Chapter 9

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The Departure
“I-Is it really okay for us to stay in this room?”
“Terrific. Just how much money did this cost?”
“It’s the first time I’ve stayed in a room like this.”
“Fuhahahaha, look, this bed is so soft!”

I found out about this inn through rumors around town. 30,000 Gill/night per person. This is a supreme inn for high-ranking noble families.
The luxurious facilities balance out the cost though. The room is so spacious, that even with 5 people in a room, there’s still plenty of space.
Moreover, there’s a vast bath and restroom. Above all though, there’s an all-you-can-eat meal. As expected of an inn for nobles. The meal is seasoned, it’s not enough for my Earthly tastes, but it’s still good. The other 4 sitting with me have never eaten anything like these delicious dishes before, so they were crying tears of joy. Honestly, I was a little worried about staying at an inn like this.
Still, Charlotte has a surname, so one would think that a member of the demon nobility would have eaten food with seasoning before.

“Girls, take a bath first.”
“Maika-san won’t enter?”
“I’ll take one later.”

Since we’re done with the meal, it’s time to take a bath, so I tell the girls to go first.
I doubt I’d be able to relax with everyone there. I’m the type that likes to enjoy baths slowly.
Besides, I want to confirm something.

“We understand.”
“Celica and Mira, you two take care of the other two.”

I asked the two of them to take care of Sara and Charlotte who had run off to the bath by themselves. Afterward, I pull up the status screen.

Name: Maika Lv1000

MP: 1000
STR: 1000
VIT: 1000
AGI: 1000
INT: 1000
DEX: 1000

[Skills] Dual Wielding Lv100
Detection Lv100
Katana Lv100
Action Limit Release Lv100
Grapple Lv100
Coercion Lv100
Avoidance Lv100
Automatic Recovery Lv100
Abnormal State Immunity Lv100
Growth Lv100

Hero Lv-
Gathering Lv32
Cooking Lv28

“I was right after all. There are more skills than before.”

I look at the second page of the status screen and confirm that there are new skills. When I first saw the broken status screen, I was taken by surprise. I blame myself for not noticing the second page.

Hero – it’s an existence that appears when the world is in a crisis. Salvation for humanity, and an ally of justice. Not a selfish human like me.

When I thought about, it was strange from the beginning.
At the start of “IDO” I was able to choose 10 skills for some reason, but I didn’t think anything in particular about that. What stood out the most was the [Growth] skill.
When I was summoned to this world with the other 3 heroes, they all had the stats of a normal person. However, I had extraordinary stats from the beginning.

While the 3 heroes live peacefully in the castle, together with the discriminated slaves, I, who turned down the King, must embark on a journey to save the world.
Except for a few things, the level of everything else in this world is too low. Those are things that I can overcome on my own though.
Weapons and armor, even the poor quality of tools and cuisine, should be able to improve after I’ve conquered a high-ranking dungeon.

Why didn’t I notice this before?
If I had only noticed this before, I would have acted more carefully.
… No, with this skill, no matter what course of action I take, something is fated to happen.

Why me?
I’m a person who always believed that being a hero would be bothersome.
I have no interest in saving others.
I don’t care about world peace.
I’m a person who thinks that as long as I and the things that belong to me are happy, that’s enough.
I don’t want to become a hero.
I want to live however I like.

“It seems that the twins want to save this world.”

When the twins heard Maria’s request, their eyes had filled with determination.
The twins who were attacked by bandits and lost their parents.
Because they lacked power, they couldn’t save the ones they loved. They blame themselves.
They desire power. I understand those feelings well.
It’s just, the difference between me and the twins, is that where I think it’s enough to protect myself and that which is mine, Mira and Sara are gentle, and if they had the power to save the world, they would save everyone.
I don’t know about Charlotte, but if Celica were in the same situation, she would probably have the exact same feelings as the twins.
Honestly, I can’t understand their way of thinking.

“Ohh, that was a good bath.”
“Charlotte-chan, you should dry your hair properly.”
“Mira, it hurts. It hurts!”
“Oneechan, I told you in bath to be quiet didn’t I?”

However, these children are mine. I definitely protect what is mine, and besides, I also think I want to grant them their wishes.

Yeah, no need to worry. If their wish is to save people, and if they wish to get stronger, I will grant them those wishes.
The thoughts of being a hero and acquiring peace don’t matter to me.

“Oh, Maika-san, the bath is available.”

I will grant those children their wishes, and make them happy. Only that matters.

That night, everyone slept on the same bed.
I don’t know if it’s because the girls were tired or this bed is just that comfortable, but everyone including the nocturnal Charlotte fell asleep right away.

It’s early in the morning. It’s a good day for a departure.
It’s our last meal at this inn, so we ate our breakfast and checked out. Afterward, we boarded the carriage that will take us to the adventurer’s guild.

“First of all, I’ll give this to everyone.”

While we were walking in the back streets of the capital, Maria handed the four girls their own adventurer’s guild cards, and gave me a merchant’s guild card. To aid in the prevention of the theft of the carriage, I received a magic tool that will intercept anyone that approaches the carriage with malicious intents.

“You are a rank 10 adventurer, so you can enter any dungeon without any problems, but these four are all rank 1 so be careful. Still, there’s not much use even for rank 10 guild card. Just in case, I also gave you a rank 10 guild card for the merchant’s guild. Because the adventurer’s guild won’t buy any materials they don’t need, any unnecessary weapons or armor you find can be sold to merchants guild. You may even open a street stall and sell the items yourself.”

No, I have no intention of opening a street stall.
We are heading to a place that no human has ever entered.
Materials from such a place, if sold at a street stall, would attract too much attention. I explain to Maria.

“Certainly. You would stand out even if you sold it to the guild… I know. When selling something, contact me with the magic tool I handed you yesterday. Then, I will use the transfer crystal I have to go to you, and I’ll buy the items directly from you.”

The transfer crystal from yesterday? That magic tool Maria used after she had given me the carriage?
Are, because it seems to be convenient, I want it.

“I want that.”
“I can’t give you this. This magic tool is the only one of its kind in the whole world.”

When I asked, I was turned down as I had expected.
If I had that, moving around would be so much easier though.
I wonder if it can drop from a monster somewhere?

“Please do as I asked.”
“Yeah, leave it to me.”

While talking, we arrived at the back entrance of the capital. I firmly grasp the hand that was held out by Maria.
We board the carriage, and I tell the golem our destination.
Our first destination is the rank 6 dungeon I had talked about earlier. I really hope I can find some seasoning there.

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