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My Master
Mira’s Perspective

“Leave this to us, you girls run away!”
“Please, you must live for our sake!”

While being pulled by Oneechan, I look back at mother and father who are surrounded by a lot of people.
I wanted to help them. I didn’t want to be separated from mother and father. I despised the thieves that attacked us.
I didn’t have any power to help though. I hate myself for being powerless.

I want to be stronger.
I want the power to protect.

I also want a strong heart like Oneechan, who pulled me away.

“Wake up.”

I wake up behind prison bars.
While we were running through the woods, we were caught by a slave dealer Ojii-san. I haven’t been able to sleep peacefully since I was put here.
I can hear feelings full of emotion. This isn’t a skill. It’s a natural ability I was born with.
When someone is angry, sad, happy or when someone is hateful, I can hear those strong emotions and feelings.
It’s noisy, but I can’t do anything about it. I can hear the sorrowful feelings from the slaves, and the joyous feelings from the people in charge. I feel like my head it going to burst.
Today’s person in charge is rare. It’s the owner, the Grandpa who caught us.
I can hardly hear this person’s feelings, but today Grandpa’s heart is overjoyed.
The only time I can hear this Grandpa’s feelings is when slaves are sold.

“The buyer of you twins has been decided. Come.”

I thought so.
Frankly, I’m really scared, but there’s nothing I can do.
A slave can’t choose her master.
If you were bought by a bad master, you either work until you died or became a sex slave. In the worst case, you will be used as a meat shield.
However, I can only pray. Pray that the person who bought us is nice.

I don’t know if my wishful thinking is enough though.
I’m shielded by Oneechan while going to see the person who will become our master.

It’s a beautiful silver-haired girl that looks like a doll. There’s a weird sword hanging at her waist.
Is she an adventurer I wonder?

Getting the slave tattoo hurt a little, but the contract was made without any issues. We are now heading towards the adventurer’s guild.
So far there’s been no conversation.

“Mira, how?”
“I don’t know.”

I whisper to Oneechan that I can’t hear our master’s feelings at all.
Maybe this person, just like the slave dealer, shows only a handful of emotions to people.
Because I have always depended on my ability, I’m scared of people I can’t hear the feelings of.

We have arrived at the adventurer’s guild. We are probably here to receive a request. Can we also go in?
There are a lot of people. It’s really loud, but there’s no relief.
Oneechan covers my ears.
I’ve told her that there’s no meaning to covering my ears, but Oneechan knows that I suffer when there are a lot of people around.
Oneechan is really kind, but a little fool.
And then…


I want to scream out from the bottom of my heart.
A great amount of pressure is leaking from Master.
In my heart, I can hear feelings of fear mixed with delight all around.

I can also hear a lot of fear coming from Oneechan.
Her face turns blue, and she starts trembling.

Of course, I was also afraid of this pressure.
However, even though my master has released this much pressure, I still can’t hear her feelings at all. I’m more afraid of that.
By the way, the reception Oneesan was happy about this pressure. I wonder if this Oneesan is a pervert.

After Master heard the explanation about the guild, she started looking for a request.
I was also listening, but I couldn’t understand half of it. I think that Oneesan’s explanation was poor.


When we left the guild, Oneechan called out to Master.
Her voice is trembling, but do your best Oneechan!

“Are we going on the request too?”
“That’s right.”
“It’s a fight isn’t it?”
“Of course.”
“My little sister is…”
“It’s okay, I will support you.”

When Master says that, her mouth twists. I think she’s smiling, but her eyes aren’t smiling at all. It’s scary.
Oneechan hangs her head with tears in her eyes.
Oneechan tried her best to hold it in, but snot still came out.

We left the Imperial Capital to find herbs, but Master quickly found them and left the fields.
It looks like we’re going to be hunting some monsters resembling boars next.
It was my first time hunting, so I’m a little nervous.

How far have we traveled I wonder?
Master told us to stop and take a break. I wonder if she’s being considerate of me? I don’t know.

During the break, Master told us that she wanted to hear our story.
If possible, I didn’t want to talk about it, but I can’t defy our Master. I don’t know what kind of contract Master made, but normally if you violate the signed Master-Slave contract, the heartbreaks due to the tattoo and the slave dies. Scary.

I became sad when Oneechan started crying while telling the story.
When she finished, Master comforted us.
I still couldn’t hear Master’s feelings though.
It seems that Oneechan got a little used to Master, but I’m still scared.

The break ends, and while walking it seems Master has found a herd of boars.
There’s more than I expected, and I’m nervous.

“Wait here.”

After I heard Master’s voice, she was already in front of the herd of boars.
The ground broke when Master swung her sword down, and the boars blew away.
After Master’s sword breaks, the remaining boars have their heads crushed by her hands.

Master is really strong.
While I was traveling as a merchant, I saw a lot of adventurers, but Master is stronger than all of them.
Before her overwhelming power, naturally, my body trembles with fear.
Oneechan is genuinely scared.

“This, kill it.”

Master throws the remaining boar.
We weren’t able to move at all though.


Master talks again, and this time Oneechan moves.
I didn’t finish the boar because I don’t have enough offensive power. I’m not scared at all.


A magic square appears under the boar, and a pillar of flame rises from the square, killing the boar.
As expected of Oneechan’s magic. Something like a boar dies with only one blow.
Oneechan looks relieved after she kills it.

After that, Master taught Oneechan the skinning method, and the 3 of us then went around and skinned the boars.
As usual, I couldn’t hear Master’s feelings, but it looked like she had fun.
It looks like Oneechan is really relieved she was able to kill the boar.
Oneechan was really scared a while ago, but it looks like she’s already accustomed to Master.
Oneechan, you are slightly too easy.
Where did the materials from the boars disappear to?
Master says it’s magic. Master is surely amazing to be able to use such magic.

On the way back, Master and Oneechan are walking side-by-side. I also got accustomed to Master, and little by little I was able to speak with her. It was about this time that I was finally able to hear Master’s feelings of joy. It was faint, but it was heard. However, in the middle of listening, the feelings were cut off. I wonder why?

Along the way, we were surrounded by 4 men. I can hear feelings of joy from all of them. These people are enjoying the situation.
Mysteriously though, I’m not scared. It’s probably because Master is strong, and she will do something about this. That’s how I feel.
Oneechan suddenly takes out her sword though.

I also grab a hold onto Master’s clothes without her noticing.

A man has touched Master’s shoulder.
For some reason, Master doesn’t move.
At that time, I could hear faint feelings from Master.
This is… worry? The feelings are faint, so I’m not sure.
I tried concentrating to listen better.

As soon as another man touched Oneechan’s shoulder, his arm all the way up the shoulder, was cut off.
At the same time, I could hear Master’s feelings so strongly that it made me dizzy.
This is… anger and hatred… grief?
A lot of feelings are mixed in, so I’m not too sure.
However, Master got angry for our sake. That much I do understand.

Master raises her sword to finish off one of the men that are lying on the ground.
I have to stop her.
If Master kills these people, it’s possible that a bounty will be placed on her head, and then once again we sisters would be sold as slaves.
I don’t want that. I need to become strong enough to protect someone.


I practically said that in a whisper, but Master still stopped.
Master takes a deep breath.
Amazing, I could hear such angry, wild feelings, and all of them stopped instantly.


While I’m being impressed by Master, for some reason she apologizes.
She even surprisingly lowered her head. I haven’t heard of anyone lowering their head to a slave before.

“No, no, please don’t apologize. Thank you for getting angry for our sake.”

Oneechan is right, there’s no need for Master to apologize.

“Thank you very much.”

Oneechan and I lower our heads while thanking Master.
Master might not be a bad person, and it looks like she holds us dear.
I’ve decided, that no matter what happens I will follow this person. If I follow this person, just as I wanted, I’ll be able to get the power I need. That’s what I think.
Oneechan probably thinks the same.
And –

“Let’s return for now, Sara needs a wash.”

– I want to know more about this person.
While thinking such things, I took Master’s hand.

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