Chapter 402

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The nature of the screaming.
(Nooooo! Help me-! I am going to get killeeeed!)

Someone outside the carriage kept screaming continuously.
Just what is this about!? What is happening outside the carriage!?
Unlike me, who was disturbed by the situation, Oniisama was calmly waiting out the situation outside.

“Ah~… it’s Teacher Neil of all people, huh.”

Oniisama muttered to himself.
Eh? Of all people? What do you mean!?

(Nooooo! Stop iiiit! Don’t kill meee!)

The screams were still echoing outside.
Even though the students were only looking over from afar as they passed by, it made me feel uncomfortable.

“… What a noisy monkey. Will you shut up that loud mouth of yours already? Do you want me to tear you apart?”

The moment Kurogane spoke to the other party, the loud voice let out a quiet “Hiii” and became quiet.
Wha, Kurogane!? Let’s stop with such remarks, okay!?

“Kurogane, what is the matter?”
“Just an annoyingly loud monkey.”
“… Monkey?”

Monkey, you mean that monkey?
Having questions in my mind, I opened the carriage door.
Kurogane promptly stood and blocked the door, but a man’s face suddenly appeared from within a gap.

“Hey, Norman-kun. So this was your carriage? Have you gotten a good rest?”

The man who greeted Oniisama with an amiable smile had bright green eyes and long, brown hair that was casually hanging down. With his leather jacket and black trousers, he gave off a casual impression overall.

“You can see the crest, so stop acting so forcefully… yes, I have enjoyed my holidays. And so? Can we move out now?”

Although Oniisama replied with a sigh, it’s rare to see Oniisama who is usually so sociable to take on such cold attitude.

“Nono, don’t be so cold. I have a business with you. Besides, won’t you introduce me to the young lady?”

The peeking man directed his gaze towards me.
… I am greatly interested in you, is what his eyes were telling me, though?

“… She’s this year’s new student, my little sister, Cristea. Cristea, this is the teacher of Monsterology and leader of the Summoning arts, Teacher Neil.”
“Ah…! Umm, I am Cristea. I apologize for greeting you in a place like this.”

Being introduced all of sudden, I panicked a little.

“I’m Neil. Best regards. Now then, the introductions are over, so I would like to talk with you for a little. May I intrude into the carriage?”
“… Can’t be helped. Cristea, come here.”

Oniisama sighed after taking a look at Teacher Neil and called me over to sit next to him.
When I switched my seats, Kurogane pulled a sour expression.
Teacher Neil then smilingly entered the carriage.

“Excuse me. Oh my, as expected of the Ellisfeed family’s carriage. How luxurious.”

A little monkey clung to the teacher’s shoulder as it kept trembling.
Its big eyes and ears made it look a bit like a lemur, it’s super cute!
Mr. Monkey had its eyes opened as wide as it could, tightly clinging to Teacher Neil.

“Owowow, hey, stop pulling on my hair! Come on, come here.”

Teacher Neil reached towards Mr. Monkey, intending to hold him in his arms, but Mr. Monkey was trying to keep as much distance from us as possible.
Ahhh, it’s so cute I wanted to take a better look…!

(Fool! No way! I am going to get killed!)

… Eh? Mr. Monkey spoke?

“Ah~ geez. Sorry about this. This fellow has been shrieking since a while ago.”

Teacher Neil tore off Mr. Monkey from his back and stuffed him into his jacket. Mr. Monkey quickly hid inside and peeked a little with his face outside. S, so cute! I want to touch him!

“This fellow is my familiar, a monster called Timid Monkey.”

Surprisingly, Mr. Monkey was a monster!?
Since he’s a familiar, it means he’s in contract with Teacher?

“As the name suggests, his species are very timid. Accordingly, his ability to detect danger is excellent.”

Heeh… but, if he was to make such noise, it would alert the enemy instead, so I don’t think it’s suitable to use it for that.

“He’s trained to use sign signals when alerted by an enemy, but… it’s unusual for him to be panicked this much.”

When Teacher Neil patted Mr. Monkey’s bottom, it trembled in a startle.
… Eh, is that…

“Since this fellow is this frightened, it means that something is in this carriage… do you happen to know something?”

Teacher Neil asked us with a smile on his face.
… Eh, do we happen to know something?
I do have a hunch, but… surely not!?

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  1. “but, he was to make such noise” -> {but, if he was/has to make such noise}

    Oho, the first academy character, and already quite interesting, and annoying(both the teacher and the monkey). Might need the good old safe way to make things better – release the wolves. Like, got a problem with bad ecosystem? Release the wolves. Problems with too many tourists? Release more wolves. Problems with noisy characters? Release the fenrirs.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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