Chapter 33

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Apprehension (1)
Altonius was frantically running through a narrow passage with several knights.

When he saw the Crown Prince Altos murdered and turned undead by Emilia, he had instructed to seal off all but one secret passage in the Imperial Palace.
It was a secret passage in his own room that even the Crown Prince didn’t know about.

He was on the run with several knights through this very last remaining secret passage. Altonius was convinced he would be able to slip out of the Capital of Undead through this secret exit.

(Shit!! As if I would die here!!)

That’s all Altonius had on his mind. He was anxious to death. Moreover, not only would he be killed, he would be forced into an eternity of serving the Salbuveirs as a slave, which he found unendurable.
Altonius did not run away until now simply because the people of the Imperial Palace couldn’t know that he fled. If they knew, the Salbuveirs would immediately realize the fact and chase after him. However, he thought that he could slip out during the confusion caused by the attack.

Abandon his Queen, Side Consort, princes and the rest of the family to escape. Originally, he should have taken the Imperial children with him to preserve the Imperial line, but he was worried that the pursuit would be much more intense if all of the Imperial family was gone.
Because of that, Altonius abandoned his family and ran away by himself. Etra’s gaze was infinitely cold when he yielded the throne to him, but Altonius fear of death has won over him.

As no one was following Altonius through the secret passage until now, his fear of death weakened, and the anger towards the Salbuveirs broke out simultaneously. Altonius threw away his responsibilities as the Emperor, pushed it onto his son and abandoned his family to escape.
What normally should be the feelings of shame turned into anger towards the Salbuveirs in his heart.

“Your Imperial Majesty, let’s wait for a moment.”

One of the knights addressed Altonius.

“What’s the matter?”
“Yes, I think we should send scouts ahead around here, what do you think?”
“Scouts, huh…”

Altonius considered the knight’s suggestion. Altonius’ group has already been running through the passage for about an hour, covering a considerable distance.

(It’s not a distance they can cover quickly.)

Altonius made a decision and replied to the knight.

“All right. Let’s take a short break. You can select the scouts to send on your own.”

The knight acknowledged Altonius words, and chose three knights to sent up ahead.

At that moment, Emilia and Kulm were entering the secret passage.

“They are here…”

Kulm muttered after running through the secret passage for about ten minutes. Emilia and the retainers nodded to Kulm.
The Salbuveirs had already gained total control of the Imperial Palace, and they searching for the survivors one by one. By not letting a single person off showed the magnitude of the Salbuveirs’ hatred.
Emilia’s group was chasing Altonius to complete their revenge. Unless Altonius is caught, the retaliation of the Salbuveirs can’t be completed.

“Brother, Altonius seems to be taking a breather.”

Kulm nodded, but told her to remain prudent.

“It’s possible, but he might be just waiting for his scouts to return.”

Kulm expressed prudence. Altonius pushed all of his duties as an Emperor, a father, and husband on others, so his reputation among the Salbuveirs dropped to the very bottom, but he didn’t believe Altonius had no plan.

“That is true. I was thoughtless. No matter how foolish Altonius is, it’s not like he has no plans.”

Kulm smiled at Emilia. Their running speed didn’t decrease a single bit.

“We can catch up in another twenty minutes…”

The Salbuveirs grinned at Kulm’s words.

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