Chapter 8

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When we returned to the adventurer’s guild, there was a horse-drawn carriage waiting for us in front of the building. It looks like the preparations are complete.
Even if I say it’s a horse-drawn carriage, it’s not led by a horse, but by a golem in the shape of a horse. It seems the golem has an embedded dungeon core giving it life.
This is also a kind of magic tool. Usually, when a golem is summoned, it needs a steady flow of mana, or it will stop moving. The dungeon core works as the power source, so mana isn’t necessary though. When I placed my hand on the golem, I could feel something moving inside. It gave me a slightly bad feeling. Maria said that to become the owner of this golem, I would need to pour magic into it. It was the first time I’ve poured magic into an object, but I wonder if this is the same feeling you get when using magic skills. Something started to flow from my body. It felt terrible.
Anyway, with this, the contract with the golem is complete. The golem won’t move without me giving it an order.

After I made the contract with the golem, I received the money and guild card from Maria, and then I was handed a magic tool used for communication.
Maria needed to attend to some business that had suddenly appeared, so after she gave me what she had promised, she disappeared using a magic tool made for teleportation.
Since we’re leaving tomorrow, we’ll shop for the necessities we’ll need for traveling today. I also need to get rid of those slave clothes, so let’s buy some new clothes first.

“Umm, is that really okay?」

The bewildered Sara asked. I nod that it’s okay in response.
This is the largest clothing store in the capital, and it seems that this particular brand we’re looking at is famous all over the world. At first, when the girls entered the store, the clerk was unpleasant. When I showed him the recommendation I received from Maria however, his attitude changed completely. I had to explain that to the girl though.
Have the girls never entered a store like this before? No one has moved from their spot since they entered, except for Charlotte who is happily looking around.
I want them to follow Charlotte’s example a little, even though she’s picking all the expensive clothes.

“Human, I decided on this!”
“Rejected, put it back.”

Look at the price, the price.
If I buy you such expensive clothing, I won’t have enough for the others.

“It’s no use, even if you stare. Return it.”

She returned the clothes while complaining and clicking her tongue grandly, and then set off, looking for different clothes.

“Hey, everyone, go and choose something.”

I had to push the other 3 in and tell them to quickly go choose their clothes.
Well, I might as well pick some clothes out for myself too.

“Thank you very much for buying me clothes.”
“Thank you very much, Maika-san.”
“Thank you.”
“Thanks for this tribute, human.”

After we leave the store, Celica, Sara, and Mira bow their heads while saying thanks. I flick the forehead of the last girl, and tell them not to worry about it.
Sara addressed me as Maika-san, and not Master. That’s because I told them to refer to me like that. If they continued to call me Master, people would notice that they’re slaves, and it could become troublesome.
Although I wouldn’t mind if they dropped the honorifics as well, it seems that’s not possible for them.
As for the clothes, since none of the other 3 were able to choose for themselves, I picked some random clothes for them. I’m a person who doesn’t care about fashion, so I have zero fashion sense. However, as expected, the three bishoujo look good in anything.
Only Charlotte picked a frilly black gothic-like dress out for herself. To be frank, it stands out too much, but the person in question looks happy, so it’s alright. Because it wasn’t too expensive, I’ll only give her 1 forehead flick.


When we left the clothing shop, it was getting to be about the right time for lunch, so we entered a nearby shop and got something to eat.
It’s the first time I’ll have decent food in this world, but apparently, this world’s cuisine seems to be poorly developed. Hard bread and tasteless soup, just one grilled fish and some meat, raw vegetables and fruits, and only water and sake.
I asked the twins, who had traveled a lot, about this, and it seems this is a normal meal.
When I asked if they could at least season it somehow, I got “What’s seasoning?” in response. I felt despair.
I was used to the rich food cuisine of Japan, and in comparison this world’s diet is unbearable.
I used the communication type magic tool that I received from Maria and asked her if seasoning really doesn’t exist in this world. Seasonings such as salt and pepper seem to be only very rarely found in dungeons of a high ranking.
Because the seasonings are so rare, all of it is given to royalty if it’s found. Few people even know of its existence.
Fufufu, I see… seasonings can be found in high-ranking dungeons…

“Yikes, what’s with the creepy smile, human?”

Oops, I got so excited that my laugh leaked.
I apologize to the frightened Sara and flick Charlotte’s forehead.

“Nuoo, do you want my forehead to swell?”
“Everyone, listen up.”

I ignore the loud Charlotte and inform the girls that tomorrow I’ll be going into a rank 6 dungeon that’s 20 kilometers away.
When I suddenly announce that I’ll be exploring the dungeon alone, everyone has an uneasy face. I patiently wait for their answer. Charlotte, who is still shaking her head in pain, said that they would follow me.
I feel guilty for forcing them, but my diet depends on this.
I swore in my heart that I would protect everyone.

Since lunch is over, I’m heading over to retrieve the sword I left at the weapon shop yesterday, and while I’m there I’ll buy some weapons for Celica and Charlotte.

“Missy, the weapon has been repaired.”
“Thank you.”
“No, no, it has been a while since I’ve repaired such a good weapon. I should be the one thanking you.”

Eh? Good weapon? This is the initial equipment from <<IDO>> though. Just how bad are the weapons from this world?

Charlotte seems to be fine fighting barehanded, so I only buy a hammer for Celica. Afterward, we leave the store.
After hearing about my weapon’s quality from the storekeeper earlier, I became curious about the weapons from this world, so I put Celica’s hammer in the item box and looked at the status of the weapon.

– Hammer: rank1
Durability 40/40

What the?…
When compared to my sword, the difference is obvious.

– Sword: rank3
Durability 96/100

Oh, this is bad.
Really, what’s with this world?
I unconsciously hit the handle of the poor quality hammer.

“Excuse me, but is something wrong Maika-san?”
“No, everything is fine.”

I return the hammer to the anxious Celica. Because it would be troublesome to be asked about it later, I explain that the item box I have is my special magic skill.
At this rate, I can’t be expecting to purchase good armor.

As expected, none of the armor can compare to my beginner set.
It would be better to enter the dungeon as soon as possible, and hope to get some good loot…

Once we’re out of the armor shop, I go and buy some food at a market. Lastly, we go to the shop where I had bought a tent yesterday.
There are a lot of things to buy here, so I decided to divide the work.

Mira is buying the cookware, Sara the bedding for outdoors, Celica the tools for repairing weapons and armor, and Charlotte and I are heading to purchase some medicine.

“Why must a lady like myself be forced to go together with a human like you…”

I’m going with Charlotte because I don’t know what would happen if I left her alone.
Charlotte is complaining as I led her by the hand to the medicine shelf.
There are only potions here. I secretly put one in the item box and looked at its status.

– Potion, rank2
Slightly faster healing of scratches and cuts.

Healing someone with Mira’s magic would be faster.
Still, I’ll buy 10 potions just in case, but I don’t think they’ll be of any use.

When all the shopping has been finished, it seems the day has already turned into the evening.
It’s time to look for an inn, but where would be a good place?
Thinking about it, since I came here I haven’t had a bath. Alright, let’s look for an inn with a bath.

“A bath? There probably aren’t any baths at any of the normal inns.”
“A lady like myself will not stay at a place that doesn’t have a bath.”

I still have a lot of money left, so let’s go to the most expensive inn.

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