Chapter 12.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Budding Death
“Good grief, this will be a hassle because there are too many troops.”

Emilis smiled wryly at Kulm’s words of complaint. The Salbuveirs already finished moving into the formation, but the allied forces showed no signs of finishing anytime soon.
It naturally takes a long time to deploy as many as 200,000 men. If troops 200,000 men large queued up four people per row in two-meter intervals, it would result in a 25km long column formation.
By the way, that would be only possible on roads four people would be able to walk on shoulder-to-shoulder, and since there aren’t many well-maintained roads, the column would be even longer.

“They are quite carefree. The enemy is already right in front of them.”
“They must have underestimated us because of our numbers. They must think that even if we launch an attack on them now, they would be able to quickly suppress us because of the difference in numbers.”
“Well, their way of thinking wouldn’t be wrong if their opponent was an ordinary military.”
“Yes, they will know very soon.”

Emilis responded ironically to Kulm’s “ordinary” words.

“However, it’s bothersome to wait.”
“Why don’t we get started sooner?”
“Indeed. I thought of tormenting them slowly, but it’s troublesome to wait this long. Let’s get it over with.”

Kulm said as he turned his gaze towards the Salbuveir troops.

“Listen up, everyone! Waiting any longer would be troublesome. As you know, we have already sown the seeds of victory. All that’s left is to harvest it!”

The reply to Kulm’s words was concise. It made feel Kulm feel trusting as that was proof that they knew what should be done.

“We will now start the massacre! No need to hold back! Let them see the weight of your blades of revenge!!”

Every Salbuveir clansmen brandish their weapons. The numerous black weapons that have been unsheathed were materialization of the miasma.

Kulm grinned, raised his hand and swung it downward.


As soon as Kulm’s hand was swung, the citizens of the Imperial Capital who formed the front row rushed out.
The Salbuveirs advanced ten seconds after them.

The allied army seemed somewhat dumbfounded by the sudden attack, but they immediately recollected themselves and with cruel smiles on their faces, the vanguard raised their spears.
Simultaneously, the archers released their arrows. These collected actions were taken by the troops directly under General Burling’s command. The well-experienced soldiers showed no hesitation in the face of the sudden attack.

However, this is where something terrifying happened.

The appearances of the citizens charging in front have changed. A black mist sprouted from within the citizens’ bodies and enveloped them completely.
And then, although they did not know, they transformed into the Death Knights that trampled upon the Knights Order.

The sudden change in the citizens of the capital left even the troops under General Burling stunned, and their blades started rattling.
The ominous feeling coming from the Death Knights gave off an intense sense of intimidation as if they were the embodiment of death. The lack of deserters was due to the skill of the officers under General Burling, but it was proved the next moment that did not matter whatsoever.

The Death Knights plunged their bodies straight into the barrier of spears. Several spears pierced the bodies of the Death Knights, but they unconcernedly mowed down the spearmen.


The soldiers’ screams echoed. Their voices were filled with a protest against fighting this unreasonable opponent.
The corpses of the soldiers bisected by the Death Knights were crushed into the ground under the feet of other Death Knights, who arrived a bit later.
The soldiers who lost their sense of reality because of the tragedy playing before them were stunned in place and forgot to flee. The Death Knights leaped into the enemy troops and swung their tyrannical blades.

“This is only the beginning… Burling.”

As Kulm implied, this tragedy caused by the Death Knights was only the beginning. Almost at the same time, the seeds sown by the Salbuveir family began to sprout within the allied forces.

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