Chapter 7

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New Slaves
“I heard the story. Please, follow me.”

After leaving the adventurer’s guild we headed to the slave shop. The pressure this old man is releasing is tremendous as always.
Do the twins have trouble dealing with this Grandpa? Ever since we’ve arrived, they’ve been clinging to me, and they don’t seem to want to leave my side.
I’m happy that I’m being relied on, but it’s hard to walk like this. I take the twin’s hands and follow the old man downstairs.

When we got to the basement, Grandpa said he’d prepare the magic tool and went somewhere else.

Although the store looks small, the basement is huge, and there are more than 50 prison cells down here. There seems to be a large number of women in the cells, and it doesn’t look like there are many men here.

When I asked the person in charge of the slaves about it, he told me that the owner goes around the entire country and collects slaves. The reason that almost everyone in the cells is female seems to be because there are a lot of nobles in the area.
Nobles want to buy slaves as pets, and therefore they are only looking for beautiful female slaves. The slaves that the owner collects don’t sell for some reason though.

I heard what I wanted to hear, so I said my thanks. I’ll go and look around.
To be honest, when I bought Mira and Sara I didn’t look around and just bought them when the owner showed them to me. This time I’ll choose properly.

It’s the first time I’ve seen someone from the beastman clan, a 15-year-old beastman female from the dog tribe. Since it’s my first time seeing a beastman, I’ll properly take a good look. There are dog ears growing out from her short brown hair, and there’s a tail growing out from her bottom. (Ed: It didn’t specify dog ears, and just said ears, but I’m assuming she’s like any other beastman from light novels and has animalistic ears on the top of her head)
When I chose her, she wagged her tail in joy.

There’s another slave that’s in chains and gagged for some reason. With silver hair long enough to reach the floor, and pure white skin, is a 13-year-old girl. Because I smelled trouble, I didn’t want to choose her at first, but it seemed that Mira and Sara wanted to help her, so I ended up choosing her.
I was certain that she was a human, but she’s actually from the vampire tribe. Demons usually live in Maou’s kingdom and don’t normally leave their territory, but somehow this girl ended up wandering to this country and becoming a slave after being captured by this Grandpa.
This girl seems to be quite the problem child. The person in charge was crying tears of joy, and then thanked me for taking her.

I went back up to the store to look for Grandpa so that I could tell him I had finished choosing my 2 slaves, but it seems that he had customers.
Something is strange though. Grandpa is emitting a tremendous amount of pressure and his tone is very sharp. It seems that he’s trying to drive out the customer.
Eventually, the well-dressed young noble leaves the store.

“Oh my, already done?”

After the air around Grandpa settles down, I tell him that I chose a beastman girl and a vampire girl. I wanted to ask about the customer who was here a little while ago, but he probably wouldn’t tell me, so I didn’t ask.

“Fumu, Celika and Charlotte. However, Charlotte is… No, it should be fine if it’s you.”

Eh, what’s with his reaction? To get such a reaction from even Grandpa! This vampire, is she that troublesome? I chose her because Mira and Sara wanted to help her, but now I feel like canceling my order.

“How would you like to set up the contract?”
“Celica can have the same contract as the twins. Charlotte, however, can’t drink blood without my permission. Attacking anyone besides me without my permission is also prohibited, and any orders I give her are absolute.”

By the way, the contract I have with the twins only has one term. They can’t run away from me. However, because the twins are good girls, I don’t plan on adding any more rules to their contract. Celica seems to be a good girl as well, so she can get the same treatment.
Charlotte seems to be a problem child though, so I decided to make her contract more strict. I included that she can’t selfishly attack anyone besides me because even if I’m attacked I can still repel her. Besides, I want to see how vampires fight.

After Grandpa said “Certainly”, he withdrew, and after a while, he returned with 4 rings in his hand.

It looks like these rings are magic tools that can form a contract without the tattoo. When the master and slave spill a drop of blood on the rings, the contract is completed. Because the contract is canceled when the master’s ring is broken, Grandpa recommends handling it carefully.

I complete the new contract with Mira and Sara right away to verify that the tattoos will actually vanish.

“Whoa, amazing.”
“It really disappeared.”

The twins were impressed, and their gazes kept switching between their hands and mine. It would be bad to lose the ring, so I put it in my item box. I wouldn’t want this thing to break.

After completing the contract with the twins, I go down to the basement to form the contract with Celica.

“U, umm, thank you very much! I will do my best, so please treat me well!”
“Best regards. Get along with the twins.”

Celica is nervous, but she cutely bows.
She’s a good-spirited child. It looks like these three will get along well.

Celica Lv7 Talent 8

– Blacksmithing Lv5
– Hammer Lv7
– Avoidance Lv3


When I look at her status, there’s a skill called [Blacksmithing].
Smithing seems like a macho thing, so I didn’t expect her to have it.

“Y, yes! I learned to smith from my father, and I seem to have obtained the skill when I was helping him.”

Fumu, in this world, can you obtain skills by doing certain actions pertaining to the skill?
Looking at Celica’s status, her level is higher than normal, so she must have some experience fighting against monsters.
If that’s the case, I don’t really need to worry about taking her into battle.

After Celica, Mira, and Sara complete their self-introductions, they already seem to be good friends.
Accompanied by the three, I head to the cell where the last one is.
Because it’s dangerous for them to be in this cell, only me and Grandpa go inside.

Because she’s tied up and can’t move, I manage to finish the contract easily. The problem starts now though. Since I’ve made the contract, I’m going to remove the chains, and I’ll probably be attacked.

Charlotte Alister Lv1 Talent 10

– Magic “Darkness” Lv1
– Flight Lv5
– Automatic recovery Lv1
– Grapple Lv1
– Avoidance Lv1

Well, as far as this status goes, even if I do get attacked, nothing will happen.
At this level, even the three girls outside the cage could manage somehow.
After putting the ring back into the item box, I remove the chains.

First, I remove the chains from her right hand. I was hit, but I ignore it since it didn’t do any damage.
Then, I remove the chains from her left hand. She is strangling me, but I ignore it since I’m not taking any damage.
Next, the chains on her feet. Now, since her body has become free, she jumped. This is indeed quite troublesome, so I sent her flying with a flick to the forehead.
I remove the blindfold covering her eyes, and the gag restricting her mouth while she’s in pain.

“Y, you! Someone as lowly as a human dares to shackle me. Did you think you could get away with it!”

No, with tears in your eyes you aren’t scary at all.

“Thank you very much. May God bless you on your journey.”

With those departing words from Grandpa, I leave the slave shop.
When we go outside, even though the sun has already risen, the vampire, Charlotte, seems to still be fine, so I guess she’s a higher ranking vampire. Unlike the low ranking vampires, the sun doesn’t seem to hurt her.
However, it seems she gets sleepy during the day because she’s nocturnal, so she’s often rubbing her eyes and yawning.
I had trouble getting her out and about at this time of the day, so I had to give her an order. Now, she’s following quietly.

“I’m Sara. Nice to meet you.”
“I’m Mira. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”
“My name is Celica. Let’s get along.”

In the back, Sara, Mira, and Celica introduced themselves to Charlotte. Charlotte had a grumpy face though, and turned her head away from the three and didn’t respond to them.
However, because her ears ended up turning red, I guess she must be shy. I wonder if she’s actually a good child.
When I look at them, even though they are from different races, they look like good sisters. The oldest one would be Celica, the second oldest is Sara, the third is Mira, and the youngest would be Charlotte. If I was with them, I would look like an old fart. I’ve also been defeated by Celica in various parts of the body. Thinking about it, I don’t know about women, but there are a lot of tall people in this world. The four of them are still in their growth period, so they will probably get bigger. Are? If that’s the case, then would I become the smallest one?… No, no, let’s not think about this anymore. It’s going to be just fine.
Come to think of it, I didn’t ask what a vampire like Charlotte was doing in such a place.
… Well, let’s just ask her later.

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