Chapter 19

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Enrollement Preparations
For a while, I stayed at Giselle-chan’s house.
As a result, I am staying at the Royal Capital.
And the results of the exam finally arrived. Both Theo and I have passed, I’m glad~!
The news reached Oniisama, and he came home because of that for a while.

“After all, everyone can pass that unless they are an idiot.”

You are still the same, Oniisama.
As for what my Oniisama came back, it was to inform me that there’s an evening party, so I have to order clothes.
Right now, it’s not the social season, right? Is what I thought, but it seems to be for a birthday party.
Evening party, huh~ There will be many delicious things, right?

“I do not want to go. I get irritated when my fingers get touched all over. Moreover, the organizer is bothersome.”
“So even Oniisama has people he’s poor with.”
“Ah, there is, there is. Resembling a monster.”

If Oniisama says so, that person must be quite extreme. I do not know if it’s just one person, though.

“That is not something I can cross paths with. For now.”

I have decided to ignore the ‘I will smash it later’ he whispered.

“Oh yeah, I am your’s and Theodore’s guardian.”
“…… Yes?”
“Hahaue would stand too much if she came, and Chichiue can’t come in the first place. So, it’s me. I guess the explanation didn’t change much from my time.”

Besides, I’m excellent at school. Oniisama says confidently.
Although it’s called explanation, it’s just a list of necessary books and the announcement of the day of enrollment.
It doesn’t really matter who comes, he said.
Is that so? For me who has the knowledge from the previous life, parent’s attendance was necessary……
My age is of a junior high school student.
Honestly, I prefer the current junior high schooler me, then the former me.
If it’s just a simple explanation, I don’t think I need a guardian.

“I will wait for you guys at school.”

Then, I’m going, Oniisama said and started carrying out various boxes.
I can tell there are clothes and shoes inside. Rather, I took a glance and saw a dress, who is that for I wonder?
Is it perhaps for Oniisama’s girlfriend……!? Is it a present!?
When I asked, he told me it’s too early for me to know.
But, that person associates herself with Oniisama.
She must be really amazing person. I respect you.
No, but that person might be like a cat for Oniisama. To begin with, Oniisama is an heir of a Duke House, there’s no reason for him not to be popular.
It wouldn’t be weird for him to have a girlfriend or two, un.

“…… Why are you nodding alone to yourself?”
“Ha, Theo. Please do not call out to me so suddenly.”

I have knocked properly before entering, and I have called for you a few times.
There are many books in his hands.

“What’s with those books?”
“Eh, you were supposed to read it…… beforehand?”
“No, they have the minimum degree of knowledge necessary for passing……”

Eh~! Was there something like that~!!

“You can do without reading them, but I, just in case.”
“Then, I will read it. Are there more?”
“Yes, I have borrowed some from the house. You don’t have to read them all, though.”
“I see~ It is something like a preparation for a lesson then, lend me one.”
“Yes. What do you want? I have Arithmetics, History, Music History with me.”
“Anything but Arithmetics.”

I thought so, Theo hands me a History book.
Certainly, it seems I would be alright even without reading it. I properly understand the contents of the book.
But, I thought I would like to read a book with Theo.

“Incidentally, the Arithmetics are required.”
“It is okay! Reading a book is troublesome, but I can calculate properly.”

I think that the Arithmetics of this world are very simple.
Even if I didn’t understand something…… I should be alright with common calculations.

“Preparations for the enrollment, is it?”
“Right. But, I won’t be able to prepare unless we return to the territory for a moment.”
“That’s right, isn’t it? It would be bad if they find something poorly concealed.”

Seriously, Theo sees through everything…… mou!

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