Chapter 33

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New Life
My butt hurts! After making an uproar.
We safely arrived in the capital and spent a few days at our mansion.
In the meantime, Theo and I prepared for our dormitory life.
Our guide is Oniisama. Together with His Highness.

“Over there is the women’s dormitory, and there is men’s. Letty’s friend is already there.”
“Why do you know that, Oniisama……”
“That is, a secret.”

My Oniisama is, how to say it. He knows a lot of things that I do not, however.

“…… Does Oniisama own a private information gathering service?”
“I wonder?”

Ahh~, this is the I do have it face.
It looks like he will immediately know if I do something in the school.
I have to be careful……
Theo is in the men’s dormitory, I am in the women’s dormitory. Oniisama’s guidance comes to an end.

“Oi, Letty. As for the meal, I will come to pick you up so wait.”
“Together, okay? Theodore too.”

Oniisama won’t allow refusal.
Because of that. Theo and I nod. Can’t be helped…… I don’t like standing out, though.

“Ah, me too, me too.”
“You don’t come.”
“Why, leaving me behind would be rude.”

Right? His Highness asks for agreement.
Honestly, if His Highness is with us, won’t the same thing as before happen!? Is what I think so.
Neither Theo or I don’t reply.

“…… I will settle it with this guy.”

Hey let’s go, Oniisama says and pulls His Highness away.
Theo and I exchange a look and separate.
And when I arrive in my room, Giselle-chan who arrived before welcomes me~!

“Giselle-chan! I will be in your care from now on.”
“Yes, being together with Letty makes me really happy.”

Then, I have chatted with Giselle-chan for a long time after cleaning up.
What was she doing and such?
Because Giselle-chan stayed in the capital, it seems she was invited to a lot of parties.
Though she didn’t have a social debut yet, amazing! Is what I thought, but Giselle-chan is a person from a Duke household.
I think something like that is normal.

“I won’t be called for while I’m in school so I can take it easy…… but.”

Giselle-chan apparently met that woman at a party. I don’t remember her name, but she was yelping in front of Oniisama and His Highness.
Incidentally, the other party doesn’t remember Giselle-chan at all! She doesn’t remember that incident!
She said that she knows about Giselle-chan going to the same school and to get along with her from now on or something.
Haa…… what is this, amazing.

“I knew that there are people like that, but seeing with my own eyes…… is really incredible……”
“Amazing…… that must have been exhausting…… let’s do our best not to get discovered.”
“I’d like to do that, but the dining room is shared.”
“Aah~…… Ah, which reminds me, Oniisama wanted to have a meal together. Do you want to go too, Giselle-chan?”

I will properly introduce you to Oniisama, I tell her. I haven’t properly introduced her to Oniisama yet.
This is a good chance.
A happy smile floats on Giselle-chan’s face. Cute! Bishoujo!

“Hmm, but you really admire Oniisama, huh.”
“Yes! Of course! He was excellent since youth, fantastic at academics, great in fencing.”
“Yes, magic theory for example…… Letty, surely not.”

What’s that, I don’t know anything about that.
I know that Oniisama is excellent-ish, but I don’t know anything about something that.
I’m fundamentally being played around by Oniisama. And in the first place, I am not really interested in things like that.

“I properly understood that Oniisama is amazing, it’s alright!”

A voice that gave up. I laugh it off!
Then, Oniisama came to pick me up and I introduced Giselle-chan to him.
Theo is with us too, but Bel is a different case, he will be angry later. Can’t be helped, right?
Such being the case, I safely arrived at school, and my new life started!
To-do list!
Meet the Teacher!
Increase the number of friends!
Not get used by Oniisama!
That’s all! The last is probably impossible.

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