given up about the matter, but annoyed at me.

“Yeah, I did not tell them because it wouldn’t normally happen. Who would have expected the task to be imposed on someone for several years?”

“Isn’t it your job to monitor the Royal Magicians’ work behavior in the first place? There’s no way you would not anticipate for it to happen if you did what you had to do.”

It feels like something I, myself, is in no position to say, though.
Then, Louis clicked his tongue and stood up, turned his back to me and started walking towards the entrance.


“Hey, where do you think you are going?”

Perhaps disgusted by Louis’ behavior of acting as if he was a child who hadn’t shown a single reaction, I made eye contact with the two knights waiting on either side of the entrance to block the way.
As the two men crossed their spears and blocked the door, Louis looked back at me with his face turned red from anger.

“What, are you trying to have a go at me? I can erase all three of you in an instant.”

With words that could only be taken as a threat, he created what seemed like a lightning bolt in his hands and showed clear killing intent.
But the next moment——as he turned his back towards the two knights behind him, he got hit on the back of his neck and head with the hilt of their spears, and Louis fell to the ground while making a dumb voice.
Why did he turn his back on the knight who had to be most vigilant against? The two knights are obviously far stronger than me.

As he tried to get up, one knight restrained him and the other thrusted the tip of his spear in front of him.

“You will be killed if you move. I ask you not to resist.”


Lous, who glared at the knight as if he was going to kill him with his gaze, had none of the innocence he had when he just became a Sage.
I decided to send him off to the mines, feeling something akin to sadness.

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