Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Dismissed Royal Magician is Returning Home ~The Country is a Facing Crisis, But I Don’t Care~

Description: Emiel Krustov, a commoner who rose up in ranks and became a Royal Magician. Her name was well-known all over the country because the feat she achieved was said to be impossible for a commoner.
However, Emiel was worked like a slave. Because of her commoner’s background, she was not liked by those of noble birth.
Then one day, a turning point in Emiel’s life came in the name of dismissal. Freed from the piles of papers that never disappeared no matter how much she cleared them up, lectures on magicraft three times a day, and maintaining a barrier that kept monsters out, she quickly returned to her parents’ house.
The country that she left fell into an unprecedented crisis!


I don’t know what the minister needs to call me over in person for when I still have a lot of work to do that was forced on me by my colleagues.
If it’s not important, like before, I’ll be going home.
As I was thinking about this, I was rearranging my future schedule when the minister appeared before me, frowning in displeasure.
I stood up and tried to bow, but he just told me to sit down and took a seat across from me.

“The Royal Magicians have informed me that you’ve been skipping work. What’s going on here?”

“I did not——”

“Don’t play dumb!”

I have no doubts about it, my colleagues who forced me to do their jobs have blown up their lies to improve their own reputation.
I’ve been called over and lectured by a nobleman I didn’t know before for it, and now I’m going to be apparently lectured again.
When I gulped down to swallow my sigh and made eye contact with the minister, he seemed to be offended by something, and gave me a blatant tongue-lashing.

“Enough. You are dismissed. Get out of the castle.”

“Dis… missed?”

“Correct. We will never hire a woman with commoner origins ever again.”

With those words, the minister waved his hand, telling me to leave.
As expected, I would be troubled by getting dismissed… or would I?

“Oy, why don’t you say something?”

The minister looked at me like he saw something suspicious when I didn’t respond, but I had to confirm the reality.

“I don’t have to work anymore?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”


“I don’t have to calculate the Knights Order’s budget ever again?”

“Yeah… wait.”

“I don’t have to maintain the barrier all alone or intercept intruders on my own starting today!?”


Not being able to conceal the joy of finally being dismissed, I stood up to bow and left the confused minister behind.
I walked through the uselessly decorated corridor and entered my room, immediately starting to pack up.

After about an hour or so of packing, I took one last look around the room.
The heaps of papers piled up high on my desk, the tools I used for magical training that filled most of the room…
Looking at it this way, I’ve always spent my life thinking about getting my work done. Maybe I should have valued my personal life more.

Letting out a sigh of regret, I put on my backpack, pulled my carry-on case and left the room.
As I walked slowly toward the gates, I saw my colleagues at the end of the corridor, who were not even wearing their Royal Magician’s uniforms, and I looked down out of the habit.
However, my colleagues seemed to have noticed me, as they surrounded me.

“Hey, where are you traveling today? I will be awaiting a souvenir.”

“I’ve been dismissed so I’m returning to birthplace.”

“… Seriously?”

The fact that I felt something refreshing in the face of my colleague that got rightfully pale in comparison to mine is probably because my mind is twisted.
That is even more the case since this person, who presses me to do his job the most among my colleagues and who verbally and sexually harasses me as if it was a normal thing to do. It is truly amusing to see how flustered he is getting.
I’ll laugh at him as hard as I can later.

While wondering when I became such a bad person, I recalled a certain document left in my office.

“There’s still a heap of documents back in my office, so do your best. The paperwork for the next month’s King’s Birthday Festival is due today, so you’d better hurry.”

“Say that earlier!”

The colleague who yelled at me ran off with everyone else, and I couldn’t help but smile when I saw their sorry figures.
Apparently, I was even more twisted than I thought I was.

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