Chapter 12

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I Have Returned, Territory
The social season has ended!
I have returned to our territory on the shaking carriage again.
Traveling like this is difficult.
Wouldn’t teleportation be the best? We wouldn’t have to shake anymore? Is what I thought, therefore.

“Say, Theo. Don’t you think that being able to instantly pya from the territory to the capital would be convenient?”
“…… That is, surely not.”
“Right, with magic.”
What do you mean by whoa? No, I always thought about this.”

My butt is in pain while traveling in the carriage.
As expected, to say that in public is not okay! I know I would get angry at so I say it in a roundabout way.
Well, you are correct, Theo is apparently in agreement.

“But, to move to the location, how would you construct the magic formula in the first place……”
“Similar to flying in the air.”
“You might not think so, but that is also quite complicated.”

Theo sighs and says, the only one who can do it so easily is you, Letty.

“Hmm, but magic is imagination, right?”

That’s right, it feels like opening the door and combining the magic together.
But, such a feeling is~! Saying something weird again…… I know Theo is making such a face.
Therefore, I decided to put that magic stealthily together by myself.
The plan is to surprise him with a sudden boom.

“Ufufu, fufufu.”
“…… What a creepy laughter……”
“Creepy you say? How rude!”
“You switch between hundred funny faces, I see. By the way, Letty.”
“What are you going to do, about the school?”

Ah, what should I do, I reply.
Otousama asked me at the time of departure.
What will you do after turning thirteen? He asks.
Of course, I can return home and hire a tutor or attend a school.
Anyhow, our territory won’t fall behind the capital in education.
Additionally, I can attend the same school as Oniisama in the capital.
Theo also told me to do as I like. It seems Theo will follow me.
It’s fine to go wherever you want to go, I will stick with you because I’m your attendant, he smiles.

“I was thinking about attending a school in the territory, though.”
“Do you not want to attend the school in the capital?”

I’m still hesitant.
When I told Theo, he laughed and said just do as you like.

“It’s alright since I will go with you.”
“Yes, it’s encouraging if you come with me……”

Living at ease in the territory is attractive. I think it would be fun.

“It seems Oniisama aims to get me in the school in the capital.”
“Ah…… you said something about his weird plot.”
“Even if you go to the territory, you would only get dragged back to the capital sooner or later, right?”
“Yeah…… Oniisama is much better than me……”

I will have to either jump or get pushed.
If I have to choose myself, I would rather jump.
Besides, Giselle-chan would be there too.

“…… Shall we go to the capital?”
“Capital, you say……”

Haah, Theo sighs.
W, what’s with that?

“Then, it’s necessary to study harder.”

Because there’s an entrance exam.
Theo smiles.
Studying for a test, you say…… n, no way~. No way~!!
The moment my future was decided, we have arrived in front of our house.

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