Chapter 24

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“Th hell is with that fellow? She has no manners.”

You are saying that, Bel? It can’t be helped that I look at him with such expression. He does not remember our first meeting, does he!
A cute cafe just outside the school. Bel who was lined up in the line full of girls was feeling very relieved.
I thought that Bel wouldn’t have the patience to stay in the line, but it seems he endured it well. That’s most likely Giselle-chan’s education.
We were guided inside short while after arriving.
The seats were partitioned by the walls and looked like private rooms. They were connected by ceiling and such, but it had a good feeling. The decoration is in lovely pink and white.
Most girls like this. I also like it.
There are various teas to choose from, and the cakes are also delicious. It’s clear why this place is so popular.
So, returning to the conversation.
Bel gets angry when we tell him what happened. Unnaceptable, he said.
Bel also reflected on what happened before. But, he says that he could do that because he’s a person from one of the great Duke Houses.
He stated that if he were from a Baron House, he wouldn’t do something like that.
Really~!? That I thought that is a secret.

“I believe that showing respect to the superiors is essential in aristocratic society. Without that…… it would be a problem.”
“Bel saying something decent……”
“Incidentally, the reason I allow Theo to talk like that is that I consider him a friend and that there are no eyes on us!”

I know that, Theo says. Fun, Bel breathes out from his nose and says that he associates with him because he can draw a line during official business. Still forgetting our first meeting.
Ah, that’s right, Theo looks at me.

“In school, I will call Letty, Letty Ojousama. Because I will be working as your attendant, please don’t say anything.”
“Eh, you are going attendant mode?”
“We can’t be together if I don’t.”

I would like the usual Theo around, though.

“Therefore, I will have the same attitude towards you two. Is that alright?”
“…… I understand.”
“Right…… I also think it would be better that way.”

Bel unwillingly agrees. Giselle-chan approves.
I also understand that.
If we act, as usual, the public eyes will end the two of us.

“Let’s go as usual with no eyes around, okay?”
“That’s, yes. As usual, Letty.”
“…… Good then. Un, I will endure.”

Playing with Theo and getting scolded by Theo.
I will do my best not to do that.
I’m glad you understand, Theo says. However, as expected, it’s too much for me.
There’s an uneasiness in my heart.

“By the way, Theo. Dormitory?”
“I think so. I have a room at Letty’s house, but too receive so much favor………… you didn’t.”
“I did! I have written Theo’s and my name on the same room!!”
“W, whoa…… you already submitted it……… whoah.”

Theo makes seriously~ face. Theo complains that was a mistake.
Un, they are in the same room.
Why are you making such face, Bel says. I see, spending every day with Bel~!
That I would find that troublesome is a secret. Bel is a good child once he opens his heart to you, but you know?
He is a bit off…… he sometimes says some weird things.
Do your best, Theo!

“That means, Letty will also live in a dormitory?”
“Yes. Otousama and others are not in the house in the capital often. Oniisama also lives in the dormitory……”
“Then, I will also live in the dormitory. Can I write our names together?”
“Yeah! Gladly! I will write it too, it’s a promise!”

Yaaay! Living together with Giselle-chan!!

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