Chapter 26

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This is the So-called…
Isn’t this the so-called date?
Today is the day of His Highness invitation.
Since this is an invitation from His Highness I should pretty up a bit~! Is what I thought but.
Okaasama who got to know about this from who knows where dressed me up.
Fine feathers make fine birds…… I think.
A fluttering lace dress. Not a one-piece, but a dress. I don’t have any complaints about the light pink color nor the design, but the clothes are falling off of me!
His Highness who saw me all dressed up, held back his laughter.
I shouldn’t put it on!!
But, Okaasama would be scary if I didn’t put it on so there’s no helping it.

“How do you do today, Your Highness. It is all right to laugh, you know?”
“No, sorry. That…… were you dressed up by parents?”
“Yes, that is right.”
“You could wear that in a few more years.”

His Highness laughs and pulls the seat.
I was guided in the castle. In its courtyard.
Although I called it like that, it’s apparently generally restricted area.
Oniisama could send me off only so far.

“Welcome, Ojousan.”
“Why don’t you sit?”

I ended up thinking that being called Ojousan is somehow creepy.
But standing on my feet for too long, I thought about that and took a seat.
His Highness watched me with a smile.

“What business do you have with me?”
“I don’t really have one, though?”
“Can I return?”

No, he laughs.
Damn it, this fellow. No, I can’t say something like that about His Highness!
What’s with this prince!

“I don’t have a business, but I thought that I would like to talk with you a bit more.”

There was a hindrance last time, His Highness says. Hindrance?
Ah, I remember now. I don’t remember her name, but I remember some gaudy woman.

“What has happened after that?”
“I ran away with Tristan. We are not that person’s opponents, after all.”
“Is that so?”

The conversation was cut off. I don’t really want to talk if you ask me, yes.
I want to get away from this prince!!
I try to send my feelings through my gaze, but.
He just keeps smiling.

“Yep, right. Let’s get engaged, after all.”
“I do not understand your meaning.”
“I don’t always think of bad things, Miss Leticia.”

Ah, you properly remembered my name. However, Your Highness, because you told Oniisama and me to call you Alex, I don’t really remember your real name.
Therefore, I will call you Your Highness. He won’t ask me to call him by his name, right?

“Your Highness, I did not have my social debut yet so I am still just a cheeky young girl here and there, you know? Eventually, I may become like the loud person from before, or say some strange things.”
“Since you are the one saying that it will be okay.”
“I also do not have any interest, so.”
“Then, Royal order.”
“Your Highness is not someone who would do something like that.”
“Well, you are right.”

If you think so much about it that much, there won’t be a problem, His Highness says.
Even if you say that~! I have no interest…… there may be a setting in the future where I will have to marry a nobleman.
I understand that, but.
I am living only for slightly over ten years, so~! Although I have the memory of my previous life, ten years ago is my mainstay after all.

“I am interested in you. It was because you were Tristan’s little sister at first, but now I think that I would like us to get along.”

Therefore, I would like talk once in a while, he says.
And with a melting smile at that!
As expected, I can’t refuse that~ I thought and ended up nodding. Just once in a while, once in a while.

“All right, we will get to know each other a bit more, then we will get engaged once you are good with it.”
“We will not.”

He’s immediately talking about engagement, though.
What is this, I can make a prince my lover now? Is what I thought, but you see.

“Why are you speaking about engagement so much?”
“Eh? You will be told about what I said soon, wouldn’t you find it troublesome, not being able to be with the person you like?”

I would prefer being with the person I like. Being with someone you don’t like would not be enjoyable.

“I hope that Your Highness can meet a good person. Ah, but Giselle-chan is off limits! Giselle-chan is!”
“Giselle? …… the girl from last time?”
“That is right!”

Giselle-chan and His Highness would look good together, but however!
However, Giselle-chan is off-limits. I can’t really tell the reason in words, but she’s off-limits!
Anyhow, off-limits!
In front of my persistence, I understand, His Highness gave a wry smile.
After that, we have separated from the engagement talk and chattered. Even if it was with that prince.
I think I had quite an enjoyable time.

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