Chapter 22

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Despite my refusal, His Highness does not withdraw.
Oniisama also said, stop bullshitting with a frown, but His Highness lazily evaded him and further talked to me.
And then from my back! I can feel Theo’s gaze throwing daggers this way.
It went past me and aimed at Oniisama and His Highness.
I am already used to this. I drank tea while thinking that Oniisama looks like he’s having fun.

“Well, you look like you are having fun, how do you do? Your Highness, Tristan-sama.”

Another helping~ A voice came from behind while I was thinking such.
At that moment, Oniisama and His Highness stopped talking, and a business smiles floated on their faces. An instant change.

“How can we help you, Julia-sama?”
“My, Tristan-sama. Even though I keep on telling you that you do not have to use honorifics with me.”

Oniisama’s, stiff, smile~!
Whoa, whoaa. I can clearly understand that Oniisama really doesn’t like this person.

“This must be Tristan-sama’s little sister, right?”

Ha~ While sighing in my mind, she suddenly started talking to me.
Should I be greeting her? How about it? Chirari I glance at Oniisama.
Then, Oniisama’s gaze which said don’t say anything matched mine.


“That’s right. She will be our junior next year. I thought about showing her around since she will become a student soon.”
“My! If that is the case, please introduce us, by all means.”

What a flattering-like voice. I have finally looked properly at the person who suddenly intruded upon us.
To sum her up in one word.
Too much make-up. Big chest elevated with a tight corset. No school uniform today because of the explanatory meeting, but it’s the evening party after this! She gives off a feeling like that. Extremely out-of-place.

“I’m sorry, but my little sister is shy of strangers. There were too many people around today, so she’s tense, let’s leave it for today please.”

Smooth words leave from Oniisama’s mouth. I’m not really shy of strangers. However, he apparently doesn’t want to introduce me.
He probably doesn’t want me to get me involved with such a person.

“Miss Julia. We still have an important talk, leave it for the next time please.”
“Important talk? Oh my, please let me in. I am interested.”

Unable to read the mood, amazing. Incredible. This person is great!
I’m extremely surprised.
Oniisama and His Highness seem to be used to it, but I can clearly hear their inner voices.
Ah~ so noisy~ quickly get lost~ like that.
This person is stupid as ever, like that.
I think they feel like that.
This person called Julia is unable to read the mood. Troublesome, is the only impression I have.
Aah~ While thinking so, I saw a familiar face.
It’s Giselle-chan~!
I slightly wave my hand at Giselle-chan. Giselle-chan notices and waves her hand back.
She then moves this way.
Because she was behind Oniisama and His Highness, she went around.
She was considering their line of sight, as expected of Giselle-chan.
They would get startled if a voice suddenly called out from behind, after all.

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